Cave Shake NetWorth After Shark Tank

Cave Shake NetWorth After Shark Tank


Replace your meal with cave Shake

We all know that the Keto diet has become one of the most famous diet trends recently. A huge number of people accepted it as this diet allows you to have everything that other diets ask you to avoid which is fats.

Frankly speaking, this is a kind of diet that will not tell you to deprive yourself.

Cave Shake is one business riding on the Keto diet popularity with its tasty, creamy shakes.

The founders of Cave Shake made a carb-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free shake by using coconut milk. This is a low-calorie, protein-rich, and low-carb option to conventional shares and smoothies. Two college students made this Cave shake which was featured on Shark Tank season 10 in 2016.

Cave Shake is prepared by using only natural components like almond milk, whey protein powder, bananas, and dates. The shake is rich in vitamins and minerals and there is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners in the Cave shake.

This can be used as a healthy substitute for sugary beverages and processed snacks. You may also have it as a replacement meal or a post-workout snack.

Ketosis contains high fat but low carb. When there is not adequate glucose in the body for energy it starts to burn fat. Indeed, the founders did not get their desired deal from Shark Tank but they did not walk away from the show barehanded.

Let’s learn what happened to Cave Shake after Shark Tank.

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What is Cave Shake?

Cave Shake is a gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb coconut milkshake. This is a ready-to-drink smoothie. The smoothie is available in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. It is the best snack or meal substitute for those who are following a keto or paleo diet.

This tasty, low-carb, dairy-free, high-protein shake is prepared by using only natural components. People who are on the go and require a quick, healthy snack or meal substitute may choose this drink.

When the founders represented Cave Shake on Shark Tank it got a deal from Charles Barkley. This shake is prepared from a mixture of whey protein isolate, almonds, coconut milk, and monk fruit extract.

The smoothie is rich in protein and fiber and contains low carbohydrates and sugar. This is also free from gluten, soy, and GMOs.

This is the most convenient and healthy option to power your body and meet your fitness goals.

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Who Is The Founder Of Cave Shake?

Cave Shake was set up by Billie Cavallaro and Holly Heath. They were friends for a long time and they wanted to twist Keto Diets. In this way, they started their journey. They made sweet shakes to suppress appetites at the same time avoiding carbohydrates, dairy, sugar, and gluten.

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What encouraged them?

The young entrepreneurs, Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro have eaten Paleo-Keto and they knew that it was healthy. Billie being a hardcore athlete has to compete in sports like ski racing and he found that that diet helps him in an early recovery and lessens his pain.

Then Holly depicted how she had faced an auto accident and was suffering in pain. She also said that by having a Paleo-keto diet she was able to lessen her pain.

What happened to Cave Shake Before Shark Tank?

What occurred to Cave Shake Before Shark Tank

The founders of Cave Shake, Billie Cavallaro, and Holly Heath, produced a ready-to-drink shake a few years ago which contains low carbs. This shame is dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. They made this product with the help of their personal experience of having the most popular diet and healthy trend which is the Keto diet.

When they produced this magical drink that contains no sugar, dairy, or carbs, they thought that it was not enough. So, they gave it a beautiful and unique name: Cave Shake.

The retail price of every Cave Shake jar was $ 7.99. The shame was first available only in California. But they are trying their best to make it available in other states too.

Moreover, the firm united with La Libations which is a Coca-Cola-affiliated incubator. For this, they approved a 15% share in return for the alliance. The shake is available in four flavors. You may use this shake as a meal substitute or dessert/snack.

Billie and Holly appealed to the Sharks to help them develop their tasty diet drink business by appearing on Shark Tank season 10 episode 4. They asked the sharks for an investment of $250,000 in return for a 10% share in their company.

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What happened to Cave Shake in the Shark Tank?

Billie Cavallaro And Holly Heath came up on Shark Tank to get an investment of $250,000 in return for a 10% stake in Cave Shake.

They conducted a skit and music about grinding down appetites and sugar booms, asserting that Cave Shake would improve their stamina and let them satisfy with pleasure without endangering their Keto diet.

After that, they gave samples of their Cave Shake. The sharks were satisfied with the flavor of the drink after testing them. Robert asked for which reason the taste of the drink was so odd.

Holly replied that they had used Stevia to sweeten the drink. She also said that a few people do not like it as they do not use Stevia products. Billie said that there is one in every hundred people who don’t like the taste of Stevia.

Robert asked them about the calorie content of the drink. Billie said that it contains 480 in each serving. Then the shares burst into laughter. Hille then said that there was no need to bother about calories and the sharks again started to laugh.

But Billie explained that calories have come from healthy plant-based data that move the body into fat-burning mode.

The selling price of every jar of Cave Shake was $7.99. The manufacturing cost of every flavor of Cave Shake was $1.86. The product was then available only in California in specialty health food stores.

Cave shake sales were $270,000 as of 2017. The company has managed to generate $182,000 in sales as of 2018. The sharks asked the founders about their personal histories and why they made this drink.

Billie depicted that she was a competitive athlete, particularly a ski racer and she found that a ketogenic diet enabled her to manage her inflammation. Holly also said that with the help of keto, she was able to recover after a car accident.

Kevin did not believe that Cave Shake’s valuation was $2.5 million. At that time Billie said that they were united with a Coca-Cola-affiliated incubator named LA Libations. At the time of appearing on Shark Tank, Holly addressed the incubator as their strategic partner.

With the help of the incubator, they were aiming to earn an additional $750,000 that year. Then guest Shark Charles Barkley asked the founders what they had to give up for uniting with the incubator.

Holly acknowledged that they said to give 15%. Mark then asked the founders why they were looking for help from the sharks. Billie thought that it was very important to unite with a diverse team of intelligent persons to help with decision-making.

Then Mark asked why he would invest his money into a firm that was providing him fewer shares than a firm that had given no money. Kevin then asked the founders if their incubation contract had a royalty condition.

Holly says that the incubator would gain a commission on sales of more than $10,000 but they did not mention how much commission they provided the incubator.

Kevin then pointed to a complaint and said while a company is getting the royalty for nothing, why will he not get any commission by investing $250,000? He then left the show.

Robert said that he did not like the taste of the product and the branding was not clear to him. That is why he went out. Mark then remarked that it was too much work. Saying this he too left out of the show.

Lori then said she would prefer to read her calories than drink the Cave Shake. That is why she chose to leave the show.

Then Charles was thinking about whether Cave Shake contains the important ingredients for generating energy for sports. Billie said that the drink was rich in MTs which are outstanding energy sources. Charles then proposed to invest $250,000 in the company for a 29% share in the business.

Billie inquired whether he would lessen his proposal to 14% but according to Charles, it was reasonable as they had given the incubator 15% without any investment before.

He also said that he decided to invest in the company as he had always struggled with weight and hence he wanted to help with a product that assists in weight loss. He also says that he always wanted to invest in good people and he liked the two founders.

Holly then pushed him to decrease his percentage again, inquiring whether 29% was his last and final offer. But Charles did not change his decision. Holly was worried as she did not want to give away too much. But Billie was eager to work with an athlete like Charles Barkley. Holly then admitted and they both accepted the proposal.

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What happened to Cave Shake after Shark Tank?

After the appearance of Cave Shake on Shark Tank season 10 the company experienced a lot of remarkable changes.

The company modified its branding and renamed it Space Shake. With the help of the incubator deal with LA Libation, the company managed to get itself onto the shelves of the health food store Whole Foods. However, it was not mentioned which Whole Foods branches sold the keto-friendly meal substitute shake.

The company also introduced a keto-friendly snack bat named Keto Space Bite which is made with three primary components: pecans, allulose, and almond butter. This is also a GMO-free and paleo-friendly product.

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Cave Shake Shark Tank Update

Cave Shake is now rebranded as Space Shake. There is a wide list of stores on the website of the company that sell the products of the company. Some of the retailers are Whole Foods Market and Bristol Farms.

The Space Shake company gained huge success in the Southern California market.

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Is Cave Shake still in business today?

Cave Shake has been renamed as Space Shake now. The company is still doing business actively. The name of the company was changed as it was a part of the contract with guest shark Charles Barkley.

The firm also modified the flavor of the shakes and replaced the strawberry flavor. The shake was at first sold in jar packaging. After that, the company started to sell it in a convenient pouch with a smaller serving size.

Consumers can purchase this product from the website of the company. As per the website of the company, the products of Space Shake are now available for retail in more than 50 locations in California and even in Las Vegas through Whole Foods.

You may also buy this product from Amazon which ships products all over the world. The company is not as active on social media as other companies that took part and secured a deal on Shark Tank. There are only 20.3k followers on their Instagram account.

There is huge competition in the healthy drink market. Cave Shake has to strive a lot to survive in the market.

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How much is Cave Shake worth now?

At the time of appearing on Shark Tank, the founders of Cave Shakes stated that they would be able to generate $750,000 in sales at the end of the year.

With the help of the investment of Charles Barkley, the company managed to reach a valuation of $1.25 million.

The current net worth of the company has not been disclosed yet. But we are sure that the company is worth higher than the valuation of Barkley with the help of the investment of Barkley and the sales from the deal with the incubator.

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After Shark Tank, the company changed its name to Space Shake and reduced the amount of calories to 210 for each serving. The number of Space Shake sales has doubled. The company is doing very well after the show.

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Who are the competitors of Cave Shake?

There are a lot of Cave Shake competitors. Some of them are as follows:
Child frozen
Detour bar
Yo3 Metro LLC
Yoghurt Bar

What Is The Net Worth Of Cave Shake?

When the company appeared on Shark Tank, Space Shake’s revenue was $2.5 million. Cave Shake’s net worth in 2022 is $5 million.

Did Cave Shake get a deal on Shark Tank?

After discussing for a while, the founders of Cave Shake managed to secure a deal from the guest shark Charles Barkley who was ready to invest $250,000 in exchange for a 20% share in the company.
Heath was reluctant to acknowledge the deal at first. But Cavallaro did not want to leave the opportunity of working with an athlete like Charles Barkley. She confessed that by making a partnership with Barkley she would be able to break through the athlete community.

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