Collars and Co NetWorth After Shark Tank

Collars and Co NetWorth After Shark Tank


Collars and Co is a popular apparel company that produces dress collars and polo shirts. You will find each shirt of Collar. and Co very comfortable and the collars look very nice and ideal. That is why people love to water the appeals of Collars and.Co.

Unlike the shirts of other brands, there are no buttons in the bottom line of the shirts of Collar & Co. The inventor of this company Justin Baer did not prefer that he had to wear shirts inside sweaters and jackets regularly at the time of going to work in NYC.

That is why he felt very uneasy, hot, and remained in annoyance always and he had to dry clean his costly dress shirts. Considering this thing the creator produced Dress Collars and Polo Shirts.

The company aims to offer the best quality clothing for men as well as women so that they may look good as well as feel good after wearing the apparel.

The collars and co-founder, Justin Baer along with his company, Collars & Company, took part in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 6 and asked for $300K in exchange for a 4% Equity at a $7.5 million worth from the sharks. Justin Baer is a proficient businessman and he is in the business industry for more than 21 years.

Collars and Co were featured on Shark Tank America in November 2022. Collars and Co net worth is about 1.2 million USD as of 2023.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Collars and Co improved incredibly and got a huge success. The company managed to get more funding and partnership offers and their calculated Collar and Co net worth becomes $1.2 million.

Shark Tank is a well-known TV show where aspiring businessmen represent their business ideas to several successful investors called Sharks.

In this article, we are going to discuss the collars and company in detail.

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What are Collars and Co?

What are Collars and Co

Collars and Co is an apparel company that manufactures dress collars and polo shirts. They produce luxe linen polo and polo-type shorts which are now available in 16 different colors.

Besides this, there were various types of collars in their shirts like English Spread Collars, Semi-Spread Collars, Cutaway Collars, and Button Down Collars.

The company sells shirts as well as sweaters, belts, underwear, and various accessories. They have recently launched Long Sleeve Semi-Spread Collar Polo Shirts the price of which is $72. The price range of their shirts is from $64.99 to $74.

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Who founded Collars and Co?

Justin Baer founded Collars & Co. He is also the CEO of the company. Justin also founded another company named MemberText Company.

At the time pursuing ‘A BS, Marketing & RE Finance’ from New York University, Justin began The Cure Card, LLC company.

Besides this, he has also handled 5 more companies like Check In Easy,, MemberText,, and Collars & Co.

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How was Collars and Co Before Shark Tank?

The company Collars & Co was launched by Justin Baer in 2021. At the advent of the business, the company received orders for 500 shirts. A shirt video of this brand became very viral on TikTok as a lot of people purchased these shirts from this company.

Justin opened an account for Collars & Co on Tiktok and created a video of his apparel with his 7-year-old daughter and iPhone in April 2021. He shared the video on the Tiktok account of the company. Collars and Co revenue became $40,000 in the first month of the release of the video.

The company has more than 68k followers on Tiktok as of October 2022. The company improved its sales by 40% this month.

The creator of the company, Justin Baer encountered a lot of problems too. One of the greatest challenges was the supply chain. The supply chain was closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and for this Justin suffered a lot.

Justin Baer then determined that he required a few investors so that he can develop his business and hence he decided to appear on the Shark Tank Show.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Collars and Co?

Justin appeared in Shark Tank along with his company Collars & Co and proposed to give a 4% equity for $300,000 from the Sharks. The Sharks were amazed after hearing the demand of Justin. Justin gave a detailed description of his apparel brand to the Sharks and persuaded the Sharks to make investments in his company. 

Justin launched the company in 202@ and as of November 2022, he has managed to sell 92,000 shirts for $5.4 million.

The sales were made online and they have come through direct-to-consumer. They had a 20% net profit. Justin tells that due to his marketing skill, he managed to sell so much. Justin is an amazing marketing expert and he has handled more than 5 companies before. 

Lori Grenier tells that though it is a very good and running business, she is not the proper investment for it. But she says that she will purchase clothes from this company and now she is out of it.

The manufacturing cost of this product is $15 and the selling price of this product is $65 to $75.

Kevin O’Leary appreciated the business and proposed to invest $300k in exchange for a 10% equity at a $3 million valuation. 

Justin says no to Kevin instantly and he tells that there is no other investor in his company. Peter Jones told that the clothes will be old-fashioned in the upcoming year by Justin told that he does not think so.

Peter Jone also proposed to invest $300k in exchange for a 10% equity just like Kevin. But Justin still sticks to his decision of 4% equity.

Mark Cuban collaborated with Peter Jones and proposed to Justin that he would provide a $300k + $700K line of credit and asked Justin how much equity he would provide. Justin told that he would give 5% equity.

Then Mark, Kevon, and Peter chose to opt out of the deal. Justin then proposed to the Sharks to provide a 7% equity for $300k and they did not accept his proposal.

Mark Cuban and Peter Jones gave a final proposal to Justin. They said to order $300K in exchange for a 10% equity and a $700k line of credit and Justin finally accepted the offer.

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What Happened To Collars and Co After Shark Tank?

Most people want to know what occurred to Collars and Co after Shark Tank.

After appearing on Shark Tank, when Justin told the collars and co worth the Sharks were utterly surprised. Justin also provided his 1-year sales report the worth of which is $5.4 million.

Both the Sharks and Justin negotiated a lot as Justin was not willing to give 10% equity if his company.

But at last, Justin Baer decided to give 10% equity and made a partnership with Mark Cuban and Peter Jones. The sales of the company hikes up to 100% as soon as the Collars and Company shark tank episode was aired.

There are a lot of viewers of Shark Tank on Twitter who think that the shirts are really a very good quality product and they also gave positive Collars and Co reviews. A Twitter user tells that he has bought 3 Collars and Co shirts and he has fallen in love with them.

The company has also introduced a new outerwear collection. The brand ambassador New York Giant Tiki Barber and Golf Champ Sir Nick Faldo launched the new collection.

Mark Cuban gave an interview with Complex in December 2022. He gave the interview by wearing a shirt of the Collars and Co brand.

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Collars and Co Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank Justin Baer explained to the Sharks how his video got viral on Tiktok. He is an experienced businessman and he has been doing business for many years.

Mark Cuban and Peter Jones decided to invest in this apparel business. Moreover, Justin Baer also searching for a decent mentor so that he can develop his business. The Collars & Co shark tank episode was aired again on 5th May 2023 and Justin says that he has reached $14.2 million in lifetime sales.

From the date of airing of the episode, the company had sold $8.7 million. As soon as the company developed, it shifted to a 20,000 sq. ft warehouse. They began a clothing line fur women but due to high demand, it was out of stock within only one week.

The company is intending to introduce physical stores in Virginia’s Tyson’s Corner Center malls, Georgetown and Bethesda Row. The company has collaborated with Hire Heroes USA for hiring Military Members, Military Spouses, and Veterans.

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What is the net worth of Collars and Co?

The company started very well. But just like other businesses at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic this company also suffered a lot. Justin strove his best to develop his business after the pandemic. As per our calculation, Collars & Co’s net worth must be about $10 million.

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Are Collars and Co still in business?

Justin concentrated only on the lifestyle outlook only for men from the very beginning of the company. But he is planning to manufacture clothes for women in the upcoming future.

Their premium shirts are available in mid-range and according to the founder, they manufacture products to provide a fully premium and expansive look.

The headquarters of the company is located in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. The founders produce their products from third-party suppliers. 

A lot of popular media publications like GQ, Forbes, Fast Company, Men’s Health, WWD, Golf Digest and so on displayed this company. As of May 2023, we can see that Justin Baer’s Collars & co is still in business.

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Why was Collars & Co introduced?

Justin Baer founded the company Collars &Co for filling a gap in the dress shirt market.

Just like other men, Justin Baer felt how uneasy it is to wear a stiff, long-sleeved dress shirt under a sweater. It is not at all comfortable.  To resolve this issue he introduced the Dress Collar Polo™.

The signature dress of the company is Dress Collar Polo™ which is an assortment of comfort and luxury.

Collats & Co. intends to offer men stylish, comfortable clothing and their unique line meets their goal. The Dress Collar Polo™ is soft and springy just like other polo shirts but it has a stiff, dress-shirt-style collar.

The company Collar and Co. became popular because of this assortment of class and comfort.  The products manufactured by the company are completely ideal under a sweater or suit jacket and it looks like a usual dress shirt to the unskilled eye.

The company was accelerated when Baer uploaded a video on Tiktol displaying the product. The video got viral and it got more than 800,000 views. Within two days of sharing the video, the company sold out their product and the number of orders hiked from 500 pieces to thousands within a night.

Not only Tiktok but also the community that helped the small businesses to develop. Despite not being a particular golf company, the community openly adopted the products of the brand and the brand became popular very soon. Collars & Co was publicly supported by a six-time major champion, Sir Nick Faldo. He also liked some of the features of the website too.

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The company Collars & Co is growing rapidly. Along with this Collars and Co shark tank, net worth is also rising. If you want to know every detail about Collars & Co you should read this article once.


When did Collars & Co. Come to Shark Tank?

Collars and Co. Came to Shark Tank on 11th November 2022 intending to get a deal. The company came up alongside SquareKeg, Nana Hats, and Wondry Wine.

Did Collars & Co. manage to crack a deal on Shark Tank?

Collars & Co. finally managed to crack a deal in the Shark Tank with two sharks Peter Jones and Mark Cuban. The duo proposed the founder of the company,  Justin Baer, invest $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake and a $700,000 line of credit.
Baer tried to keep the deal under 10% but he finally made a decision that the Sharks deal was worth the additional loss of equity.

What is the net worth of Collars & Co. today?

For the Shark Tank deal Collars and co value reached $3 million which was likely more practical than the $.5 million valuation founder Justin Baer when he appeared on Shark Tank. But in case the acceleration of the company goes on in this way and the two sharks help the company, Justin Baer’s net worth will improve more.

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