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Eco Nuts NetWorth After Shark Tank


How was the journey for Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts is an environment-friendly and sustainable cleaning product manufacturing organization.  Mona Weiss and Scott Shields set up this company. The flagship product of the company is a natural, biodegradable laundry detergent that is produced from dried berries of the Sapindus mukorossi tree, generally called soap nuts or soap berries.

There are natural saponins in these berries, which play the role of a cleaning agent as soon as they come into contact with water. This helps to clean clothes effectively without using any bad chemicals.

The company aims to offer customers eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and budget-friendly cleaning solutions. That is why the organization has developed its product line to include different natural cleaning products like liquid laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and household cleaners. They are all created by using natural and sustainable elements.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Season 4, the company became very popular. The founders represented their products and company in front of the Sharks on that show, intending to get an investment for developing their business. But what happened next? Let’s learn about this in detail.

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What Are Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts is a laundry soap that is produced by using dried berries from Himalayan trees. They look like nuts from a tree, but they are dried berries from a tree grown in the Himalayas.

As soon as the fruit comes into contact with water, it creates natural soap. They are designed to be used in washing machines for washing clothes, softening them at the time of the rinse cycle, and saving them from shrinking.

Eco Nuts laundry soap is made from organic nuts. This natural laundry soap is produced by using the fruit of the Sapindus mukorossi tree, which is popularly called the soapberry tree.

There is a natural soap known as saponin in the dried berry shell, which has been used by the people of Asia to wash their clothing for many years.

The Eco Nuts are capable enough to clean your clothes. Most importantly, it reduces the environmental effects and residual chemical proliferation more heavily than traditional washing machines. They are not harmful to septic systems or graywater systems.

The Eco Nuts natural laundry soap is very soft. People who have sensitive or allergic skin may use this laundry soap without any hesitation. You have to add 4 to 5 Eco Nuts to the reusable wash bag and then you have to wash it usually with your regular detergent.

You may reuse the Eco Nuts bags up to ten times. As soon as the Eco Nuts start to break down in their bags you have to toss them in the trash or compost. Then you have to rinse the bags and refill them by adding more Eco Nuts.

With a small box of Eco nuts, you may wash 100 loads of laundry, the cost of which is similar to any other laundry detergent.

Moreover, the weight of the Eco Nuts is less than one point, though a box of Eco Nuts is capable enough to wash a huge load of clothes in comparison to a bottle of regular laundry detergent.

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Who founded Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts was set up by Mona Weiss and Scott Shields. They aimed to produce an environment-friendly, cost-effective fabric-softener alternative. The company advertised that Eco Nuts are hypoallergenic and biodegradable and you may reuse them for up to ten loads.

With this successful venture, Mona And Scott set a great impact all over the globe. Then gathered the Eco nuts with their friends and packed them very soon into their living room.

You have to place the Eco But berries in the wash load in a small pouch. You can use every soapberry up to ten times.

What Occurred To Eco Nuts Before Shark Tank?

Before introducing Eco Nuts, Mona Weiss as well as Scott Shields had successful businesses. Mona started her career as a Sesame Street Performer before moving into creative directing.

Scott was an actor. He always wanted to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals people depend on so much just like Mona. Before discovering soap nuts Mona was searching for an organic, hypoallergenic, and environment-friendly laundry detergent.

She was utterly disappointed after ordering soap nuts online and found that the nuts were delivered in plastic containers in place of environment-friendly containers.

Mona and Scott started to gather nuts in 2009, packed them in environment-friendly containers, and sold them at any place, be it online, in retail stores, or at any art fairs.

The company got praise from various organizations because of its environment-friendly approach. Their initiatives are the pioneers in the entire laundry detergent industry.

You may clean your clothing successfully without using any harsh detergent if you use Eco Nuts organic laundry soaps. They also play the role of a natural fabric softener as they comprise natural oils.

This environment-friendly company produces products only by using natural components and they use recyclable packaging materials. The seeds from soap nuts help to remove stains and germs from clothes and other surfaces. That is why Mona and Scott decided to create a process for removing them.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Eco Nuts?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Eco Nuts?

Mona and Scott took part in Shark Tank along with their company Eco Nuts and appealed to the sharks for an investment of $175,000 for a 15% share in their company.

They appeared in Shark Tank season 4 episode 6 and the Eco Nuts Shark Tank episode was aired on October 26th, 2012.

At the time of the Shark Tank pitch, the founders described how effective Eco Nuts is for washing clothes. They also said that soap nuts are an eco-friendly, natural, and hypoallergenic alternative to conventional laundry detergent. By using this product, customers may get a unique and sustainable solution.

They also represented their other natural cleaning products and shared with the sharks their passion for developing environment-friendly, budget-friendly solutions. The shares liked the concept and praised the company for its eco-friendly concept.

However, the sharks were concerned about the scalability of the business, the capability to gather soap nuts consistently, and the possibility of competition from other environmentally friendly cleaning products available on the market.

Mona and Scott were not able to get a deal from any shark despite their confidence and the appeal of the product. The sharks decided not to invest in Eco Nuts because of various issues like sourcing, scalability, and competition.

The founders went out of the Shark Tank show without securing any deals from the sharks.

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What Occurred To Eco Nuts After Shark Tank?

The founders of Eco Nuts after Shark Tank kept on growing their business though they did not get any deal from Shark Tank. They became very popular after the show. The show enhanced the visibility of the company.

After Shark Tank, Eco Nuts concentrated on developing its product line by producing new environment-friendly cleaning products like wool dryer balls, organic liquid detergent, and many more natural cleaning solutions. With the help of this, the company catered to a larger market and provided customers with a wide range of products.

The company has managed to secure a position in the environment-conscious cleaning product market and grabbed the attention of a loyal consumer base because of its obligation to eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

The company carried on selling its product through its official website and diffuser online and brick-and-mortar channels and reaching new consumers.

Those who are looking to buy Eco Nuts may purchase them from Amazon, which costs $7 per pouch. Their unique product is still available for sale on their website. As per the Associated Press, Eco Nuts may exceed the million-dollar threshold in sales.

After the show aired, the company started to ship the products. The products were shipped daily. Ultimately, they became financially successful and retained complete ownership of the broadcast of the show.

EcoNuts Shark Tank Update

Most people are eager to know about the Eco Nuts soap Shark Tank update. The company became very popular after appearing on Shark Tank. Eco Nuts is not active in the business. Eco Nuts soap berries’ net worth is about $1 million.

The company declared in March 2022 that it will stop all its operations and will not accept orders anymore. The company is out of business as of 2023 and the founders have closed all its operations.

Are Eco Nuts Still In Business?

It has been estimated that the sales of Eco Nuts total millions of dollars. The company had incredible success because of the promotion generated after the Shark Tank Show. 

Though the sharks did not agree to invest in Eco Nuts, they praised the company as well as the unique approach of the founders. Unfortunately, the company has ceased all its operations and has been out of business since 2022.

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth

Eco Nuts’ net worth is $1 million as of July 2021. Eco Nuts’ net worth in 2022 will be zero, as the company has been out of business since 2022.

What are the advantages of Eco Nuts Soapberries?

There are various benefits to Eco Nuts Soap Berries. They are as follows:

  • You may use them in washing machines to save clothes from shrinking at the time of the rinsing cycle.
  • Eco Nuts Soap Berries are natural laundry detergents that are produced by using organic nuts.
  • Eco nuts Soapberries are not harmful to septic systems or greywater systems.
  • Eco Nuts are useful cleaners that decrease the negative environmental effects and residual chemical buildup in high-efficiency washing machines as well as standard washing machines.
  • They are completely perfect for those people who have sensitive or allergic skin as they are soft and gentle.
  • You may reuse the Eco Nuts bags up to 10 times and when it begins to decompose it can be composted. You just have to wash the bag and fill it with eco Nuts again.
  • For using them you need to add 4-5 Eco Nuts in the reusable wash bag and wash usually by using your choice of detergent.

What are the disadvantages of Eco Nuts soap?

If you use soap nuts with cool water, you will not be able to get the best results. Soap nuts work well with warm to hot water. But this may increase the use of energy and damage the clothes. This is the disadvantage of Eco Nuts soap.

How will you get Eco Nuts soap berries?

The Eco Nut Soapberries are available online through different retailers and e-commerce websites. You may purchase it from Amazon or other natural health and wellness stores available online. They are also available on the Eco Nuts website.

At the time of buying Eco Nut Soap Berries, you have to concentrate on the product description and reviews. You have to choose the organic and sustainable options, as they are supposed to be of better quality than the traditional ones.

You may also buy it in different forms like whole dried berries or liquid extracts. If you buy whole dried berries you will get a reusable cotton bag which you may fill up with 4-5 berries before throwing it into your washing machine. 

Those who are looking for more convenience may choose liquid extract that comes in bottles.

It is not so difficult to find eco-nut soapberries if you have an idea where to search for them.


Many companies have not become successful after appearing on Shark Tank. Eco Nuts is a good example of it. There are various reasons why businesses sometimes do not get successful. Sometimes the founders reject the deal or sometimes the sharks. The founders of Eco Nuts have chosen to abandon their business. The company has ceased all its operations since 2022. The product is not available in the market anymore.


Is there any expiry date for the soap nuts?

Soap nuts become sticky as soon as they are exposed to humid weather but in this, their capacity of cleaning the quality of the product does not get affected. They will clean the clothes in the same way even if they become sticky.

How did Eco Nuts perform on Shark Tank?

The company took part in Shark Tank Season 4. The founders presented their unique laundry detergent in front of the sharks. Though they described the usefulness and scalability of their product, they were not able to get a deal from the sharks as they were concerned about the valuation and marketing strategy of the company.

How do I use Eco Nuts Soap Berries?

You may utilize Eco Nuts Soap Berries to wash your clothing as a fabric softener, detergent, or both. You just have to put 4-5 of the berries in the given wash bag and toss it in the washer with your clothing.
For improving the effect of softening, you may also buy Lavender Bliss Dryer balls which will make your clothing soft and decrease the drying time.
As soon as the berries come into contact with water, saponin is discharged which plays the role of a natural fabric softener. You may use the same berries again and again until they lose their color, become thin like a piece of paper, and are breakable when dry. Generally, you may use the same berries for about 10 wash cycles.

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