Doing an internship has become a necessity for college students. Various universities and colleges have started offering internship programs. The companies nowadays are hiring candidates with professional experience and this is the reason why an internship is not only a necessity but the only way out for students. This helps them to gain professional experience along with a better understanding of corporate work culture. In the last few years, with the much appreciable growth in technology, an internship is not only limited to the traditional one where a candidate needs to travel to the place of work. A virtual internship for college students has become extremely popular. Though the process is similar to the traditional one, many companies are giving importance to the virtual one rather than the traditional one.

Virtual Internship V/S Traditional Internship

Traditional internship involves a lot of time and cost since you traveling to foreign countries not only involve huge expenses but a lot of time for transporting as well. On the other hand, the virtual internship reduces the cost as well as time. You can attend a virtual internship from anywhere in the world, your home, or any remote location. Only a laptop with a stable internet connection is required. Secondly, since you do not need to travel, therefore the same amount of time may be utilized in the learning process.

Key Points of Virtual Internship for Students

  1. Enjoy working at your own pace-

One of the best features of a virtual internship is that it gives to the freedom of working at your own pace. Though there are deadlines, but still it gives you the chance of working as per your convenience.

  1. Opportunity to experience Cross Corporate Culture-

Virtual Internship has a much wider reach than a traditional one. In case of a traditional internship, you need to look for opportunities with your close vicinity only. But the virtual internship gives you wider access and you may choose the same from a vast option of various countries. Therefore, this surely gives you a global exposure along with a good opportunity to interact with people from various countries and increase your professional as well as communication skills.

  1. Easily manageable with a Part-Time Job-

The majority of college students prefer to have a part-time job along with a good internship. One of the reasons is that internship is usually unpaid or involves a very small stipend. And since the majority of the students come from a tight financial background, part-time jobs are essential to meet their daily expenses. For those people, a virtual internship is a golden opportunity.

Thus, though both the virtual as well as traditional internships have their own set of advantages, virtual internship is much more preferred from both the students as well as the companies end. This adds as a valuable professional experience in the curriculum vitae of the students.