Online streaming platforms help you pass your free time in a fun and exciting way. These platforms give you access to the latest updates to your favorite Movies & TV shows that you can watch anytime you want to.

The best part is, there are some online streaming services that let you stream your favorite video content in HD, for free. This is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to share with you, some of the most trending online stream platforms that you can use to stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free

Let’s get started and see your best choice for trending free online streaming platforms in 2020

  • Putlockers

Putlockers is a well-known movies and TV shows streaming platforms that has been operating for many years now. It is one of the oldest streaming services that you can find out there. And because of that, it has an incredible library of movies and TV shows for you to check out. Not just that, all the content that is available here is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay even a penny when using the streaming services of this website.

  • 5Movies 

5Movies is a new name in the free online streaming services market. Still, it has done a great job making it way up in the ranks of the best streaming platforms that you can find out there. It has a nice, engaging UI that allows you to easily search through and find out the content that you are search for. Its powerful search algorithm lets you easily look up your favorite content. It has a responsive web design that makes the streaming process extremely interactive for you.

  • FMovies

FMovies is a lot like 5Movies but is a lot more interactive than 5Movies. The thing that sets this website apart from the competition is, you can choose from a variety of streaming qualities, depending on how fast your internet is. This feature is quite impressive and pretty rare in free movies and TV shows streaming services. Aside from that, this website doesn’t require you to sign up or register Yourself. There is no such hassle with FMovies.

  • Project Free TV

Just like Putlockers, Project Free TV has been around for a long time as well. It is one of the oldest free streaming services that you can find out there. Fun fact, it was taken down a few years ago by Google for copyright issues but it quickly came back again thanks to its amazing popularity. Project Free TV has a huge collection of movies and TV shows that you can check out for free. With all the features that it has to offer, it would be a reasonable choice for the best streaming service that you can find online.

  • Kisscartoon 

Let’s shift our focus from movies & TV shows a little bit and talk about online streaming platforms for kids. Kiss cartoon is a trending cartoons and anime streaming service that allows kids to stream their favorite shows for free. There might be a lot of ads that you have to face when streaming cartoons here but, considering the benefits that it has to offer, it is worth the trouble. You won’t need to pay any kind of subscription fee for using the services of this website.

  • Flixter 

Flixter is a Netflix alternative that aspires to provide its users the same kind of user experience as Netflix, but for free. It has an extensive library of movies and TV shows that you can check out. Although the ads interruption might be a lot, but considering you get the same feel as Netflix, which is a paid service, the bargain seems quite reasonable. It is a highly recommended online streaming platform that you need to check out.

  • Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is another Netflix alternative that is known for its excellent streaming quality that it offers to its users. You’d get access to the updates to your favorite TV shows shortly after they are publicly released. It is an interactive UI that allows easy navigation across all the sections of the website. You can easily check out all the categories and find the movies that you are looking for. There would be no risk on your privacy when using the services of Popcorn Flix as it doesn’t ask you to sign up or create an account. Visit Popcorn Flix for an outstanding streaming experience.

Final Words

These are the best streaming platforms that you can find out there for streaming your favorite content for free. There are other services as well, but these are the most trending and quite frankly, the best one in the business. Visit these websites right now and stream your Favorite Movies, TV shows, Cartoons and anomie for free,