Evrewares NetWorth After Shark Tank


What occurred to Evrewares after Shark Tank?

Evrewares is a firm that appeared on Shark Tank Season 4 in 2013. Elle Brown and Becca Nelson set up this company and represented their product line in front of the sharks.

The company produces reusable and sticky fabric stickers called sticky ties and a lot of products related to it.

The Sticky Ties are fabric supplements that you may stick onto apparel without causing any damage. It helps to make fun and versatile products for parties, regular wear, and events.

The sticky backing on the clothing stickers is designed in a way that can be reused so that users may peel off and reuse the product numerous times. The company has extended its product ranges to add mustaches, bow ties, and other personalized clothing sticker designs.

When they appeared on Shark Tank, the founders, Ellie and Becca appealed for an investment of $100,000 for a 30% equity share in their business. The individuality of the product grabbed the attention of the sharks but a few shares were concerned about the size of the market and the possibility of development.

Finally, Mark Cuban proposed to invest $100,000 in exchange for a 100% share of the company and the founders acknowledged the contract. But soon after this, they decided not to acknowledge the contact.

After they participated in Shark Tank, Evrewares was exposed more and their sales also grew incredibly. But we do not have any idea about the present status of the company because they have not been active on their website and social media for a long time. After Shark Tank, Evrewares went out of business in 2015. So, let’s find out what happened to Evrewares after the shark tank.

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A Short Overview of Evrewares

Evrewares is a reusable clothing sticker stuck to the apparel that is worn to adorn. You may make fun of any kind of event with Evrewares sticky ties that are re-wearable and reversible.

Evrewares stickers are so unique that you may stick them like gum to any kind of surface it lies beside but it does not ruin or damage the surface. You may easily remove, stick and wear Evrewares ties. Moreover, we are very grateful for their sticky nature as we may use them multiple times and the effectiveness of it remains the same as the day of receipt.

It is the nicest way to dress up any apparel with these completely biodegradable unique Evrewares stickers. Some of the well-known designs of Evrewares sticky ties are the beer tie, the bacon tie, the duct tape tie, the pixel tie, and the American flag tie.

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Evrewares before Shark Tank

Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson set up the start-up company Evrewares. The founders appeared on the Shark Tank show along with their company to get an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the business.  

The company produces stackable clothing accessories that may create fun on any kind of occasion just like their flagship product the Sticky Tie. There is also a wide range of other accessories available in the company.

Becca peels off her Sticky Tie to display how it changes a normal t-shirt into a special one. The Sticky Ties are reusable. They do not tear and remain in the same shape for years and you may reuse them again and again with the same effect as the first day. The sisters accessorize their shirts with ties and bow ties to show the variations of their products.

You may also clean the spills of Evrewares because they do not fade the clothing or make stains.

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What happened on the Shark Tank Pitch of Evrewares?

Ellie and Becca took part in Shark Tank and appealed to the sharks for an investment of $100,000 for a 30% stake in the company.

Evrewares shark tank pitch occurred in Season 4 in 2013. The founders demonstrated their reusable Evrewares stickers along with their flagship product Sticky Ties, mustaches, bow ties, and many more personalized designs.

At the time of the Shark Tank pitch, the founders Ellie and Becca displayed their product line elaborating on the glue technology that enabled the clothing stickers reusable and safe for apparel.

They showed how to apply and remove the Sticky Ties and highlighted their versatility for different events from parties to regular wear.

The founders appealed to the sharks to invest $100,000 for a 20% share in their business. Some of the sharks were impressed by the originality of the product but a few of them were thinking about the size of the larger, prospect for development, and rivals of the same kind of products.

Despite all these issues with the Evrewares, Mark Cuban found a possibility in Evrewares and proposed to invest the full amount which is $100,000 in return for a 100% share in the business. Both founders agreed to the proposal.

We have told you that the long-term development or the present situation of Evrewares is not known to us. There is not sufficient information available about the recent activities of the coolant and the website of the company and social media profiles are not active now.

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What happened to Evrewares after Shark Tank?

Mark Cuban was unable to complete the investment with the two founders of Evrewares, Ellie, and Becca. The two sisters unexpectedly backed out of the contract after reaching the investment team of Mark Cuban.

Considering the Sticky Ties and product lines of Evreware we can say that the company has fallen. A lot of people search on Google for Sticky Toes and Evereware which is exceptional for Mark, but there is no connection to buying Sticky Ties or learning more about the firm established by the two sisters Ellie and Becca. Evrewares today is out of business for a long time.

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Evrewares Shark Tank update

Most people want to know about the Evrewares update. The founders got overwhelmed by the investment of Mark Cuban in Evrewares. But the two sisters changed their decision as soon as the Evrewares shark tank show was aired. The two sisters, Ellie and Becca chose not to sell their firm. Therefore, despite accepting the offer of Mark Cuban on the Shark Tank Show, they refused the proposal of Mark Cuban later.

Sticky ties after Shark Tank became very popular.  The company Evrewares too received high popularity after appearing on Shark Tank. There were numerous visitors to the website of Evrewares. But considering the traffic improvement, the sales of the Evrewares stickers did not increase as expected.

Unlike other companies, after appearing on Shark Tank, Evrewares also became famous for a certain amount of time. The inventory Ellie and Becca shut down their business in 2015. As of 2023, Everwares is still out of business.

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What is the net worth of Evrewares?

Evrewares net worth in 2022 is unknown to us only because we have not got any further updates about the company since 2015. But when the company appeared on Shark Tank, Evrewares’ net worth was nearly $333,333.33.

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How is Evrewares doing now?

As of 2022, Evrewares is not active in business. Moreover, the founders seized the official website of the company and their social media accounts in 2015. After that, the company is not found on the market anymore along with online platforms like Amazon. But users may still see some products of Evrewares to be sold on eBay.

But as per the LinkedIn account of Becca Nelson the company is still functional. But it seems that she has not updated her account for many years. On the other hand, the updated account of Ellie Browns discloses that the company was shut down in 2015.

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What are Evrewares stickers?

Evrewares is a stackable clothing accessory manufacturing firm. The stickers can be reused and remain in shape and do not tear. Moreover, you may easily clean any tints from the waterproof surface.

Users do not need to bother about having adhesive remaining after usage as they may remove the stickers smoothly. Some well-known products of the company are Bacon ties, pixel ties, and American flag ties.

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Who are the inventors of Evrewares?

The company Evrewares was set up by two sisters Becca Nelson and Ellie Browns. They both come from Raleigh, North Carolina USA. They inaugurated their business in 2011 with another companion in their birthplace.

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Product review of Evrewares

Evrewares sticky ties are a straightforward apparel accessory that was launched many years ago. Moreover, the product becomes more special for the reusable elastic fabric.

The company provides a lot of options for the users to choose along with bow ties and ties. Furthermore, they manufactured the products for various special events like birthdays. The most interesting part is that you may get them by spending only $4.99 to $11.99.

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Who are the competitors of Evrewares?

As per our online investigation, we have come to know that there are no adversaries of the company. The company has made it popular, appearing in the Shark Tank show when Mark Cuban chose to purchase the company. But at last, the founders refuse the contract. The company has officially closed its activities because of many problems they encountered at the time of their entire journey.

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Is Evrewares still in business?

Most people inquire if Evrewares is still in business. Here is a reply for them. The company closed all its activities in December 2015. As of 2023, the company is not active in business yet.

As soon as they appeared on Shark Tank, the sales and exposure both grew incredibly. It is very natural because all the companies that have appeared on Shark Tank faced increased sales after securing a deal on the show.

But the long-term success or the present status of the company is not clear to us. We have inadequate information about the current functions of the company. They have discontinued the website of the company and the social media accounts which implies that the company is not functioning anymore.

There is also a possibility that the contract with Mark Cuban fell at the time of the acquisition process as every deal made on Shark Tank does not become successful.

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When was Evrewares aired on Shark Tank Pitch?

The company Evrewares was aired on Shark Tank Pitch on 13th January 2015.

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What is the price of Evrewares ties?

The Evrewares products were sold between 4.99 to 11.99.

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Did Evrewares manage to get a deal on Shark Tank?

Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson, the founders of Evrewares appeared on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 30% share of their company. They came to season 6 episode 14 of the show. They depicted the story of their product along with their usage. They also told the sharks that they were striving to make $ 50k by the end of the year so that they may take some time to consider their business decisions again.

The sharks did not agree with the cost of $7.99. All the other sharks refused to make a deal except Mark Cuban. He proposed to invest $100,000 for a 100% share of the company. The founders at first hesitated to leave their baby but finally, they accepted the deal.

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Final opinion

To conclude we may say that Evrewares initially profited from the exposure and publicity after appearing on Shark Tank. The present status of the company is doubtful as we do not get any latest information about the company as well as its online presence.


What is Evrewares and how does it work?

Evrewares is nothing but a firm that appeared on Shark Tank in Season 4 in 2013. Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson set up this company together and pitched their product line in front of the sharks. The specialty of the company lies in its reusable and adhesive apparel stickers known as Sticky Ties and many more products related to it.
The sticky ties are apparel accessories that you may stick onto your clothing without damaging it. It creates fun. You may use these versatile accessories for parties, regular wear, and events.
The adhesive surface of the fabric stickers is very strong. So, they remain in place and you may remove them gently without leaving any stains and causing damage to the clothing.
As per the updates, the company finally stopped all its operations officially in late 2015. But there are a few websites where the products of Evreware are still sold.

What were the strengths of Evrewares?

The strengths of Evrewares are its elastic and desirable fabric.

What were the weaknesses of Evrewares?

One of the biggest weaknesses of Evrewares is their capability of keeping the product in stock and the price was avatar in more than 1000 distinct designs.

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