In order to carry out vehicle-related activities conveniently, the Government of India has set up Regional Transport Offices commonly known as RTO in every state of the country. People living in the states can visit their local Regional Transport Office to submit applications for various vehicle operations such as issuing driving licenses, registering their vehicles and transferring the registration certificate. The location of these organizations and other RTO vehicle registration information is available online on the official transport websites of the state ministry to make the whole process simpler and smoother for applicants. Apart from vehicle registration, RTOs are also responsible for collecting the road tax from vehicle owners. In fact, this is another key activity performed by this organization. It is mandatory to pay road tax to the Government during the time of vehicle registration and re-registration. However, not many people are aware of the fact that if they have got a new registration number in a different state then the road tax paid in the previous state is refundable.

As stated above, the road tax has to be paid at the local RTO. Hence, the submission of an application to refund road tax is also done at the Regional Transport Office. For this, certain steps are supposed to be followed including the documentation process at the RTOs. The primary condition is that only those people can apply for a road tax refund who have re-registered their vehicle in some new state. Hence, when a person again pays the road tax to the new state RTO, then only he/she can claim a road tax refund from the RTO where the vehicle was initially registered. So, let’s suppose a person has relocated from Rajasthan to Delhi and has re-registered his/her vehicle, then RTO Offices in Rajasthan will refund the road tax amount to the person after successful submission of the application.

In order to get a road tax refund, only the vehicle owner can complete the formalities at the RTO. Also, it is worthy to note that the name of the vehicle owner should be exactly the same on the new as well as old registration certificate, otherwise, the application will be considered null and void. Another doubt that may arise in mind is that if there’s any time duration within which a person should apply for a road tax refund. Well, this can vary from one state to another. Ideally, one should claim a road tax refund from the RTO of the previous state within 6 months of re-registration of the vehicle at the RTO of the new state.

The amount received as a road tax refund is also variable and depends on the duration of time for which the vehicle owner has paid the road tax. The duration of time is basically the difference of years in which the vehicle was initially registered and then re-registered in the new state. It should be clear that road tax is not 100 percent refundable and smart card fees cannot be claimed as a road tax.