First Saturday Lime Net Worth After Shark Tank


Insect infestations are a great matter of worry. You will find it difficult to deal with them particularly if you live near a pond, lake, or garden with bushes, and trees. First Saturday Lime is a creative, environment-friendly insect repellent that is specially introduced for preventing unwanted pests. It was featured on the popular television show  Shark Tank season 11.

The two sisters McDaniel and Jessica Jacobs based in Oklahoma developed the First Saturday Lime insect repellent. They knew very well that lime contains insect-repellent properties because their father had a limestone business.

They took help from a chemist friend to create an insoluble form of lime that can be applied around people and animals safely. They wanted to develop a pest control solution that would be completely safe for pets, human beings, and the entire ecosystem.

First Saturday Lime comes up with a pool of unique features. One of the most important features is that it is non-toxic. The other insect repellents available on the market use harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. On the other hand, First Saturday Lime uses the natural ingredients of lime.

Moreover, scientific studies have certified it as the most effective insect repellent. People have given positive reviews and ratings to this product on Amazon. This has been acknowledged as a Choice product of Amazon which ensures that it is a high-quality product and customers are satisfied after using the product.

This is an economical product. The selling price of a 20-pound bag of lime repellent is $29.99. That is why it is the best cost-effective alternative to conventional pest management services. Though the product is affordable, the company claims that they have a good profit margin.

First Saturday Lime is also different from others due to its user-friendly application process. According to the company, you have to apply the product around the boundary of your property on the first Saturday of every month. The name of the product reflects a schedule.

If you follow this routine you will be able to beat back existing infestations as well as prevent the new ones from taking hold. It will create a constant security wall for the property.

So, finally First Saturday Lime provides a unique and environment-friendly approach to managing pests. It has become a perfect choice for people who are looking to control pests more securely and sustainably due to its non-toxic, effective, economical features and the simple and easy application process. Let’s learn about First Saturday Lime’s net worth in detail.

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What Is First Saturday Lime?

First Saturday Lime is an environment-friendly, non-toxic, and naturally secure pest repellent and deodorizer. The founders developed this product as a monthly therapy for the first Saturday of each month.  They named the product based on this. The product is very effective for different objectives and the non-toxic nature of the product ensures that it is completely safe for pets and kids.

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Composition and Safety of First Saturday Lime:

First Saturday Lime is mainly made up of insoluble crushed limestone. It is different from hydrated lime which can be dangerous as it contains acid in ingredients. But First Saturday Lime does not contain acid in ingredients.  That is why it is completely safe to be used around living beings.

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Use and Function of First Saturday Lime:

  • Pest Repellent: You may use this pest repellent for different insects like fleas, mites, ants, and ticks. As soon as the insects come in contact with the product it dries them out and in this way repels them.
  • Deodorizer: First Saturday Lime can also be used as a deodorizer by balancing the smell of ammonia. In this way, it becomes an outstanding solution for chicken coops, barns, and all around the house.
  • Soil Amendment: You may use it as a soil amendment to make up the PH levels of the soil. This ensures the healthy growth of the plants.

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Application of First Saturday Lime:

You may apply for First Saturday Lime easily. You have to spread it on the ground, in the garden, or in the barn. To control pests you may apply it around the boundary of your home. To use it as a deodorizer, you need to sprinkle it in areas with a strong ammonia smell. If you want to use it as a soil amendment, you have to mix it directly into the soil.

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Advantages of First Saturday Lime:

  • You may use it around children and pets safely.
  • This is a very useful pest repellent.
  • This works as a natural deodorizer.
  • This is an eco-friendly product.
  • This works as a soil amendment.

First Saturday Lime is a versatile and environment-friendly solution for different household and garden issues. You may use this solution for pest control as well as odor neutralization.

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Who Is The Founder Of First Saturday Lime?

The two sisters, Jana McDaniel and Jessica Thompson who were brought up on an Oklahoma farm created First Saturday Lime. They knew the facts of farm life along with the constant conflict with pests.

Their father had a limestone business. So, they know that lime is a natural mineral and it is a widely used pest control ingredient in farming. Like helps to dehydrate eggs, insects, and larvae and it is the way it keeps the pests away.

But the drawback of utilizing limestone was that it may burn skin and you have to wear protective gear to handle it safely.

After becoming a mother, Jana McDaniel started to look for an insect repellent that is completely safe for her kids as well as pets. They also had a small local restaurant and Jana did not like to use chemical spray regularly for dealing with the insects.

She wanted to discover a safer option. That is why she teamed up with her sister Jessica Thompson in 2016 to start a project connected to their famous product lime.

They wanted to create a safer and more useful product than the standard lime mixture. They used their understanding of like and worked on it to create an improved and harmless formula. They made a collaboration with a chemist to accomplish this and developed a non-toxic lime formula.

The product of First Saturday Lime was an insoluble hydrated limestone that did not respond to moisture or make burns or respiratory issues. They designed their product in a way that makes it safe for both human beings as well as pets. 

Before coming up on Shark Tank the sisters felt a need for financial growth to develop their business. That is why they decided to appear on Shark Tank and appealed to the sharks for an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their business.

They were able to impress Kevin with their product.  He proposed to them that he was ready to invest $100,000 in exchange for 25% of all purchase orders. After thinking for a while the two sisters accepted Kevin’s offer.

The founders of First Saturday Lime, Jana McDaniel and Jessica Thompson created the product based on their knowledge and requirements.

They were inspired by their background on a farm and the limestone business of their father. They aimed to provide a safe environment for their family as well as pets. That is why they wished to create a useful but safe pest control solution which insisted on inventing First Saturday Lime.

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What occurred to First Saturday Lime on Shark Tank?

What occurred to First Saturday Lime on Shark Tank

First Saturday Lime is a safe and environment-friendly pest repellent that was represented on Shark Tank season 11 by Jessica Jacobs, Jana McDaniel, and Zac McDaniel. The founders came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 in return for a 10% stake in their business.

They marketed their product as a pet and kid-friendly alternative to conventional insecticides which are created from citric acid and limestone. They were able to remake the lime formula of their father’s business into a remarkable business. It got a patent for the production factory. The application method of the product is very simple.

The founders disclosed that they had a good profit margin. The manufacturing cost of the product is $1.60 and the retail price of the product is $19.99. The founders ship the products free of cost.

The annual First Saturday Lime sales were $150,000. They expected that they would be able to generate $350,000 in sales by the end of this year.

The sharks expressed mixed opinions. Robert Herjavec understood that the product had potential but he thought that the businessmen had a long way ahead. Hence he withdrew himself.

According to Kevin O’Leary a significant academic ingredient is needed to promote the product but he did not want to undertake that task, that is why he first dropped out.  

Mark Cuban did not have much idea about the industry.  That is why he also withdrew himself. Lori Grenier wanted to invest in the company as the product was safe. She said that she was ready to invest $100,000 in exchange for a 33% stake in the business. The founders tried to negotiate.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky wanted to share the 33% stake with Lori. When they were negotiating, Kenvin O’Leary changed his mind and said that he was ready to accept the counteroffer of $100,000 in exchange for a 25% stake. He finally secured the deal.

After their appearance on Shark Tank, First Saturday Lime became incredibly popular due to the Shark Tank effect which increased their revenue too.

As per the reports, the company has managed to earn $500,000 per year by the end of 2021. You may buy the product of the company from different ratio stores like Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and several independent garden centers all over the U.S. along with their website.

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What Happened To First Saturday Lime After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the popularity of First Saturday Lime increased incredibly and they gained huge popularity. The product of the company is available in different retail stores like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and independent garden centers across the United States. They also sell their products through their official website.

After Shark Tank, the company got incredible media attention. Different media outlets featured them which in turn increased their sales and customer base.

The company has prospered after the First Saturday Lime shark tank episode. The journey of the company shows the power of strategic partnerships.

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First Saturday Lime Shark Tank Update

The company was able to grow and become successful after appearing on Shark Tank. After the episode, the lime-based products of the company acquired more availability and exposure. The products of the company are now available in major retail stores like Home Depot and Walmart, along with more than 400 independent garden centers and feed stores all over the USA.

After getting Kevin O’Leary as a partner, the company was able to increase its brand awareness and get important retail partnerships which helped them to increase their annual revenue.

The annual revenue of the company became $800,000. First Saturday Lime’s net worth was around $1 million. People gave positive First Saturday Lime reviews.

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Is First Saturday Lime Still In Business?

Yes, First Saturday Lime is still in business. You may get the product from major retailers and garden stores all over the USA, along with  Home Depot and Walmart.

The founders managed to secure a deal for their company. As of 2023, the company is still active in business and doing very well.

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First Saturday Lime’s net worth

We have come to know after indicating research that First Saturday Lime’s net worth is $1 million. After getting funding from Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank the valuation of First Saturday Lime became  $400,000.

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Who Is First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent For?

The products of the company are designed primarily for families with children and pets who are willing to use organic and safe insect repellents in their homes. The founders have explained that for this reason, they have kept the price range of the products high. This is a multi-functioning product.

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First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent is surpassing every year through their website First Saturday Lime. The products of the company are also available on Amazon. The company has become very much successful after appearing on Shark Tank. The company has developed its product line by adding various usage-based products, all safe and eco-friendly. You may check them out for your own home today.


What insects does First Saturday Lime repel?

You may use First Saturday Lime on any insect with an exoskeleton such as ants, fleas, ticks, mites, lice, aphids, beetles, spiders, cockroaches, etc. You may also use it to repel slugs, snails, and mosquitoes.

Does First Saturday Lime kill ants?

Yes, First Saturday Lime kills ants. You may use First Saturday Lime on any insect with an exoskeleton such as ants, fleas, ticks, mites, lice, aphids, beetles, spiders, cockroaches, etc. You may also use it to repel slugs, snails, and mosquitoes.

What is in First Saturday Lime?

First Saturday Lime is a patent-pending formula prepared from calcium hydroxide. They took hydrated lime and made it insoluble with a patent-pending procedure. That means that the product will not respond to moisture. Finally, they were able to make a powerful and effective insect repellant and bacterial control which is completely safe for human beings as well as animals.

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