Weeds are pretty controversial. Some say they affect the health badly while others go against this by saying not all weeds are dangerous. Some are indeed been helpful in many ways. Is it so?

Fortunately, yes!

Weeds or Marijuana, despite having a huge number of negative impacts on human health, agriculture, and wildlife, are known for their positive sides as well. Exploring the benefits and finding the needs of weeds, weed UK producers are just waiting for a green signal from the government to spread their business worldwide.

Without wasting your time, let’s unfold the purposes where weeds play a significant role.

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5 Personal Purposes Where Weeds Play A Fundamental Role

  1. Weed as habitat and food for wildlife: Weeds can be a good protector for wildlife. They act as a shelter for migrating birds and friendly insects and even feed them with proper nutrition. That’s surprising, isn’t it?Well, we have many other surprises left in the following section.
  2. Weed as medicinal plants: Weeds can even be used to solve your medicinal purpose as well. You will be surprised to know that if weeds can ruin human health, they can even be the reason to provide you strength and energy.Weeds can relieve chronic pain, prevent diabetes, protects obesity, battle with cancer, and even work in depression. But obviously, not every weed is as good as these medicinal weeds. These weeds are popularly known as Marijuana Cannabis that appear from the Cannabis plants purposely used for developing medicines. Cannabis weed UK providers are plenty. You may reach them for these benefits.
  3. Weed as nectar for bees: Many weeds can feed bees. For instance, the attractive Dandelions. The bright, yellow puffball-like flowers are a great source of nectar for the bees. Bees and other pollinators easily get attracted to them, helping the wildlife to enjoy their food.Don’t you think a small area for weed agriculture would be good for wildlife? No doubt, they boost the bio-diversity to a great extent.
  4. Weed as a nutritional food for humans: Other than plants and wildlife, even humans are benefited from these weed plants. For example, Dandelions. They are a complete resource of vitamins, calcium, potassium, and iron, and thus quite beneficial for bones and skin. To consume such nutritious food, people love to eat them raw or cook and team them with salad. Even Dandelion wines are also famous for its nutritious benefits.
  5. Weed as soil stabilizer: Weeds are hard to handle and even have the ability to destroy garden-grown vegetables and plants. However, controlling the growth of weeds can even be beneficial for soil as well.Some weeds act as soil stabilizers. They help in increasing the organic matter of the soil simply by growing and dying in a cycle. Many farmers grow weeds to bring nutrients and water from deep inside the soil, providing sufficient source of nourishment to the plants.Additionally, these soil stabilizers are also good to resist soil erosion. However, all these happen only when you have proper control on your weeds, instead of letting them grow and spread as they like.

Weeds are good or bad?

According to agriculture specialists, it is always good to control the growth of weeds. The reason them excessive growth of weeds can be harmful to crops and soil. Rather keeping them in control can be good in order to produce food, feed animals, and generate fiber for humans.

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