A substance abuse counsellor plays a key role in society. He works as a mentor with the people who are struggling with addictions. In our society, we find many people who are being subjected to addiction to drugs, booze or any other addiction subjects. A substance abuse counsellor works for them. He also helps them to find out a way out from this addiction.

Like other psychologists or counsellors, substance abuse counsellor works closely with the people and groups to identify the problem behaviour and offer solutions. We do not have any proper definition of the substance abuse counsellor. But in a few words, we can define him as a social worker, mentor or professional who not only closely work with the people who are struggling with addictions or bad practices but also find definite solutions for them. A substance abuse counsellor spends one on one-time counselling patients about their addition and mapping the treatment plans that will help them the patients in moving towards recovery. Due to their working phenomena, people often treat them as therapists.

Responsibilities of Substance Abuse Counselor:

The substance abuse counsellor has a very harsh job to do. This is facts that this job is not an easy job and one cannot compare this job with other job profile. The substance abuse counsellor tries to help people who are struggling in their life for any addiction. So his main job is to visit or meet these people and talk to them personally. The substance abuse counsellor needs to listen to the patients carefully and try to understand his or her problems for the addiction. He also needs to note-down all the conversation which is taken place with the patient. If the legal authority is involved with client or patients the substance abuse counsellor reports the progress report to the legal authority or the judge. The substance abuse counsellors also meet with the clients in time of the recovery process and often help them to restart their careers in a new way. The substance abuse counsellor also helps their clients to find out new jobs, help to set up a new business, improve their behavioural approach, and refer them to the session that will help them continue to improve. Since the family and friends of the clients also feel the effects of addiction, the substance abuse counsellor may counsel the family and friends as well.

Qualities of the Substance Abuse Counselor:

A substance abuse counsellor needs a considerable amount of patience and compassion. Good listing quality is the key virtue for this job. Besides this, a substance abuse counsellor needs to have strong communication skill. He can work in any situation with his giving and receiving trust with the clients. Trust building with the client is one of the key phenomena for this job.

The substance abuse counsellor should work hard and try to find out the right treatment for his client. Working as a substance abuse counsellor is a very difficult task but quite also regardable in society.

Education Requirements:

A substance abuse counsellor has to be an educated person in his field. Though it is possible to begin a career in with this job title without a master degree, the best way to achieve this career is to get the proper education. A master degree is enough for the post but most employers look for a PhD in counselling. To start your career as a substance abuse counsellor you need a license from a recognized authority.

But the most important thing is to Become a Substance abuse counselor one needs to understand the psychology, mental position of the clients. As a substance abuse counsellor, you need to feel clients matter and understand his or her point of view. You carefully need t make trust and belief with them. Presently we are going through a very bad patch and living a stressful At In this society. So, sometimes many people fall into the wrong way. The substance abuse counsellor work for them that they can return to their normal life and live happily in society with their family and friends.