Did you know there are more than 300 companies in the world have 800,000 plus workers functioning under them? Further, as per a survey on these 800,000 workers, nearly one million each day take a leave owing to stress-related ailments.

That’ right, stress has become a thing of fashion for millennial workers, and also the prime condition why so many corporate souls become depressed and ill. This is why it is vital to combat stress every day.

Now, as per reputed psychiatrists, one of the prime reasons behind stress is not understanding it. This is why it is instructed to combat stress by maintaining a journal or two.

On this, note let’s address the many reasons why owning a journal in the millennial era is of a prime necessity when it comes to corporate employees.

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  1. Monitor Anger and Stress 

Stress and anger have become very close to millennials. The reason being the world is very fast. Additionally, owing to social media and the internet, people are presented with multifarious opportunities in career and life. Now, picking the right career choice, the meeting ends, handling family situations and other things often pose as a problem to millennials.

Thus, when a person has too much on their plate they end up being stressed and depressed. So, as per psychologists maintaining a dairy is a good way to combat this stress. This is why it is best to invest in a corporate journal from a reputed store when you’re buying accessories like watch holder personalized. 

Using this journal you can write about your feelings, and document your daily emotions effectively. This will help you find the root of your problem. You’ll understand why you reacted the way you did to certain events. Furthermore, you can weigh out the reactions and analyze if were overreacting.

Once you have a hang of your reactions, you can monitor emotions properly and channel your stress. For example, if you find out the overworking led to you acting out, you can then plan a day to treat yourself and rejuvenate.

  1. Keep Thoughts Organized

Another way stress can be overcome is when thoughts are organized. When thoughts tend to overspill and overlap, it leads to overthinking. As a result, people perceive a lot of emotions and scenarios that put them in a foul mood.

So, when you’re venting these thoughts out in a dairy you can organize the thoughts, and find useful solutions to these in a calm and composed way. As a result, you can alleviate a lot of negative thoughts that were previously bothering you.

What’s more? You can discover aspects of your personality and get to know yourself better. Additionally, you can note down changes in your behaviour by retrospecting yourself in the past in comparison to the present.


  1. Study Client Behaviour 

No two clients are similar! Therefore, how you treat one may not work the best for the other. So, try and note down how each client reacts to your proposal and work ethics. Once you find clients who work in favour of your company, you know the kind of market you need to target.

Additionally, you’ll learn about yourself and improve your people handling skills considerably. This will help you deal with customers, business partners and competitors effectively.

  1. Budget Calculation

Whether you’re an employee or an employer having a journal if of vital import as these double up as budget calculators.

How? Well, if you run a household then you can write down your daily or monthly expenses to maintain a budget. Further, you can note down your savings and manage the budget effectively to ensure that you aren’t spending the money inappropriately.

However, in case, you run an enterprise then along with your home you have to also maintain a budget for running the enterprise. Now, naturally, you might have your computer make the budget for you, but the draft needs to be made by you.

In your daily, you can jot down the basic draft for your yearly budget and thus, maintain finance accordingly.

Well, now do you see why it is best to own a personalized leather bound writing journal in the millennial era? From personal to professional, a journal can assist a human in a multitude of things. So, hurry and get yourself a classic leather journal to balance stress and life optimally.