Nail fungus is said to be a condition where a microscopic fungus enters your nail beds. It is more prevalent in toenails than in your fingernails. Any person is susceptible to nail fungus. However, research suggests that people over the age of 60 with diabetes or weak immune systems are more vulnerable to ingrown toenail fungus. Not only do they make you feel gross, but they are also a source of constant embarrassment.

Causes of nail fungus

If your nail has a cut or break, the fungus can enter your nail through the same. It is not a sign of bad hygiene habits. It is communicable i.e. it can transfer from person to person. The source of infection cannot be determined. However, wet and warm environments provide the fungus with a conducive environment for growth.

Symptoms and diagnosis:

If you have a nail fungus infection, your nails likely get thinker with some discoloring. In some cases, you will be susceptible to pain on your nails as well. What starts as a small growth beneath the tip of your nail will soon develop into deteriorated nails. This growth can be yellow or white. Your nails will turn thicker, distorted, and ragged. Once it is affected, it will look darker than normal due to the build-up of dirt and debris under the nail bed. Your consulting physician can tell if you have a nail fungus infection simply by looking at your nails. To determine the specific genus of your infection, your doctor may choose to send a scraping of your nail to the lab for further tests. You will be subjected to a toe fungus removal Houston. If these methods see ineffective, you will be suggested to undergo a laser treatment for the removal of the fungus. It is mostly painless and can be treated quickly.

Treatment methodology

  • The medications for toenail fungus are mostly for external application in the form of cream, gel, or lacquer. Occasionally, it can be for oral consumption through the form of antifungal drugs.
  • The cure for the fungus may rarely require the removal of the infected nail. This is to enable the direct application of the medication.
  • Terbinafine is an oral direct is a very effective medication that is used in almost about 50% of nail fungus infections.
  • You must remember that ingrown toenail fungus is hard to treat since toenails grow slowly. If you wear shoes or boot very often, a cure can be hard as the wet and damp environment is conducive to the growth of the fungus.

Care and prevention:

  • If you use locker rooms frequently, you must not walk barefoot as the fungus can spread easily.
  • Ensure that you change your socks frequently. We would suggest you use cotton socks as they are absorbent and prevent the build-up of sweat.
  • Give your feet a lot of breathing space by wearing shoes that do not squish your toes. Your shoe must have a wide toe area.
  • Finally, to prevent dampness, make sure you use anti-fungal powder which can absorb your sweat.

Now that you have read this, you must realize that subjecting your toes to damp environments frequently with no airflow will make you susceptible to foot fungus. Always take good care of your feet by keeping it clean and dry. Use an anti-fungal powder to keep your toes dry. You can always approach toe fungus removal Houston for professional help. Under any circumstances, you must not resort to self-medication as it can lead to disastrous consequences.