It is very important for you to be well prepared for emergency purposes when you are out with your Frenchbulldog. It is absolutely true that the Frenchiedog tends to be a bit lazy but once they get the fun of playing with you and going out and having fun with you they will get used to it. However, everything comes with a disadvantage and the disadvantage is that the Frenchie can become naughty and end up hurting themselves in the process.  This article deals with the must-haves in a Frenchbulldog first aid kit.

Gauze tape andcotton

First of all, it is very important for you to have a hold over the gauze tape and cotton. The gauze tape can be used to wrap around the wound of your French bulldog for the time being. The gauze tape prevents the germs from sticking into the wind and worsening the condition and pain of the Frenchie dog. However, it is very important for you to place cotton before you wrap the wound if you’re Frenchie. If the cut is grave, rush to the doctor immediately or the condition might worsen. If the wound is great you should not delay but rush immediately after you have taken the initial steps.

Antiseptic cream

In case of a minor wound, it is important for you to apply an antiseptic cream over the cut area. This will immediately help to soothe the pain of the Frenchbulldog. However, when you are getting hold of an antiseptic cream do make sure to consult it from your vet. The main reason behind the consultation is that your Frenchie dog might be allergic to certain medications and this might worsen the condition. Therefore, use creams and antibiotics only with the permission of your vet as they know your Frenchie better.

Hydrogen peroxide

Before the application of antiseptic cream, or wrapping the wound with gauze tape, it is important to clean the wounded area. To clean the wound of your French bulldog, it is important for you to have hydrogen peroxide in your first aid kit. Remember that it might hurt your Frenchie a bit, so try to comfort them and divert their attention. Sometimes the application of hydrogen peroxide might burn in the wounded area but it is important to be cleaned to get rid of all the germs. Therefore, even if your dog is in pain, do clean it up so that it can get some relief afterward rather than suffering for a longer period.