Have you been wondering what kind of conversations you can engage in with a foot doctor? Yes, doctors are friendly, and they willingly share the insights on foot health whenever possible.

Some insights Houston foot specialists will share with you include

  • Stress fractures can happen to anyone

Though stress fractures are common among athletes do not brush it off because it can happen to anyone if they are engaging in repetitive movements. If you suddenly change exercises you engagein, you are at risk of getting a stress fracture. Women losing are at a higher risk because they lose bone mass. If you are healthy and doing okay, ensure the sufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D. if you suffer from a stress fracture, ensure you rest your foot for a few weeks and wear hard-soled shoes for support.

  • You can enjoy wearing your high heel shoes

In instances where you will be sitting a lot like in a party and a job, you can wear your high heels. The heels become problematic if you will be walking or standing on them all day. The shoes put pressure on your Achilles tendon overworking the hips and knees. Your feet might not absorb the shock leading to balance and posture issues. If possible, you can only stand on your high heels for two hours only. Immediately you are out of the high heels, run cold water on your legs for 10 minutes, and stretch your Achilles tendons.

  • Treating smelly feet at home

Most people have a problem dealing with smelly feet. You try changing your footwear and the odor sticks. The feet and hands sweat glands that is why when your feet sweat, the sweat mixes with bacteria in your footwearand generates the smelly odor. To reduce this, drop a black tea bag in your footbath and soak the feet. In just 30 minutes, the bacteria on the feet will be reduced, cutting down the smell.

  • Carry your nail file and polish for that pedicure session

We love pampering our feet by visiting the nail salon occasionally or regularly. Unfortunately, you risk getting infections for the nail salon because the tools used are shares. However, most nail salons try as much as possible to disinfect the tools some parts of the tools might harbor bacteria. It is unlikely that bacteria will grow on a bottle of polish, but the brush of the polish has been used on other customers’ toes. It is always worth it to be careful in the nail salon.

  • Any unusual change on the feet could mean a problem elsewhere

If I experience numbness, pain, tingling, or burning sensations to the feet I will immediately seek treatment from a podiatrist near me. The foot doctor will help diagnose if it is just a foot problem or there is another underlying condition. Some of these symptoms can be an indication of a compressed nerve, peripheral vascular disease, or diabetes. If your feet swell without any justifiable cause you could be having an issue with your kidneys and if only one leg swells and is painful you could be having a blood clot. Cold, dry, and flaky feet will man thyroid trouble. So never ignore any unusual change to your feet, they could be an indication of changes in your health.