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What is Google Local Guides?


Google depends on a vast volunteer network across the world to update Search and Maps with the most recent information on businesses, places, and local attractions.

Local Guides are the name given to these individuals. The most important thing to understand about the process is that you need to know everything about the new place you visit. This is the work of the local guides. They guide you to getting the perfect knowledge about the new city, country, or restaurant that you are planning to visit.

The reviews, pictures, videos, and other information that Local Guides willingly give are useful to searchers like you. But it’s virtually correct. Virtual compensation is given to local guides for their work. Google launched the Local Guides program to thank regular individuals for their assistance in maintaining Maps. Let’s read further to learn what a local guide on Google is.

Additionally, the veracity of the information supplied by businesses is checked by local guides. Anyone may sign up for the Local Guide program, so why not receive recognition for reviews you already submit on Google Maps? This page covers the Google Local Guide program’s definition, registration procedures, and potential advantages.

They created the Google Local Guides initiative to create a community of power users who would be responsible for verifying the authenticity of the data supplied by Google Maps and also providing additional helpful data.

In other words, it will be up to these people to evaluate each local company through their reviews. Their views will be more weighted than those of the other users.

This approach assisted Google in removing spammers from Google My Business listings and individuals who solely left unfavorable reviews on the profiles of their rivals.

Even if they weren’t local businesses, it helped Google find new fascinating locations for the general public, such as unique settings or tourist hotspots in cities, etc.

What Is The Program For Google Local Guides?

What Is The Program For Google Local Guides

Want to know what is a Google local guide? Users are rewarded for adding information to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles through the gamified Google Local Guide initiative. For each contribution you make as a Local Guide, you receive points. Gaining a certain amount of points will allow you to advance through the program’s levels and earn new badges.

This is a notable thing that you can enjoy when you are in the presence of a local Google guide. It is also important to know that you can also become a Google local guide. All you need to do is earn points and enjoy the privileges that are offered by Google. The Google Local Guides initiative has separated “Knowledge” into seven activities:

  • Discover new locations (add new places)
  • Review the location
  • A location’s star rating
  • Add a new image of the location.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the location
  • Edit or edit a place’s information.
  • Verify if the information being displayed is accurate (accuracy of names, addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, etc.)

Depending on what the position permits, a Local Guide may undertake one activity at a time or numerous activities. For instance, a review only permits the three activities of star rating, writing a review, and uploading images. You can do anything on the guides. The person who is a guide can share reviews of the restaurants and talk about the food. He can also let you know about the different places near the restaurant and review them properly.

For each level, how many points are required?

You will accumulate points to advance to higher levels when you submit reviews, upload images of nearby companies, add locations to Google Maps, verify information, etc. You can start earning your first Google Local Guide Badge at level 4, which the system uses to distinguish you as a reliable user:

  • Stage 1: 0 points
  • Fifteen points at Level 2.
  • 75 points for level 3.
  • Level 4: Badge and 250 points
  • Level 5: 500 factors plus a badge
  • One thousand five hundred points plus a badge for Level 6.
  • Level seven: 5,000 points plus a badge
  • 15,000 points plus a badge for Level 8
  • Level 9: Badge and 50,000 points
  • Level 10: A badge and 100,000 points

How many points are available for each action?

The number of points on your Local Guide profile will rise with each activity you do. According to logic, the more work you put into your activity, the more points you will earn:

  • Ten points for each review.
  • Reviews that are longer than 200 characters receive 10 additional points each.
  • Giving a location one point
  • Five points for adding a picture to a Google Maps entry.
  • 3 points for photo tags
  • Seven points for adding a picture to a Google Maps entry.
  • Review response: 1 point
  • Answers to questions: 3 points
  • 5 points for editing a listing
  • 15 points for adding a new location to Google Maps
  • 15 points for adding a new road to Google Maps
  • Verified fact: 1 point

What serves as the Google Local Guide?

Being a Google Local Guide has various benefits, including:

  • Your viewpoints will be more respected than those of other users who seldom comment. When you report comments and phony or unfavorable reviews, this is crucial. When a Local Guide reports spam, Google is likely to agree and remove the offending remark. For local SEO, it is crucial to be a local guide.
  • You will participate in the community and have access to Google Maps’ beta testing phases. To stay informed about upcoming changes to Google Maps, you must do this.
  • You will get access to exclusive deals for program participants exclusively.
  • You’ll receive invitations to sponsored events where you may mingle with other attendees.

Although there are many benefits and advantages to being a Google Local Guide, none of them are financial; some of you may find them appealing. With each level you complete, you receive a badge that will help your content be seen by more people.

Today, Google Maps is practically necessary for daily life; it makes commuting nearly impossible. Google Maps is already a staple of our everyday lives, used for anything from distance calculations to finding the nearest gas station, restaurant, ATM, etc. Google Maps is always helpful, whether we’re looking for something nearby or trying to locate a specific location in a new city. Have you ever wondered who is the Google contributor who contributes the information you see on Google Maps when it describes a location in detail? The Google Local Guides handle it.

Can GLG help you grow your business?

Google Local Guides will be helpful if you are starting your business or wish to increase your presence.

  • 1) Sign up for GLG and make sure your company is visible, thereby properly displaying your products and services.
  • 2) Include your company! Perhaps a company has recently relocated down the block or changed addresses and hasn’t had a chance to update its information online. By listing their address on Google Maps, you may make it easier for visitors to locate them.
  • 3) Incorporate a link to your Google reviews and ask your clients to post reviews.
  • 4) Be sure to update your Google My Business (GMB) listing, particularly with new photos and business hours.
  • 5) Consider yourself the user!: Where do you go when you want to locate a new restaurant or a reliable car mechanic? That’s Google for most folks. Our daily lives have gotten so accustomed to using Google Search and Maps that switching to something else feels forced. Not just you, but many other people look up service providers on Google. Your prospective clients also engage in it.


Being a Google Local Guide is incredibly significant for local company owners, as you have surely recognized since you will have greater authority to report spam or false comments from rivals on your Google My Business profile.

Being a member of this program will thus always be advantageous, at least until you achieve level 4, at which point you will receive a badge designating you as a trustworthy Local Guide. Just a tiny amount of platform interaction is all it takes to reach Level 4. Keeping this profile will always be advantageous since it will give you first access to new Google Maps features, whose significance grows each year.


Do I have to Pay for Google Local Guides?

Google Local Guides are not compensated. Every time you add something to Google Maps, such as a review, a picture, a video, or some location information, you get points, awards, and badges for your profile.

I have how many Google points?

Your dashboard has an easy way for you to check your levels and points. There, you’ll be able to see your points.

What benefits or advantages come with becoming a Google Local Guide?

This program is primarily for tourists or adventure seekers. You can say that a local guide is a person who is there to help you out and share the experiences he has enjoyed during the trip.

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