If you have a passion for vintage interior decoration, you must go through this write-up. Vintage will always remain classy and in style. Contrary to the popular belief, vintage does not mean old, but, it provides a sense of nostalgia without forcing you to look run-down.

Although vintage did lose their significance a few decades back, but, thanks to minimalism, it has made a comeback. The foundation lies in inviting colors, eclectic styles, and lush fabrics.

Mentioned below are five tips that will certainly encourage you to incorporate vintage elements into your house. Please check them out now.

  1. Concentrate on High Quality Antiques- Finding antiques at present is easy, but, not every antique belongs to your design system. Considered the backbone of vintage interior, make sure to conduct enough research when shopping for antiques. Vintage pieces when belonging to a particular era can complement any space.
  1. Include Details- The experts offering standard home interiors Cape Town said pay attention to details is mandatory. By adding vintage touches in the remotest corners cements your style quite successfully. The whole house does not have to vintage. Just add a couple of pieces that have a retro appeal but will still look good in a contemporary room.
  1. Focus on Color- Color is believed to be the most important part of vintage interiors. Lively and bright colors can make any room glorious. Think of mustard yellow or avocado green combined with shades of black, white, or brown. Pattern is also an excellent way of displaying your style. Whether it is 70s paisley print or checkers or 50s polka dots, patterns are the perfect accompaniment.

Vintage means homey, so, you are free to opt for feminine designs. Floral mixed with light brown, peach, or white furniture makes a space welcoming as well as cozy. The background must have shades of pink, blue, soft green, mauve, etc. Pastels also scream vintage.

  1. Invest in Show Stopping Elements- You may want something vintage to act as the center in any room. Vintage pieces are eccentric, hence, can snatch the spotlight. Try not to go overboard with them. Investing in one or two show stopping elements will do.
  1. Go for DIY- Some people who cannot afford vintage interior opt go for DIY measures. Making your own furniture with recycled items and repurposing flower pots, frames, benches, crates, or luggage can make a home look vintage. You do not have to spend much money too.

According to the top Cape Town interior architects, pulling off vintage interior decoration is quite difficult, but, you can do it if you agree to keep the aforementioned tips in mind.

Again remember, vintage does not mean old furniture or some rusty accent that has no value at the moment. It involves several decades of styles that spark originality, romance, and charm.

Challenge yourself and do not shy away from experimentation. Play around with whatever is available to you and never compromise on the aesthetic quotient. That will hold your house together after all.