Rent is the option that more and more people choose to access a home. Not only is it cheaper, but. If your needs change and you need more or less space at home, or if you move to work in another city, you can terminate your contract and start looking for another home. Makes mobility much easier

To ensure that the relationship will be as satisfactory as possible for the owner of the house and for you, it is best to take things slowly, make sure that you negotiate the contract. You know your rights and your obligations well

Make sure your landlord can rent

If you want to avoid problems and scams, make sure the person with whom you are negotiating can actually rent you the house. That is, or that you have the power to make a rental, for example, that is the sanctuary or that you have a power of attorney to be able to rent. Verifies that it is the owner of the property

To make sure, all you have to do is ask for one from the town where you are in the house. It costs less than €10 and can save you a lot of trouble. Simple note at the Land Registry

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Check the house well

Before signing, go to the property together with its owner and make both one, so you can make a document that contains all the flaws and failures in it. With an inventory that also has photos, you avoid that in the future the owner can deduct damages that you have not caused from the deposit. detailed inspection of the house

Negotiate the contract

The housing lease is usually one that you are absolutely mandatory as well. Regarding legal issues there is nothing to do, both parties must respect them. But in those aspects that are not mandatory, there is room for negotiation. The mixture of legal issues that have been negotiated by the parties

You can negotiate aspects such as how to update the rent or the distribution of the expenses generated by the house (supplies, taxes, and community of neighbors).

If you don’t understand the document, don’t sign it

As we have pointed out, lease contracts usually contain clauses that are a direct copy of the Urban Leasing Law and clauses that refer to what you have negotiated with the homeowner.

It is not a document that is too difficult to understand, but if you have any questions, it is better, to be honest with your interlocutor and tell him that you want to examine the contract more carefully before signing. One can explain all the points of the contract. Leasing attorney

Do I have to collect the agreement in writing?

The contract does not need to be recorded in writing. From the moment you enter to live in the house and pay rent for it, you have the same rights as any tenant, even if your contract is verbal.

However, although the written contract is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that this document be prepared. So both parties can be more clear about their rights and obligations.

Requires receipt if you pay by hand

The normal thing today is to make the payment by bank transfer, in which case the receipt of the same works as proof that you have made the payment. However, nothing prevents you from making the payment in cash, if this is your case, do not forget to ask the owner for a receipt. Proves that you have received the rent

The owner cannot enter the house

Once you become a tenant, the owner can no longer enter the house. In fact, without your consent. Once you leave the house, it will not be necessary to put the old lock back, just hand over the keys to the lock that you put in. without your prior consent, you can change the lock.