These are some best, new and modern ways to upgrade your house. 

Build part of the glass wall

Remove walls and expand windows or replace solid doors with glass to open up the view and connect adjacent spaces. It looks really cool, and when it’s glass you can do a lot of experimentation with it. You can get clear ones or get blurry ones. You can get it colored according to the theme of your room. It gives you a feel of another room even though it is just one room and makes the room look big. If you are a family person maybe this will even help you look at what your kids are doing or help them study while you’re doing some work. 

Incorporate good lighting 

Good lighting will determine the success or failure of the room size. Ensure that good lighting is installed in a narrow, narrow space (such as a bathroom with small windows). If you want to show off your well decorated house then you must consider good lighting, because a pro tip of any home decor which should be followed like a mantra is that good and ambient lighting is a must. You really don’t want harsh lighting in all rooms. Maybe they are okay in your basement and storage area, but for bed rooms and living rooms, it’s a complete no-no. 

How to handle your dressing situation 

Get a very well built cupboard 

Save shelf space by hanging pants with belt loops on the S hook. This way, you can easily make them more compact. Plus, you can see them better when choosing which pair to wear. Install layered shelves, layer them on the wall, or stretch a row along the perimeter of the bedroom. You can use it to store everything from books to accessories, blankets, wallets, shoes, etc. Hang the shoes on the door and store the shoes on the bedroom door. If you do not have a pair of shoes, the empty slots can store sweaters and other clothes. This is especially useful, especially if you have high heels. Or you can build a shelf behind the cabinet door. 

Best up gradation in low budget 

Here are some Tips for Home decor in low budget. 

Install Mirrors – Mirrors not only make your space look good and bigger in size, but also add a certain statement to it; it makes the room look elegant. Make your mirror an accessory organizer. The mirror can not only serve as a cabinet for all accessories, but also can be hung on the door. You can put it on the closet door or use it at the bedroom entrance. 

Utilize your corners – Try a wall-mounted bedside table. You may not have enough space for a complete bedside table, but the wall-mounted small corner wall messes up the floor much more than water and books. Use corner racks instead of stuffing chairs into corners and throwing clothes on the corners use wall-mounted corner wall-mounted racks to hang clothes. When you get dressed, it will make them the primary consideration and make you proudly show your favorite work. In addition, invest in wall-mounted desks. Free up floor space with a floating desk. and may consider wooden wall clocks rather than desktop clocks  This even folds up to make it truly compact.  consider having iron metal wall art of animals  to give a unique look to indoor or outdoor walls