You have been using that mattress for the last 10 years. Now the size of the mattress is doubled due to the dust mites, dead skin and sweat accumulated in the mattress. It is the right time to look for an online mattress in Canada. It is very easy to find the best mattress in Canada. However, what to do with the decade old mattress? It is most likely to go to a landfill. It is a wastage. Or, your mattress store can also take it free of cost.

When you have purchased your new online mattress in Canada, your old mattress is good for nothing but only for you. However, it can be of use for others. Mattress going to the landfill is not good for the environment. Here is what you can do with the mattress that has served your needs for years.

You can donate your old mattress

You can find some not-for-profit organizations and donate your mattress. This is the quickest and easiest way to do away with your old mattress. With this donation, you can claim a tax deduction. Isn’t it awesome? However, you will have to get the mattress cleaned by experts. Make sure that there are no stains on the mattress.

You can recycle it

In case your mattress is damaged too much and you cannot donate it, you can find some recycling center in your city and get it recycled. 90% of the mattress can be recycled. And, this time you need not to clean or refresh the mattress. Simply find a recycling center, drop your old mattress there and find a new online mattress in Canada.

Find some homeless shelter

Homeless shelters never have too many mattresses. So, you can do the society a favor by donating your old mattress obviously after cleaning it. There may be some disaster relief fund or a women’s shelter in your area. Drop your mattress there. Your kindness will be beneficial for someone.

Your mattress is still soft and fluffy

You can use your mattress in some other way. The soft and fluffy mattress is the ideal tool for playtime. All kids love to play outside. There is a swing set, monkey bars or a trampoline in your backyard. All these are high playing spots. So, you can place your old but soft and fluffy mattress near these spots. The mattress will help in preventing injuries due to falls.

Your mattress can be useful in animal shelters

We have always been using animals for our conveniences and comforts. We can also do something for our good friends. We can provide some comfort to these animals. Animals are usually made to live in metal cages which can be very uncomfortable and cold. Do a simple Google search to find animal shelters in your neighborhood and donate your old mattress.

So, these are the five ways you can chuck the old mattress. A best rated online store is the best place to buy a mattress. So, visit the best online store providing online mattress for sale in Toronto.