Colors have a pivotal role in our life. We gravitate towards a color from choosing our clothing to the color of the car we drive to picking paint colors of our dream home. We express ourselves through colour. So, it’s fine to be demanding and particular in choosing your interior wall paint colour.

The paint colours you select revamp the design of your home. Colour can make or break an area counting on the combinations you favor. The color combination you select for interior walls features a profound influence on your family, and lots of people tend to try to make mistakes while choosing the color combinations. a number of the common mistakes that folks commit while choosing the worst colour combinations you ought to never paint for your home. But, we would like the simplest colour combination for our home interiors. Let’s check the ten best interior wall colour combinations that you simply should try in 2020 for your home.


  1. Pastel colours

Pink, purple and baby blue, which does not have a striking strong shade are called as pastel colours. The pastel colours blend well together. Using pastel colours in your interior wall paints will provide a distinct look and feel to your home. These colours make your room look soft, neutral and bring a soothing nature in your home. It’s the simplest home painting colour combination for your children’s room.

  1. Purple and Gunmetal Grey

Purple mixed with grey makes your home interior look more dignified and complicated.  The outward nature of purple rightly blended with a neutral grey will encounter as a distinguished wall paint colour combination. this mix in your front room, speaks volume about your exquisite taste. This color combination is going to be a replacement trend that everybody will love.


  1. Soft Pink and Turquoise

Soft pink and teal shades are a bold colour combination for your home interiors. This combination calls out for a bright and lustrous look to your home; the exuberant nature of pink and turquoise makes it the great choice for your daughter’s room. it’s one among the versatile colour combinations for walls because it works well with a variety of design styles in your home interiors.


  1. Aquarium Blue and Grape

This is a unique colour combination that brings in vibrant and playful energy into your home. These colors surround you with a joyful and enthusiastic vibe which will change the character of a dull room. This color illuminates even a lightless space in your home.  

  1. Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow make an electrical pairing. The combination of vivid blue and warm yellow makes your interiors look more exciting, and dynamic. This dynamic combination is most fitted to your classroom, as yellow enhances memory. The impact these colours can create in your home makes it the foremost preferred interior wall paints.

  1. Orange with White

Orange is the colour of laughter and celebration. Orange mixed with white creates the right ambiance for a cheerful family. The purity of white and therefore the cheerfulness of orange in your bedroom makes it the simplest choice for your bedroom. This is often one among the fascinating interior wall paint colour combinations.

  1. dark blue and White

With blue taking centre stage and accents of white, this color combination is that the most minimalistic interior wall paint colour combination. This color combination adds tons of perspective to your home and it makes your interiors look clean and stylish. This mix also makes your room look spacious and stimulates your appetite, making it the apparent choice for your kitchen.

  1. Grey on Grey

Although a monochrome palette, reminder grey builds texture in your home. Grey being a neutral colour will provide a pleasant and placid feel to your interiors. The reminder grey in your interior walls, add an aesthetic and majestic look to your home. This makes grey the simplest two colour combination for bedroom walls.

  1. Cream and Aqua

The vibrant mixture of aqua and cream invites a cool and breezy mood in your home. The mixture reminds the people within the room about the beach, with aqua reflecting the ocean and therefore the dull cream representing the sand. This mix on your interior walls will create a relaxed and peaceful ambience. So, this is often a go-to interior wall colour combination for beach houses and guesthouses.

  1. Brown and Green

We always tend to feel calm and collective while sitting during a park. It’s the trees that ease our mood, making us feel fresh and calm. Such textures are often applied to the mixture of earthy brown and green in your interior walls. This mix causes you to feel fresh, and append a natural ambience to your home. we might like to know which of the above combinations you’d wish to have in your interiors.