How to Get More Money from Ecoatm

How to Get More Money from Ecoatm


Most of you probably want to find a way to trick EcoATM. You’re hoping to maximize the profit from selling your used electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, etcetera. However, how do we fool EcoATM? If you are also curious about this, continue reading this article until you have a firm grasp of the subject.

You can quickly locate an EcoATM kiosk close by, as over 5,000 are spread around the United States. Selling an outdated device can get you some cash, but many people try to “hack” the EcoATM to receive more money than their equipment is worth.

If you’re one of the many who has wondered whether or not there’s a way how to trick ecoatm into giving you more money for your old electronics, you’ve come to the correct place. Here, you will learn how to trick eco atm for more money.

What are ecoATMs?

What are ecoATMs

ecoATM first appeared in 2008 as a prototype in Omaha, and since then, it has expanded into a widespread network with locations all throughout the country. These days, ecoATM kiosks are commonplace at convenience stores, supermarkets, and malls across the country. EcoATMs are kiosks the size of vending machines that act like specialized online marketplaces for recycling electronics.

There are several benefits to using an ecoATM. Still, the most important ones are the ease of use, the ability to get cash immediately, and the reduced environmental impact. In these locations, you can bring in your old phone, wait for the ecoATM’s program to thoroughly evaluate it, and then walk out the door with cash in hand and a grin on your face. What is an eco ATM? You have known most of it.

How to Trick an EcoATM

Below is a detailed, step-by-step explanation showing how to trick Eco ATM 2023 and make your old electronic device appear brand new, maximizing its potential.

  • First, put the old version of the gadget that came before the new one on the market.
  • Get a root file explorer for your old device and root it.
  • Now, locate the structure.
  • Then you have to find information about the newer version of the device and replace it on your device with the older one.
  • All you have to do is replace the old version information in your device’s build. Prop file with the newer one.
  • Finally, go to an EcoATM near you and try to sell your device. You’ll get more money if you do.

EcoATM’s Benefits and Drawbacks

EcoATM’s main selling point is that it provides a convenient and quick method to earn extra money by getting rid of unwanted electronics. EcoATM will save you the trouble of making web ads, holding a public showing, and haggling with several potential buyers.

If you’re selling the gadget yourself, you might get more money. You may make some quick cash and help the environment simultaneously by reusing and recycling the electronics instead of throwing them away improperly.

Most electronic devices are only worth a few dollars to EcoATM, which is a significant drawback. If the machines are in good working order, you can sell them for more money elsewhere than at EcoATMs.

All electronic gadgets are accepted at EcoATM. However, you may choose not to be compensated for sure of them. This allows you to give away those items for free effectively.

Can I give the Stolen Digital Machine to EcoATM?

It’s a joint inquiry, but selling stolen equipment to EcoATM would be the same as engaging in criminal activity. Most stolen devices have their serial numbers and manufacturer information on file with the police; therefore, if you submit such a device to EcoATM, your report will be forwarded to the legal department, which may require further action.

Keep in mind that the EcoATM has your identification information and, if they accept a stolen device, will notify the authorities and share the information with them if they verify that the device was stolen.

For this reason, you should put any thoughts of returning a stolen electrical device to EcoATM out of your mind.

How can I use my Ecoatm to make the most money?

You may obtain the most money for your old gadget by following a few simple instructions at an ecoATM. First, pick the withdrawal method that gives you cold hard cash rather than store credit. Second, ensure you enter all details about your equipment relevant to getting an exact price.

Last but not least, wipe the device clean of sensitive information such as passwords, images, and other personal files before bringing it to the ecoATM. If you follow these instructions, your ecoATM transaction will result in the maximum potential reward.

Can You Put a Laptop in an Ecoatm?

A laptop computer is welcome in ecoATM. To be sure, there are a few things to bear in mind about eco ATMs for laptops. Make sure the laptop is disconnected and switched off first.

Second, take out the laptop’s batteries. Third, insert the notebook computer into the ecoATM machine, screen side up. The device will scan the laptop, which will then estimate its worth.

If the price presented to you is acceptable, you may finalize the purchase by inserting cash or a debit card and following the on-screen instructions.

How Does Ecoatm Verify a Phone?

When you recycle your old phone with EcoATM, you’ll get cash in exchange for it. Kiosks operated by the company can be found in shopping centers and department stores across the country. Users can get started with the ecoATM by inserting their phones and answering some basic questions.

The automated system then generates a price estimate for the phone immediately. If the user takes advantage of the offer, they will be prompted to provide their identification card. A phone can be recycled at an ecoATM if the user’s identity has been confirmed.

An individual’s private information should be deleted before recycling a phone. Cleaning the phone’s memory is the method used for this. The next step is for ecoATM to verify that the phone’s various parts are working as intended.

After the phone’s various parts have been checked, ecoATM will decide whether to recycle or refurbish it. When ecoATM decides to recycle a phone, it takes it apart to find any usable components. These pieces will be sold to businesses that manufacture goods from used ones.

The leftover scrap will be delivered to authorized e-waste recycling centers for proper disposal.

Does ecomATM Support Flip Phones?

The majority of you were able to locate information that answered your query of whether or not ecoATM accepts flip phones. The more like-new your phone is, the higher the price you may expect to receive, and the more money you can make. Remember, if you want to fool eco ATM for additional money, you must be over 18.

You’ll need to stop by one of the kiosks before you can flip your phone. In the United States, kiosks are typically located in malls, shopping districts, and large-format retailers. The kiosks function similarly to selling a phone to an individual; after entering some basic information, a buyback quote is generated instantaneously. To set up your phone recycling, you must accept the section.

The website has all the details you’ll need to sell your old phone. Visiting their site is as simple as going to their homepage and selecting the “Price My Device” option. This page has all the information you need, including the current price of your phone. Knowing the going rate for your phone could prove to be a wise investment.

Will EcoATM buy an Android or iPhone that is locked?

The question of “How to deceive ecoATM” may cross your mind if you’re thinking of trying to resell a stolen iPhone or Android. EcoATM operates the same way as a pawn shop, and it can quickly determine whether or not a given smartphone is stolen. It’s impossible to figure out an eco trick and sell a stolen iPhone. EcoATM can help you recover your stolen phone in as little as a few minutes.

EcoATM’s primary objective is to prevent the sale of stolen equipment. When ready to eco ATM for cash, you’ll have to provide valid identification and undergo a fingerprint scan. If the photo on your ID doesn’t match the one on your face, you won’t be able to withdraw cash from an ecoATM. EcoATM may not buy stolen iPhones or Androids, but you can still sometimes make money by selling your old device to them.


Recycling outdated electronics at popular kiosks like Ecoatm might earn you extra cash. Some clever customers have indeed found ways to trick the machine into giving them extra money. Using numerous devices is one of several common strategies for increasing payouts. Someone may choose to utilize an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 5S instead of recycling both devices together in order to receive two separate rewards. Using Ecoatm’s “quick quote” function is another tip. With this, customers may estimate the value of their equipment before sending it in for recycling.

Certain iPhone recyclers have discovered that selecting a different device type (such as an iPad) can result in a higher quote. Obviously, you can’t bank on these methods to always succeed, and you constantly run the danger of being discovered and having your account suspended. However, you may be able to turn a profit with Ecoatm if you play your cards right and have a bit of luck on your side.

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