How To Remove Your Data From The USPhoneBook? 

How To Remove Your Data From The USPhoneBook? 


You will find several data broker sites on the internet. Usually, these types of sites display personal information to the public online. That is why most people are unhappy and worried. If you are going to make an online presence to build your professional life that means you will certainly meet online data brokers someday. 

The primary principle of the binary world is to give it personal data and it will in turn give you a good amount of profit. That is why a lot of online directories like USPhoneBook aggregate data,  repackage it and share or sell it. It is indeed illegal work but there are a lot of people who get advantages from it. 

If you want to use the USPhoneBook properly you have to first learn everything about this directory. With this article, you are going to get almost every info about the USPhoneBook in detail.  So,  let’s start. 

What is the USPhoneBook, and what does it do?

USPhoneBook (or is nothing but an online directory that enables you to find personal details from a poll of records related to people who live in the United States. 

You may find various numbers and words on these sites like names,  job careers connected to phone numbers, relatives of the person connected to a personal number,  age and location of the owners of the phone number,  and many more. 

In case you wish to know more about a person you need to just type the ten-digit phone number in the USPhoneBook lookup and within a fraction of a second, the results will be displayed to you. 

USPhoneBook managed to sustain this business for various reasons. It says that with the help of the reverse UsPhoneBook lookup feature you may find out who is the owner of the phone number calling you again and again or find the weird cheater at your lover or spouse easily. 

A few people think that it is the most convenient way to get the information from the USPhoneBook and a few people think that it is a kind of stalking or an identity security threat. 

Just like the other online directories is developed in a way so that the users may use the site easily.  The site enables the users to make a phone call or send a message from their phone book and even save the contact details on their mobile if they want. 

Moreover, the site provides users with three quick searches including: 

  • People Search by Name: In case you want to locate a current phone number and current address of an individual you just need to enter a name along with the city and state if you know them. 
  • Address Search: You need to type an address to search for the contact details and the name of the resident at that place.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: If you want to get the name of the person who called you you just need to enter a phone number. 

If you have an Android mobile you may download the  USPhoneBook Lookup Phone Numbers & Reverse Call with the help of any browser of your choice.  After the download completes you need to click on install to install the app on your device. 

How will you use the USPhonebook to look up personal information?

If you want to look up personal information by using the USPhoneBook you need to follow the steps given below: 

  • Go to the USPhonebook website: If you want to find personal information on UsphoneBook the first step you need to take is to go to their website. 
  • Type the name of the person you want to find out more about: After going to the USPhonebook website you need to type the name of the person into the search box. 
  • Narrow your search: In case you obtain several hits you may shorten your search by providing more information like a state,  city,  or zip code. 
  • Check out the results: After entering your search terms you will find a list of results.  You need to check the results carefully to find the person you are looking for. 
  • Purchase the report: In case you wish to see more details about the person such as his address or phone number you have to purchase the report.  The price of the report depends on how much info you want to find. 

Is there any app for the USPhoneBook? 

Yes,  there is an app for the USPhoneBook.  The people who think that it is very boring to use the USPhoneBook search tool for extracting data,  the USPhoneBook app is no doubt a more easier way to set the details of a person quickly.

In the USPhoneBook app version, you will be able to find nearly all important features on the joint website, including USPhoneBook lookup and search mode, and of course, your data with no direct permission.

The app is available for free and you may download the APK file for your Android or iOS smartphones from cloud platforms and web pages like 

Who are the USPhoneBook competitors & alternatives?

There is a pool of online personal data broker sites available on the internet. So,  USPhoneBook is not the only website that gives this type of facility.  So,  you may sometimes get puzzled after seeing your details on a lot of websites like UsPhoneBook on the internet. 

The most popular alternatives to USPhoneBook are given below: 

  • Spokeo
  • PeopleFinders
  • PeopleLooker
  • SearchBug
  • Fast people Search
  • Leave Reverse Lookup
  • NumLookup
  • Whitepages Pro
  • CheckThem
  • PublicRecords
  • BackgroundChecks
  • InteliGator
  • Who Easy

What Type Of consumer data is collected by the USPhoneBook?

USPhoneBook gathers different types of consumer data like: 
  • Contact details like name,  address,  and phone number. 
  • Interests and lifestyle information.
  • Demographic information like age,  gender,  and location. 
  • Employment history like current employer,  previous employers,  job titles,  etc. 
  • Location info like current city and state,  previous cities and states dwelt in,  etc. 

What is Opting Out?

When you opt out of a phonebook, your name, address, and phone number are extracted from the published directory. This implies that your information will not be available to anyone who uses the phonebook. If you have a landline, by choosing opt out you may keep your information private from telemarketers and other solicitors.

If you have a recorded landline number, you can expect to obtain a phonebook every year. The phone company is needed to deliver the books to every household with a listed landline, no matter whether you want it or not. If you do not want to obtain a phonebook, you can opt-out by following the instructions below.

You have to keep in mind that opting out only applies to conventional printed phone books. It does not stop your information from being amassed online or from being incorporated into digital directories.

Why Should You Opt Out of the USPhonebook?

USPhonebook (or US Phone Book .com) is a website that enables people to look for phone numbers and addresses of people who live in the United States. The website also enables people to add their phone numbers and addresses to their database.

Just like other data broker sites like Whitepages and BeenVerified, this website has been chastised for being a privacy hazard, as it enables people to find out personal information about others without their approval. There have also been worries that one may use the USPhonebook’s reverse phone number lookup feature for stealing identity or making any fraudulent activity. 

If you opt out of the USPhonebook you will be able to rest assured that your personal information is not included in their database. This can enable you to safeguard your privacy and lessen the chances of identity stealing or forgery.

How will you remove info from the USPhoneBook?

If you want to remove your data from the USPhoneBook search system you may do that easily but there is no guarantee that your data will be completely removed from the website permanently.

This is because these sites are updating their information continuously for precision and completeness. You may use the following methods you may use to remove your data on the USPhoneBook are as follows: 

  • You may call a customer service agent. 
  • You may fill out a removal request. 
  • You may send an email to a customer service representative. 
  • You may ask for assistance from a lawyer but it is futile. 

The most convenient way to remove your data forever is to write an initial request to USPhoneBook and then check it from time to time manually or with software designed for the task. 

You have to keep in mind that websites like may not always be very responsive to your initial request. That is why you have to follow up the process several times and ensure that your opt-out request gets completed after submitting it. 

How will you get a US phone number from outside the US?

There are various ways to obtain a US phone number in case you live outside the US.  Some of the most convenient ways to get a US phone number from outside the US are as follows: 

  • Virtual Phone Number Services: You may obtain a US phone number from a lot of burial phone number services that are available online.  These services will give you a US-based phone number that you may use for making and receiving calls and text messages.  Some of the best virtual phone number services are Vonage,  Google Voice,  and Skype. 
  • International Calling Plans: In case you already have a phone plan with an international provider, you will be able to add an international calling plan that contains a US phone number. This will enable you to make calls and send and receive text messages as if you lived in the US.
  • Local US-based Friends or Family: In case you have friends or family who dwell in the US, they might be able to assist you in obtaining a US phone number. They can purchase a prepaid phone or SIM card and send it to you. As soon as you get the phone in your hands, you can use the phone number.
  • Purchase a US-based phone or SIM card: In case you are going to the US soon you may purchase a US-based phone or SIM card when you reach there. You can obtain a US phone number by buying one from a big electronics shop or carrier, like Verizon or AT&T.

In brief, you can obtain a US phone number from outside the US by using virtual phone number services, foreign calling plans, friends or family who live in the US, or by buying a US-based phone or SIM card when you reach there. The research will help you find the best choice as per your necessities and budget.

USPhoneBook Reviews and Pricing

The best thing about the USPhoneBook is that it is completely free.  That is why anyone can use it without spending a single penny.  However, a lot of people have complained about the site.  But there are also a lot of people who are happy with the USPhoneBook.  Check out the reviews below to know how happy they are: 

  • “Good works deserve a good recommendation.”
  • “Nice app and website”
  • “The phone number I put in had area code 650; they said it was in Chicago, and a safe number, but other sites told me it was in Palo Alto and not safe!”
  • “great application for finding people”
  • “This worked for me like a charm. I received a phone call on my phone, but no message was given, so I used this app to check out the number, and I found out all the valid information I needed.”
  • “They are a con site. They sell your info, and they don’t remove it when you find they have it and never gave permission to post your name or your family info.”
  • “Number one online data Brooker!!!”

Final Thought

So,  you have learned about the USPhoneBook in detail.  You need to keep in mind that these types of sites keep refreshing the information attached to personal listings regularly with the help of other publicly usable sources.  Moreover,  you should not completely rest assured that your info is not going to be shown without any permission after you fill out the removal request. 

You may get the USPhoneBook as the USPhoneBook app and website, and you can stalk most of the people you know as US residents by using the USPhoneBook search section. For further details,  you may visit and see what is waiting for you out there. 


Is the USPhoneBook free?

Yes, USPhoneBook is a completely free people search site. You can use their online directory service and access all personal documents free of cost. This means that anyone can view your personal information without constraint.

Is the USPhoneBook legal?

Yes, USPhoneBook is a legal and completely legitimate website. They have access to the data from publicly available records and other legitimate sources.

Will the USPhoneBook collect my information again after I opt out?

Once USPhoneBook removes your data, they try not to add it to their database again. However, since they are not able to correctly identify the data as yours most of the time, your personal information may end up on their website again even after you opt-out. 
That is why we are recommending you re-do the USPhoneBook opt-out process occasionally from time to time. 

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