KidsLuv Shark Tank Net Worth

KidsLuv NetWorth After Shark Tank


We all are aware of the fact that kids always love to have sugary drinks and snacks like KidsLuv. It will not be harmful to you if you have these treats once in a while. But the tongue is very slippery. If the children get habituated to these snacks which are rich in sugar they want to have them always and parents have to fulfill their demands though they always want to feed their children something healthy so that they can boost their immunity level. Just like adults, overconsumption of sugar is very bad for kids.

Ashi Jelinek had three kids. So, she knew very well that a lot of parents purchase their children’s juices and other sugary products as they are unable to find any healthy alternatives. That is why she came up with the idea of making a healthy, nutritious but delicious substitute for traditional kid juices. So she set up a company named Luving Company in 2017 and introduced a brand of flavored water for children named KidsLuv which was infused with vitamins.

Ashi Jelinek represented her company, Kids Luv on Shark Tank season 11. Kids Luv is a drink that targets especially kids and it contains no sugar. Parents who are conscious about the sugar consumption of their kids may choose this outstanding Kids Luv juice.

KidsLuv drinks are rich in vitamins. It is sweetened with Stevia. You will get it in different flavours like orange peach, mango, and coconut. Let’s learn more about this company in detail.

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What is KidsLuv?

KidsLuv is a flavoured drink that is rich in vitamins and contains no sugar. But dont:’t think that it is not sweet. The founder made the drink sweet so that children love to have it. To sweeten the drink she did not use processed sugar. She used an organic sweetener present in the Stevis plant and fruit extracts.

The founder introduced various flavours like mango, a mix of orange and peach, and coconut. The most important thing about KidsLuv is that it is rich in nutrition and micronutrients. There are 12 essential vitamins and minerals in each KidsLuv drink. This is a great substitute for gummy vitamins that contain processed sugar and added flavours.

KidsLuv helps to maintain the hydration level of kids. The raw ingredients used by the company are all non-GMO. The product is now available in 8-ounce Tetra Pak drink boxes. You may buy them in packs of 8 and 16 and choose two distinct flavours in a single pack.

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Who is the founder of KidsLuv?

Ashi Jelinek, a mother of three kids, set up the Luving Company in 2017 intending to offer healthier substitute drinks to her children. She was very concerned about her kids taking high levels of sugar to intake low levels of vitamins through drinks.

The inventor of this company completed her graduation from the California Institute of the Arts in theatre/communications and started her career in a theatre in New York. After working for some time, she left her career and wanted to be a stay-at-home parent. According to her, being a mother is a great part of her life and after having children she was always searching for ways to give her children healthier and better foods.

But when she was unable to find any such drink that contained zero sugar for her kids, she chose to make Kids Luv. The drink Kids Luv contains 12 vitamins and minerals that are very essential for health. She mixed them with water so that children can consume the required amount of vitamins without having any additional sugar.

She began to develop the ingredients for the drink herself in the kitchen at first and found a professional formulation that helped her to easily develop the products in higher amounts. The CEO of the company packs the juice in Tetra Pak paper containers which are 100% recyclable.

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What occurred to KidsLuv on Shark Tank?

The founder of KidsLuv came up on Shark Tank season 11 episode 15 to represent her vitamin-infused juice for kids. Before appearing on Shark Tank she was able to generate only $55,000 in sales.

Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner were present in the show as investors. The founder appealed to the sharks to invest $,200,000 in exchange for an 8% stake in her business.

Ashi pitched her product in front of the sharks and distributed the samples among the sharks. She offered a mango and a coconut drink to each shark to taste. She added small amounts of stevia to the drinks to sweeten them. But the sharks withdrew themselves one by one from the deal. That is why finally she had to leave the show barehanded.

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What did the sharks remark about the product?

When Ashi pitched her Kids Luv juice on Shark Tank season 11, the sharks expressed their suspicions about the product.

Mark and Barbara tasted the aftertaste of stevia in the drinks given to them. The founder disclosed that she had invested $200,000 in the business and managed to raise $1 million from her friends and family members to set up this company. But as soon as she disclosed that she was able to generate $55,000 in sales and she had only $50,000 in her bank account the sharks did not like it.

As soon as Barbarbara Vicoran heard the news she withdrew herself from the deal and told the other sharks to do so. After that Mark Cuban withdrew himself remarking that Ashii has not quite tested the products and the amount she was making was not able to add up to the sales that have occurred.

Kevin O’Leary also left the show saying that the amount of sales was not sufficient to decide its status and figure out if the product will do well in the market. Robert Herjavec thought that Ashi had made a great mistake by investing a huge amount of money within a short time. That is why he left the show.

At last Lori Grenier also withdrew herself from the deal by saying that the entrepreneur had made the same mistake as her. So, she did not want to go through the same way again.

Each of the sharks withdrew themselves one by one and finally no one invested in KidsLuv due to the money factor. So, the founder had to walk out of the show without any deal.

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What occurred to KidsLuv after Shark Tank?

Ashi, the founder of KidsLuv was not able to secure a deal from the sharks. The KidsLuv shark tank episode was aired just before the whole world went into lockdowns because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But still, the CEO of the company did not give up hope and she kept working against the odds of Kids Luv and launched new peach and orange flavours. 

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KidsLuv juice after Shark Tank

had experienced huge progress in sales as well as revenue even at the time of the pandemic and lockdowns. The founder skyrocketed her business within a year and a few months after the show had been aired. The founder added a new beer flavour into their product line in 2022.

The annual KidsLuv sales as of 2022 are nearly $5 million. The products of the company are available in more than 21 stores in Southern California and 4 stores in the San Francisco area. The cost of 16 packs of the beverage is $37.99. The making cost of each pack is $2.37.

You may buy the KidsLuv juice from Thrive Market, Walmart, Target, Stop & Shop, H.E.B., Good Eggs, Kings Soopers, and Amazon.

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KidsLuv Shark Tank Net Worth

KidsLuv Shark Tank Net Worth

Kids Luv is a calorie-free, healthy drink that was represented on Shark Tank. As of 2022 Kids Luv’s net worth is $20 million. The founder set up this company by investing their own money into the business.

Before coming up on the Shark Tank show KidsLuv’s revenue was $55,000 in sales and the fiubderch ad only $50,000 in her bank account after investing in the business.

KidsLuv net worth has increased incredibly after appearing on Shark Tank. When the company appeared on Shark Tank, KidsLuv drink net worth was only $1 million. But KidsLuv’s net worth in 2022 has increased to more than $19 million.

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What are the advantages of KidsLuv?

The advantages of KidLuv are as follows:

  • The drink does not contain any processed sugar.
  • The drink contains 12 vitamins and minerals.
  • The drink is prepared entirely by using organic ingredients.
  • The drink comes in handy ready-to-use capped drink boxes.

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What are the cons of KidsLuv?

The cons of KidsLuv are as follows:

  • The drink is a little bit pricey.
  • The drink is available only limited range of flavours.

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KidsLuv Shark Tank Update

Ashi Jelinek did not get disappointed after being rejected by the sharks. She rather took the advice of the sharks to her heart and concentrated on introducing her product to the market.

After the Shark tank appearance, Ashi expressed her appreciation for the sharks for giving her advice and she took the opportunity to learn from it. She then devoted herself fully to the business and marketing endeavours.

The company KidsLuv is still in business as of 2023 and it is doing well. Ashi never waver in her determination even when the pandemic affected the business for a while. She kept her business running and she has launched a new flavour called Peach Me I’M Orange recently.

The founder has become so successful that you will be able to buy the product of the company from major retailers like Walmark, Target, Amazon and the official website of the company. Moreover, you are available in more than 1600 CVS stores.

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Who Is KidsLuv for?

KidsLuv flavoured water can be used by any parent who is worried about the excessive sugar consumption of their children. You must change their snacks and add something like kidsLuv to their diet particularly if your child has tooth decay.

Most kids are suffering from invisible malnourishment as they prefer to eat and drink items that are rich in sugar and carbs and low in other nutrients. So, it is perfect for kids.

It is a great substitute for gummy vitamins. Gummy vitamins have side effects like tooth decay and sugar cravings. But on the other hand, KidsLuv provides all the vitamins needed for the kids without causing any side effects.

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Are there any alternatives to KidsLuv?

There are a lot of flavoured waters, water enhancers, and water-flavoring products available in the market for adults. You may also get Zero sugar juices and snacks for them. But you will hardly find any zero-sugar flavoured water for kids. After conducting research we have found one product which is quite similar to KidsLuv. 

Rethink Water is providing Kids Juice/Fruit Punch which contains virtually no sugar. There is only one gram of sugar in a 6.75-ounce serving. Just as LidsLuv uses stevia plant to sweeten its product, Rethink Kids Juice is sweetened by using monk fruit extracts.

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Is kidsLuv still in business?

Yes, as of 2022, kidsLuv is still active in the business. The sales, as well as the revenue of the company, are constantly growing. But we do not know about the plans of projects of the company.

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How does KidsLuv Shark Tank work?

KidsLuv is a drink for kids which is sugar-free and eco-friendly. The drink is rich in vitamins and minerals. The founder Ashi Jelinek came up with the idea of creating this drink when she was attending her son’s soccer game.

She saw that parents are giving their kids juices that contain a lot of sugar and little to no nutritional value. After that, she started to experiment and in 2017 she managed to set up the Luving company and introduced KidsLuv.

The founder did not use any sugar to sweeten this drink. She has used stevia as a sweetener. The products are available in four flavours: guava, coconut, mango, and orange peach. The juice is mixed with water, coconut water, essential vitamins and minerals and natural flavours. The juice is packed in 100% recyclable Tetra Pak paper containers.

The founder took part in Shark Tank to get funding for her business. She did not get any investment from the sharks. But she worked hard to develop her business without losing hope. The products of the company are now available in various stores.

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Final Verdict

KidsLuv has the potential to become one of the leading juices and snacks for children. But to achieve that the most important thing it has to do is to make some necessary changes in its present business model. The company also has to develop their product line by introducing more flavours.


What is KidsLuv?

KidsLuv is a zero-sugar beverage for kids. Ashi Jelinek is the founder of this company. She thought of making this product when she was taking care of her three kids. She was worried about artificial sugar as they are harmful to her health. So, she was looking for a better solution to this problem and offered it to the entire world.

What are the primary ingredients in KidsLuv?

KidsLuv contains water, coconut water, calcium lactate, organic tastes, vegan vitamins and minerals.

Where can you locate KidsLuv?

KidsLuv is available at Walmart, Target, Thrive Market, and many more.

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