Waste oil, despite being a small pollutant, can be catastrophic to the environment if left to accumulate. It comes from several sources, including home used cooking oils, restaurant wastes, and industrial by-products.

Managing and controlling the disposal of this waste is one step in the right direction to reduce environmental pollution.

MBP Solutions is a company that extensively deals with waste oil collection, among other services. It’s dedicated to ensuring that waste oils are recycled to better and more useful by-products.

The company converts waste oil into biofuels like biodiesel, fertilizers, biogas, pet feeds, and other technical products.

Nonetheless, how does this process help improve the environment?

Below are four ways in which oil collection is helping the environment.

1.     Protects your Atmosphere

The collection of used waste products offers some unique benefits right from your home and kitchen. Waste oil, whether used cooking oil or grease, quickly accumulates to your drains and sewage system if drained there.

Once it accumulates, the oils start decomposing, resulting in the emission of the foul hydrogen sulfide gas. At high concentrations, the gas is highly flammable.

It can make your home uninhabitable if careless. As a result, you may develop some health complications. Moreover, you will incur some extra costs for unclogging and fixing your drains.

Additionally, unused cooking oils will have the same effect after a long period.

2.     Reduces the cutting down of trees

Deforestation is the number one cause of global warming. It has resulted in the desertification of many areas, and if not controlled, it might cost us our survival.

As such, scientists and environmentalists are looking for ways on how to save the decreasing forest cover. Research by MBP has found out that waste oil collection also plays a role in helping to reduce the cutting down of trees.

This occurs because some trees such as palm trees are cut down to provide cooking oil. The extent of their deforestation has relatively increased with an increase in demand for this oil.

By managing waste oil collection, you come up with a second-generation oil that doesn’t compete with food production or contribute to deforestation.

Moreover, more trees are cut down as a source of fuel in most countries.

Waste oil collection and recycling results in the production of biofuels like biodiesels and biogas. These fuels become a better alternative compared to charcoal and wood and thus, reducing the deforestation rates.

3.     Prevents soil and water pollution

For most industries, the bio-by products and waste products are disposed of either in landfills or water bodies. However, these disposal methods are harmful to both soil and water.

The waste collection helps provide alternative ways of disposing of this bio by-products.

MBP Solutions has invested in waste oil collection to ensure that you don’t have to dispose of the waste inappropriately. They have come up with a strategy to ensure that companies can go green with their waste management.

Moreover, they go the extra mile to provide disposal containers for companies, ensuring that the disposal is correctly done.

Companies can even outsource their biowaste collection. This ensures that the soil and water are free from pollution.

4.     Protects animals and insects too!

For the environment to be complete, there must be a full life cycle for both plants, animals, and insects! None of us can survive without the other!

When waste oil and other bio-wastes are not well-disposed, animals, especially birds, get their feathers stuck in the oil. Insects also tend to die when trapped in the oil.

Waste oil collection helps ensure that such an occurrence doesn’t happen. MBP solutions collect the oil and convert it into a more useful product for use in other industries.

As a result, animals, insects, and birds remain safe and secure in their habitat.


There are many ways to help improve and save the environment. Waste oil collection is one primary method that works.

It not only improves your work and home environment but also works to help save plants, animals, the soil, and even water sources.

Therefore, when looking for ways of improving the environment, ensure that waste oil collection is your first step.