Bingo is a game of luck and all resulting losses and wins come courtesy of random results produced by an RNG or Random Number Generator. This is basically a computer chip that is used extensively in the gambling industry to produce slot spins and bingo results. This is particularly the case for online bingo sites, but even in modern bingo bars and venues it is now rare that the numbers are physically picked out by the bingo caller themselves. 

Most bingo lovers are actually in it for the best bingo puns and jokes and the social aspect of the game. Bingo still remains the most social of all gambling games both online and at land-based venues. The social aspect has increased further recently at land-based bingo venues and this is because they offer far more than just bingo.

On a typical night out at bingo in the UK, you can now expect music, alcohol, food and live entertainment too. Online, the social aspect is preserved courtesy of chatrooms and chatroom quizzes that bring the hosts and so called ‘roomies’ together. 

Bingo 24/7 

Online bingo wasn’t an instant success story in fact it was introduced in 1996 and didn’t really take off until 2003. There are various reasons for this, including solid competition from other forms of gambling such as slots. Bingo was given a further shot in the arm when mobile bingo was introduced and now online bingo is booming. This is good and bad news for punters. The good news is that bingo is available around the clock, 7 days a week. The bad news is that there are now so many bingo players, that competition for prizes is fierce.  Prize money has improved though because of the numbers of players taking part. Linking games throughout big bingo brands has also created large jackpot prizes.  With so much competition, are there actually any best days to play bingo? 

Bingo Playing Patterns 

Most bingo is played on a Friday night and through the weekend. This is hardly a revelation, as many people like to pursue their leisure activities when they are not working. Where bingo is concerned, peak times matter, this is because these times increase the competition each bingo player faces for prizes. This is not the case with other forms of gambling such as slots, table games and sports betting.  Other peak times are common during the week and the busiest period is from 5pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday. 

The Quietest Bingo Periods 

The general rule is that the quietest and therefore probably the best time to play bingo is after 9am Monday to Friday with the cut off point being 5pm before the rush starts.  During these times there are less players and less competition. The competition falls away further if you decide to avoid bargain bingo and play the higher staking games. Obviously it costs more per game but the prizes are also bigger and better. Free off peak bingo is also served up and on weekdays off peak; your chances of winning are increased considerably.