There are some perks of living in southern California, especially around the winter time.

While a lot of the country is freezing and fixing up their furnaces and taking out thick winter coats, residents of southern California and San Diego, in particular, can just keep on living their lives as nothing has changed.

Here are some of the best things you can do in San Diego in November which you couldn’t possibly do anywhere else in the USA, ranked by people from Jump 4 Adan.

Swimming in the Ocean

When you are thinking about swimming in the ocean, chances are that you are thinking of June-September, whereas November seems like a bad idea.

However, San Diego has a really interesting climate and the ocean around San Diego is actually a lot warmer in the fall than it is in early summer.

That being said, you can expect the water to be fairly cold, but it can still be fun, especially if you have the right gear.

Go Surfing

If you are interested in surfing, you might just be in luck. The best surfing season in San Diego, according to the residents is somewhere between late August and late December.

However, just like with swimming, you should keep in mind that the Pacific is never exactly warm near San Diego. However, it is not at its coldest in November either, so if you are a surfing enthusiast, go for it.

There are over 70 miles of coast, so you are bound to find a suitable spot for surfing and fun afterward. Just remember that the nights can get a bit chilly, so if you are planning on staying out a bit longer, bring some warmer clothes as well.

Have a Water Slide in Your Back Yard

One of the best and most fun things about summer is that you can have a nice water slide in front of your home and give your kids (or grown-ups) endless hours of fun and excitement.

However, when the colder season rolls around, most people know that the slide fun is over and that they will have to wait for the next year.

San Diego has that privilege to have warm weather well into the fall/winter, so on a nice day you can still get that slide out and have another run.

Whale Watching

Late November and early December are the time when a truly spectacular show is played out for anyone lucky enough to be in San Diego at the time.

California Gray Whales start their migration from the frigid waters of Alaska towards Baja California further south in Mexico. On their route, they pass right next to San Diego, and there are organized cruises of whale watchers.

However, this is not just a simple tourist money pit, these tours are actually accompanied by qualified marine biologists or other naturalists who can answer all of your questions and can tell you a bit more about these majestic animals.

Just Go Explore

If you are visiting San Diego, there are countless things to see and do, regardless of the time of the year.

Things like the San Diego Zoo and the Birch Aquarium are an absolute must for any animal lover, whereas the multitude of museums and parks will not disappoint anyone.

The areas around San Diego offer some of the best hiking and sightseeing in all of southern California, which is why they are full of hikers, bikers and nature lovers year-round.

Visiting San Diego is a tremendous experience which you will cherish no matter when you come to visit.