Becoming a lawyer can be difficult with having to make sure that you can get through law school and pass your bar exam. After you’re done with school, you still are going to have to worry how are you now going to make a living when you have to compete with many other lawyers in your local area. While it can take some time, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is your reputation. Either by using lawyer reputation management software or implementing these ideas yourself, look into all of these ideas that can boost your reputation.

Internet Presence

Before the age of the internet, you might have called a lawyer that you saw on a billboard or looked through your phone book so you can call a couple of the names listed. Today, the internet lets you get a good look into who you are contacting before you decide to do business with them. Having a strong presence on the internet is important as it can create a positive brand image for you that brings more customers. First, you’ll want to get pages set up on social media. Having social media pages for yourself means that potential clients can easily contact you using their already made accounts which can convince them to do business with you. Additionally, you should have a traditional website set up with modern standards. This means that you should hire a developer that knows how to make a website that easily works on mobile devices while being able to look into all of the different services you offer. Creating a good internet presence for yourself is a clear cut way to boost your reputation.


When you have to compare different service providers in your area for whatever service you’re getting done, chances are you are going to look at reviews. Having positive reviews for yourself is important as a good rating can boost your business for years to come. Make sure that when you get your first client that you ask them to give you a review while ensuring them that it can be honest instead of just being really positive. If you ask your clients to just give you positive reviews, they can come off as just fake if you don’t have anything that’s a slight drawback, plus they might be more likely to give you a negative review anyways if you beg for the review to be positive. As you do this, your rating will keep going up so you’ll see more clients coming in. Ensure that you are getting enough reviews so you can get business as a lawyer.


No matter how big you get, it’s going to be difficult competing with lawyers all trying to go for the same type of clients that you are. Make sure that you constantly keep up with making your business larger, whether that be getting more support staff or spending more money on advertising. Additionally, look into creating a law firm that has multiple lawyers on board. Creating a law firm means that you’ll be able to take on multiple big cases at once, meaning that you won’t be sending business to someone else. Following all of this should at least make your job a lot less difficult and give you some sense that you need to take time to build your business up to be successful and not worry too much if you aren’t getting clients right away.