Conveying your feelings of love, Hope, affection and gratitude can be a little hard but it is important. However, not everybody is able to express these feelings through words.  So, the best way to convey these human emotions without any words is through stunning flowers. You can express all your feelings of love and gratitude for your partner this Valentine’s Day by gifting them beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. Red roses are popularly used to convey love and affection for centuries. They are cheaper, easily available, and very beautiful when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.

There is no issue in using red roses as a form of expression and gifting to your loved ones. Although, sometimes they are overused and people get tired of seeing red roses all around. So, try to select more unique and distinct flowers for this Valentine’s Day. You need to have different colors and species of flowers to express your love towards your loved ones and make Valentine’s Day memorable for them. You can select these beautiful flowers to send flowers to Mumbai for your soul mate. Look at the following list especially made for you to look at some alternatives of red roses for this Valentine’s Day.


Anemone is also a stunning flower that blooms right in the morning. It has an attractive presence and is also used in Ayurvedic medicines to have excellent effects on the health of an individual. Hence, it has multi-purposes along with being a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Anemones represent good luck and prosperity and therefore will make a great gift on a romantic day like Valentine’s Day. The blue ones symbolize respect and grace and red Anemones represent love and affection. These flowers come in very different colors and designs and can be used in a single color or different colors at a time. Order these flowers online from to get doorstep delivery.


Peonies are stunning flowers with thick and ruffled petals that will add a lot of beauty to your flower arrangements on Valentine’s Day. They will give a stylish and unique aspect to your festivities. This flower is native to China, and the name “Peonies”  means the most beautiful perfectly conveying the significance of this bloom. It symbolizes beauty, wealth, and honor and is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Pink and white peonies are the most common flowers that are easily available and used around Valentine’s Day. Pink peonies represent affection, while the white ones present innocence. Choose these beautiful flowers while giving a gift to your wife or husband this Valentine’s Day.


Dahlias are very popular yet unique flowers and are known for their tube-shaped petals and enormous size. They come in countless colors, and each of them represents something beautiful and different. If you want to celebrate your strong bond with your life partner on Valentine’s Day, go for these flowers as a gift. Red Dahlias represent strength and courage while pink and purple symbolize kindness and grace. Colors like blue and green symbolize fresh starts and beginnings and are perfect for a Valentine’s Daygift. There are many other colors available for this huge and beautiful flower. So, while ordering online flowers this Valentine’s Daydon’t forget to add Dahlias to your list. They are unique, stunning, and guaranteed to woo the hearts of people.


Anthurium is the best type of flower that you can give to your boyfriend or girlfriend to make them feel special on Valentine’s Day. These flowers come in a very beautiful heart shape, so it is the best way to express your deep love for someone. These glossy and heart-shaped blossoms are an excellent and distinct gift for your friends. You can opt for online flower delivery In Delhi in order to get these beautiful flowers delivered to your doorstep. This flower is very tall and can be an excellent gift on Valentine’s Day. It also comes in various colors, and each color symbolizes something different. Pink and red represent love and passion, while white represents purity and innocence. Light pink symbolizes femininity and motherly love and is a great gift for your mother. So, go for Anthurium if you want to make a statement with your floral gifts on Valentine’s Day.


Carnations are very common but rather underrated flower species. Carnations are a symbol of strength and come in various colors depicting distinct meanings. This flower conveys desire and interest in the person you are giving them to, hence it is a perfect gift for your crush or lover. Carnations are used with different flower combinations to make beautiful bouquets and flower boxes on Valentine’s Day. These flowers can prove to be the perfect complement to Valentine’s Daygifts. They are diverse, beautiful, and widely available.


Orchids are a unique but popularly loved flower. They have a distinct shape and size due to which they bring smiles to all the faces around them. They are grown in big farms and are cultured to grow in different colors. A bouquet or box of orchids will definitely brighten up the day of your valentine and make her blush. If you are looking for a reputed online flower shop that can help you send flowers to India then visit With Gifts N Roses, you can send flowers online to over 600+ cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Noida.