Hong Kong is best known for a rich menu of native halal food, shopping at unbeatable prices and an enchanting skyline dotted with towering and elegant skyscrapers. What you might not be familiar with, however, is how the city dubbed the “Perl of the Orient” affords one of the best winter vacation destinations which is exactly what the discussion that follows entails. Consequently, here a couple of reasons why Hong Kong is a joy during the colder months of the year.

1) The open-air light festival is definitely a must-see
Hong Kong brightens up your winter quite literally by putting on a mesmerizing show of lights throughout the season culminating in one of the biggest festivals across the globe. The event in question is the International Light Art Display which avails wondrous light art from local and foreign talents the most notable of which is the “Talking Heads” i.e. sculptures animated by a dazzling light show to mimic various facial expressions.

2) Beautiful Christmas festivities at Ngong Ping in Lantau Island
The perfect definition of a traditional, picturesque Christmas involves lots of snow and a charming village rife with alluring trees and decorations of all kind and you can find all these and much more at the lovely Ngong Ping Snow Village. There is even an outdoor skating rink where you can get in on some fun time on the snow with friends and family.

3) An incomparable shopping experience
The city best known as a shopping hub cements this reputation even further over winter as shopping sprees are facilitated by end-year offers and discounts to make your jaw drop. Harbor city certainly comes to mind in this regard providing upwards of 700 stores housed within the city’s largest shopping mall.

4) Authentic Hong Kong Massages
While massages are all generally comfortable and soothing, none can quite measure up to the endearing appeal of a Hong Kong massage whose expertise has been cultivated by years of practice and decades of herbs and spices excellent for relaxing both mind and body. There are numerous spas across the bustling city offer such services to warm you up when the temperatures get too cold for comfort.

5) Unrivaled family fun at the Hong Kong Disneyland
The kids are not left out of the fun as well with this theme park affording much in the way of children’s delight most especially a Christmas Ball availing a number of popular Disney characters like Mickey and friends.

6) A skyline that you won’t get enough of
There are beautiful metropolitan skylines around the world and then there is the out-of-this-world marvel that is Hong Kong’s skyline. The sky100 Observation Deck provides the best seats in the house through a 360-degree panoramic that gives you an unencumbered view of Christmas lights blending into gorgeous harmony across buildings whilst beguilingly reverberating off of water surfaces.

7) Native halal food in Kowloon that you’ll find hard to forget
A good vacation isn’t complete without the cuisine to match and Hong Kong’s delicious halal food supersedes expectations and the menu can warm up the biting cold of winter in sumptuous fashion. From famous Islamic dishes to memorable street treats, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.

Perfect weather nicely rounds off this list as, per winter standards, the temperature average of 10-20 degrees coupled with low humidity and scarce rainfall is extremely favorable and won’t get in the way of you exploring what the “Pearl of the Orient” has to offer.