Curtains and blinds are one of the greatest ways you can change a room alongside paint or a huge region floor covering. They are tremendously critical to any room makeover and can in a flash make delicateness, include show with strong examples, or a punch of shading to truly complete off your space. 

Be that as it may, it tends to befuddle realize how to pick window treatments, so I’m separating it just for you and sharing my tips to picking good quality curtains and blinds Dubai and how to hang them appropriately.

Curtains VS. Blinds 

The principal question when picking window treatments is settling on curtains, blinds, or both. While it’s for the most part close to home inclination, there are a couple of tips to consider dependent on the room you’re dealing with. 

To begin with, how about we spread the nuts and bolts of each. Curtains are window covers that are made of lightweight fabric. Drapes are ordinarily made of heavier fabric and go right to the floor. Blinds then again come in a few assortments produced using plastic, wood, or fabric and help control the measure of light let in. When all is said in done, blinds are typically less expensive and simpler to keep clean than curtains and drapes, in any case, they are progressively constrained in configuration styles. Curtains and drapes add moment style and surface to a room and the flowy fabric makes the space feel comfortable. Blinds make rooms feel increasingly open and less “swarmed” with their less meddling structure. 

This is really the very reason I needed to change from curtains to blinds (beside the way that our blinds were excessively short and not the correct shading) in our room. The curtains felt excessively jammed in our little room and I needed a cleaner, increasingly open look that blinds offer. See a snappy depiction of our room with sick fitting blinds below…You can perceive how if the curtains were hung 8 creeps over the casing how it would make the roofs feel taller. That is the reason hanging them appropriately is so significant.

When settling on customized blinds and curtains, first consider which look you like better. Do you favor one over the other? At that point, you ought to think about usefulness of the space and whether you need more security or light control if your room faces the street or is in clear sight to your neighbors. With blinds, you can change the measure of light let in, while with curtains you don’t have that capacity – they’re either open or shut. In the event that you like the appearance of blinds and need to keep the space feeling spotless and open – amazing! Yet, on the off chance that you need to add more style or surface to your space utilizing curtains, yet you need the security and light control of blinds, you can consolidate them and utilize both! 

Utilizing Blinds With Curtains

It’s extremely basic to utilize blinds with curtains to bamboozle the two universes. Regardless you’ll have the usefulness of blinds for security and light control, while including additional style with curtains. How beautiful does this look?! Notice the shade bar is a few creeps over the window edge and how it makes incredible stature.

The most effective method to Pick Colors 

There are huge amounts of alternatives out there for hues and styles of curtains and blinds, it extremely just comes down to what your style is and how you need your space to feel (look at this blog entry on the off chance that you need assistance making sense of your style). That is sufficient to cover in an entire separate blog entry, however a decent begin is to look on Pinterest and search huge amounts of blinds and shade pictures and see what you’re attracted to. 

A standout amongst the most well-known kinds of blinds nowadays are wood blinds. They are wonderful, flexible, and useful. All of you know I’m inclined toward wood blinds and love the glow and surface they add to a room. We originally got wood blinds in lounge two or three years prior, and now we have them in our room. They genuinely look stunning in any space and come in such a significant number of various shades and surfaces. The photographs truly don’t do these blinds equity. They have more surface and look considerably increasingly wonderful face to face.