An engagement ring is a symbol of the special profound relationship that two people share with each other. It represents the commitment of a person to marry their partner and also reminds them everyday of the love they share. When it comes to engagement rings, many different styles and designs are available in the market today. But one of the oldest designs, which are still a classic, is the solitaire engagement ring.

A solitaire engagement ring is ring that has a single stone. The most popularly used stone in a solitaire engagement ring is the diamond. The solitaire diamond engagement rings were marketed and popularized so well in the past by the famous company Tiffany & Co that they remain a favorite even today. Although multitoned diamond rings or the colored gemstone rings are also being sold for engagement ceremonies, the classic solitaire diamond ring design remains the most preferred choice among the people. So, what makes them the most favored engagement ring?

The solitaire diamond ring is unique in itself. It is a timeless piece that is extremely versatile and beautiful. The single stone diamond may be paired with a simple ring band or an ornately designed band. In either case, there will be just one stone on the ring which will be the highlight of the ring. It will steal the show since it will be standing alone with no other stones to minimize its glamour. Whether you choose the classic brilliant round cut diamond or any other cut, the effect will be the same.

If you’re thinking that a diamond solitaire ring being a classic design won’t make it stand out from the rest then you’ll be surprised to learn the many ways by which you can tweak the diamond solitaire ring design to make it different and suit your taste. The diamond in your ring can have different cut rather than the classic round cut. You can choose the princess cut, the cushion cut, an oval cut or an ascher cut among several other cuts from the engagement rings in London. It can have a six prong setting or a four prong setting or a tension setting which look equally beautiful. Additionally, you can pair it with a simple band made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum. If you like details, then you can also opt for a band with intricate designs or customize it by getting some personal details engraved on it.

So, if you ask what makes a diamond solitaire engagement ring unique? It’s the versatility. It is something that will suit every personality and will pair well with any type of wedding band. If you are confused about which ring to propose with, buy a diamond solitaire ring. It will never disappoint. Its solitude and striking features will be the limelight. It will suit every budget. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a natural diamond then opt for a diamond ring made of lab grown diamonds UK. They are as beautiful as the ones with natural diamonds but only more cost effective.