Locker Board Net Worth After Shark Tank

Locker Board Net Worth After Shark Tank


The Locker Board is a transportation system. He is a pre-teen boy coming from San Clemente, Southern California.

Locker Board is a non-foldable skateboard that is designed in such a way that you may keep it in a school bag or locker when you are not using it.

In September 2016, Kropfl was a flourishing surf and skate lover. However, he was facing issues as the locker of his school was not large enough for him to store his skateboard.

At that time, he thought of producing a skateboard when he was only 11 years old. At first, he made a skateboard the length of which was 14 inches.

 But he understood that as long as he built up the angling right, he could even store a little larger skateboard in his school locker.

He then made a second Locker Board which was 17 inches long whereas the traditional skateboard is about 30-35 inches long.

Kropfl at first created a few Locker Boards in his house. But the product became very demanding very soon, particularly among teens and pre-teens.

So, Kropfl couldn’t complete all his orders by using only his talents and resources. That is why he thought of outsourcing the manufacturing process.

A lot of powers and influential people are the mentors of Kropfl. Some of them are Wing Lam who is the co-founder of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Noah Murphy-Reinhertz who is a sustainability expert at Nike.

The primary aim of Kropfl was to give back to society. That is why he not only developed his sustainable business practices but also made a partnership with the Tony Hawk Foundation which develops skate parks in underdeveloped areas of the nation. Carson Kropfl contributes a dollar to the organization for selling every Locker Board.

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What is a Locker Board?

Locker Board is nothing but a skateboard that is easily kept in a locker. The students who are willing to have a quick side between classes this skateboard is perfect for them.

The board is produced by using the best quality materials, and there is a grip tape design in the deck that helps to keep feet in place. The trucks are developed for resilience and the deck may adapt riders up to 250 pounds.

Moreover, there is an in-built carrying handle on the board that makes it easy to transport. Though the Locker Boards are small in size, still they are very useful.

Carson invented this product soon after beginning middle school and understood that he required a skateboard that he could easily keep in his locker or school bag.

He created the first board with his hands in his backyard by using things from his old skateboards. But soon he understood that he had to expand beyond creating the boards himself and that is why he thought to appear on Shark Tank and pitch his locker board skateboard there.

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What happened to the Locker Board on Shark Tank?

Kropfl appeared in the Shark Tank season 9 episode along with his mother. That was a special Baby Sharks episode. Appearing on Shark Tank, he appealed to the sharks for an investment of $60,000 in exchange for 15% shares in his company– locker board value of $400,000.

Kropfl went skating with his friend Sierra and then he did a few acrobatics before coming to the stage. He gave a presentation in front of the Sharks, and Sierra gave away the samples before going back backstage.

Kropfl’s mother told the sharks that the skateboards had been made by repurposing old skateboard decks. The length of the skateboard was 17 inches which implies that you may easily keep it in lockers and even in bags.

Kropfl there said that he received the old skateboard decks free of cost. At that time he was selling his product mainly through social media and locker board revenue was then $10,000.

The manufacturing cost of each board is nearly $15. The wholesale rate of each board is $55. The retail price of each board is $100. He created the boards in his backyard workshop and has even applied for a patent.

When the founder represented his skateboard on Shark Tank, he depicted that he would use the funding of $60,000 for expanding production, acquiring hardware in bulk, and growing the Locker Board website.

Among the sharks, Lori first spoke up and acknowledged that she was highly impressed by Kropfl as well as his enthusiasm. Despite this, she did not think the business suitable for her and left out of the deal.

After that, Daymond said that for this business the founder would require a huge amount of stock and that could be one of the most important obstacles in the growth of Locker Board.

He also said that Kropfl had a lot of scope to develop his business even without taking help from the sharks. He then went out of the deal.

However, Mark showed great interest and gave an offer. He said that he was ready to invest $60,000 in exchange for a 20% share in the company – a valuation of $300,000. Mark said that he would help Kropfl to grow the audience of the company on social media platforms like Instagram.

Richard wished to make an ally with Mark in his proposal. But Mark did not agree to it as he wished to go independently on this business.

As soon as Mark refused, Richard gave a proposal independently. He said that he was ready to invest $65,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

According to Richard Kropfl made him remember his younger days. That is why he wanted to allow the young entrepreneur.

In the meantime, Robert chose to give an unusual proposal. He said that he would give the founder $60,000 as a loan with an interest rate of 8%.  But for this, the founder did not need to give any share in his company.

After thinking for a while, Kropfl chose to accept the proposal of Richard Branson. For this Locker Board’s worth reached $325,000.

As per Kropfl’s mother, after the Shark Tank Locker Board appearance increased Locker Board sales by nearly 300%.

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Locker Board Shark Tank Update

We know that a business can be instantly developed by securing a deal from a shark. But only because a deal has been made at the show, that does not imply that it is lawfully binding.

After every episode, the legal team of every party associated with the deals assesses the documentation. In some cases, the deal falls apart at this time. This is a matter of sorrow that this thing happened with the Locker Board.

But a business can not be doomed only because a deal did not work out. The founder of  Locker Boards after Shark Tank became more determined to develop his company. It was reported that Carson was home-schooled for two years after the original air date of the Locker Board Shark Tank episode so that he could work on the business.

After completing his graduation in middle school he chose to go to real school to continue his higher studies in high school.

Carson’s schedule changed drastically as soon as he went back to a conventional school environment. He never gave up working on the Locker Board. A press release said that Kropfl reached out to the president of Wham-O, Todd Richards in 2019 after going through an article about Wham-O’s Smacircle® which is the most compact and lightweight e-bike in the world that can be folded up to accommodate inside a small bag.

Kropfl said that after going through the article he knew Wham-O would be a perfect fit for Locker Board as it was the entire concept behind his skateboard. He designed the Locker Board so that it could be accommodated in a bag for easy transportation.

Carson managed to get a licensing De with Wham-O in 2020 and the product is currently sold under the name of Wham-O Locker Board. One may buy a Wham-O Locker Board from Amazon. The product is also available to major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart.

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How much was the locker board sold for?

The manufacturing cost of each board is nearly $15. The wholesale rate of each board is $55. The retail price of each board is $100.

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What is Carson Kropfl doing now?

Carson invented the Locker Board in his pre-teen years. The founder has stopped doing any activity on social media for his company.  The last post he made was in August 2021.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Kropfl is still doing this business as the Inventor and Chief Fun Officer at Licker Board. He also addresses himself as a public speaker, ocean activist, and athlete.

Though he is a teenager, he gave a TEDx Talk, talked to undergraduates at USC Marshall School of Business, Chapman University, and shared his tale at Impact 18 in Las Vegas.

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Is the Locker Board still in business?

Yes, the Locker Board is still active in the business. The products of Locker Board are available on the official website of Locker Board. You may also get them on Amazon as well as from several retailers in South California.

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Where is the Locker Board today in 2023?

The deal with Richard Branson did not become successful. But the Locker board now made a licensing deal with Wham-O who made the slip and slide.

Kropfl began this company in 2016  when he was only 11 years old. He managed to license his Locker Board to Wham-O in 2020 for his unusual, rectangular-shaped sustainable skateboard that accommodates in a standard-size locker or bag.

The company became very popular after appearing in the most important publications and media given below:

  • Inc.
  • Huff post
  • Virgin
  • BuzzFeed
  • Harry
  • KTLA5
  • GrindTV
  • Braille Skateboarding

Wham-o rebranded the skateboard as “Wheelz Locker Board. The skateboards were available in three variations: Grind Skateboard, Cruz Skateboard, and From Skateboard.

To reduce costs and increase the manufacturing speed, Locker Boards are now made of maple wood. Locker Board has grown 300% since appearing on the Shark Tank. Now, you can purchase a Locker Board directly from the website, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and two local California stores.

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What are the advantages of a Locker Board?

The advantages of the Locker Board are as follows:

  • The skateboards can be easily accommodated in lockers and bags.
  • The skateboards are made solid and durable.
  • The skateboards are made up of sustainable materials and practices.

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What are the disadvantages of the Locker Board?

The disadvantages of the Locker Board are as follows:

  • The trucks of the locker board are quite right when it is new.
  • There is no prominent tail or nose in the Locker Board.

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Who are the competitors of Locker Board?

There are a lot of competitors of Locker Board. Penny Board is the most significant competitor of Locker Board.

Final Opinion

Locker Board was featured on Shark Tank on 1st October 2017. As of 2923, the company has a net worth of $945,000. After appearing on Shark Tank, Locker Board has experienced incredible growth and success.

The company has managed to secure more funding and partnerships which helped them to reach a net worth of $945,000.

Shark Tank is a popular show where aspiring businessmen represent their business ideas in front of a group of successful investors termed Sharks. 

With the help of Shark Tank, Locker Board was able to reach the top of success. Though the deal the founder received from the shark Richard Branson was not fruitful, the company has set a good impression on us.

Those who are young skateboarders will love this product. Though the product is small and portable, that does not mean that the founder has compromised the quality and durability of the product. Though the deal on Shark Tank was not successful for Locker Board it has managed to become successful without losing hope.


Are there any alternatives to the Locker Board?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Locker Board available on the market. The most popular one is the Kryptonics Stubby board which is quite identical to Locker Boards. But this is a couple of inches longer than the Locker Board.

What is the Locker Board’s Net Worth?

As per the reports, Carson Kropfl’s net worth is $325,000. Locker Board’s net worth in 2022 is nearly $600,000. But we have no idea about how much the locker board is worth now as any recent information is not available about the current Locker Board’s net worth.

Did the Locker Board manage to get a deal from the Sharks?

The founder came up on Shark Tank along with his mother intending to get an investment of $60,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in his company. Richard Branson was ready to invest $65,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.
On the other hand, Mark Cuban was ready to invest $60,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. Carson Kropfl accented the proposal of Richard Branson.

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