Melni Connectors NetWorth After Shark Tank

Melni Connectors NetWorth After Shark Tank


It is never too late to begin something new. We have heard this often but the founder of Melni Connectors has proved it. The company started its journey in 2007 and received patents in 2010.

That is why the founders took so much time to come to the business. The idea behind Melni connectors has come up from the brain of Melni.

Melni connectors are electrical connectors that can be used to attach two pieces of metal.  This makes the electrical work easy and eliminates the risk of electrical fires.

There are two parts in the Melni Connectors system: the connector and the sleeve. The connector is a conductive material that helps to create a secure connection between two pieces of metal. The sleeve is prepared by using an insulating material that helps to safeguard the connection from electrical shorts.

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What is Melni Connectors?

Melni connector is a brand new unique electrical connector that is introduced particularly for splicing secondary electrical lines in direct burial and submersible applications.

For splices, they have changed the game with their novel approach. The product has acquired the Product of the Year award. The device makes the process faster, safer, and easier and you will not require to use any expensive specialized gear to use this.

You just have to strip the two ends of the wire that you want to join before inserting the Melni Connector. Then you need to pilot the stripped ends into the side of the connector.  To seal it environmentally you have to tighten the sealing caps manually after ratcheting down the connector to secure it.

The wire will then be completely connected and you will be able to bury or submerge it in the same way just like a conventional connection does. You will not make it simple.

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How does Melni Connector work?

If you want to use the connectors you have to strip the insulation off the wires that you wish to connect,  then you need to slide the connector over the wire, and then you need to screw the sleeve onto the connector.  In this way, you will be able to create a secure and safe connection that has a rare chance to create an electrical fire.

The Melni Connectors system is UL-listed and independent labs have tested the system to ensure the rigorous safety criteria. The connectors come up with a lifetime warranty. So, you do not need to worry about their longevity. 

In case you are trying to find a safe and convenient way to connect electrical sites you should choose Melni Connectors without a second thought.

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Who are the inventors of Melni Connectors?

Mark Melni is the inventor of the Melni Connector. He was the owner of a family-owned electrical firm. So, it is quite natural that he was surrounded by electrical applications continuously since his birth.

That is why he wanted to make something unique. Melni was deeply inspired by the consumer difficulties as well as an old childhood toy after seeing that a lot of consumers are coming to the firm to get assistance with their broken wiring.

The founder designed the Melni connectors after getting inspired by the Chinese Finger Trap. Chinese Finger Trap is nothing but a tubular piece of material from which you will not be able to escape by pulling your fingers apart.

The first product of Melni was launched in 2007. He made a completely new form of electrical connection that compressed as it was pushed apart. Melni got a patent for his creation in 2010 after getting assessed by Underwriters Laboratories and passing with flying colours.

Melni started to produce his device soon after getting his patent. In brief, he started to create the Melni Connectors Company officially. 

Mark grouped with his close friends Armand Eckert and Byron Dunn to start the company but their cooperation was not sufficient to push the company.

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What Occurred to Melni Connectors Before Shark Tank?

Mark Melni owns a family-run electric shop. He is a man with a vision and an inspirational mind. He was encircled by electrical applications since his childhood. Hence he wanted to create something revolutionary. As soon as he witnesses a lot of consumers coming to the shop to repair their broken wires Melni gets inspired by the consumer problems and an old childhood toy.

Melni first created his product in 2007. He manufactured a creative piece of electrical connector that only got sealed when someone tried to pull it apart. Melni got a patent for his product in 2010 after being assessed at Underwriters Labs where it qualified with remarkable scores.

As soon as he received his patent he started to produce his product officially introducing the Melni Connectors company. Mark then made his close friends Armand Eckert and Bryon Dunn his partners who would help him to get the business off the ground.

But he soon realized that their assistance was not adequate to give their company the required growth. Hence the three friends decided to appear on Shark Tank together to get some financial help from the sharks as they were utterly in need of money to run their business smoothly.

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What Occurred to Melni Connectors on Shark Tank?

Mark, Byron, and Armand came up on the popular television show Shark Tank season 6 episode 25 to pitch their product. They appealed to the sharks to invest a sum of $500,000 in their business in return for a 5% stake in Melni Connectors.

Byron describes the present way of crimping an electrical connection with which you may do the task within a few minutes and it is difficult to do. But with Melni connectors you may do the task within only 10 seconds.

Robert Herjavec asks them about the safety of the electrical connector and Melni replies that it is safer and more time-efficient.

To manufacture every unit of the shown size of connection it requires $15 but the retail price of each unit is $39. The founders disclosed that Irrigation Components International has placed an order of $585,000 with them. After hearing about that single transaction Kevin thought the valuation was excessive.

Armand shared with the sharks that their company provides a wide range of products. But as a lineman, he has financed $50,000 based on the quality of the connector.

Kevin thought that they had a better mousetrap. He thinks that the company has a plan and strategy. But he withdrew himself.  The founders are expecting to generate $6 million in sales in the following year.

Barbara Cocoran remarked that when you are coming up on Shark Tank she always prefers to purchase what you are selling right now but ignores to emphasize that the product is suitable for different industries and purposes. She then withdrew herself.

According to Lori Grenier, it is a superior mouse trap but it will be very tough to bring it to market and sell it. Lori Grenieer then leaves the deal.

Robert was quite impressed with the product but he was not satisfied with the lack of focus of the founders. That is why he also withdrew himself.

Mark Cuban has no idea or skill in this area but he expressed his interest in the company. Mark then proposed the inventors invest $500,000 in their business in exchange for a 12% share in the company.

Though Melni hesitated to accept the deal at first but after talking with his business partners he finally signed the deal.

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What Happened To Melni Connectors After Shark Tank?

The founders of Melni Connectors secured a deal for their company from Mark Cuban. The firm had to work hard from the very beginning to acquire an Underwriters Laboratory listing and seven international patents. Mark Cuban and a large electrical supply supplier gave $1 million individually.

The company started to ship its products in early 2018. Because of the seven patents on his connections, Mark implied on the Melni shark tank update that it takes three years to start selling. He wished to make sure that everything was in order before taking any inspections or getting any certificates.

Melni Splice Connector got UL certification on 27th December 2017. The company is still delivering its products as of December 2021. Melni Connectors’ revenue is nearly $3 million.

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Melni Connectors Shark Tank Update

Melni Connectors is a firm that was featured on Shark Tank season 6. The founders represented their revolutionary electrical connector that is capable enough to eliminate the requirement for crimping and soldering at the time of connecting wires. The device can save up to 51% of the time it consumes to connect wires with the help of conventional methods.

The founders got an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 12% share in their business from Mark Cuban. After coming up on Shark Tank, the company has strived a lot to acquire an Underwriter Laboratory listing and seven international patents for the business.

Melni Connectors has got more investments from Mark Cuban and electrical connector distributor Remke. The company has appointed more than 30 sales agents in the market who sell to wholesale electric supply distributors all over the USA. Melni Connectors has recently shipped its first order.

We have come to know from another Melni connector update in 2023 that after the investment of Mark, the company was able to produce more electrical connectors. As per the update we have also come to know that the company is still in business and has introduced a website from where you will be able to buy the products of the company.

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Is Melni Connector still active in the business?

Yes, Meli Connectors is still active in the business. The company was represented on Shark Tank and since then it is constantly operating its business. The company manufactures the products so that people may easily and quickly connect electrical wires.

The products of the company are available online. You may also buy them from select retail stores. The headquarters of Melni Connectors is located in the United States.

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Melni Connector reviews

The Melni connectors were introduced so that people may easily and quickly connect and disconnect electrical wires.

We have listed here some pros and cons of the product.

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What are the pros of Melni Connectors?

  • It will help you to save a lot of time working with electrical wiring.
  • The connectors are comparatively safer than conventional ways of connecting electrical wires.
  • You will be able to easily use these connectors. So, you do not need to appoint an experienced electrician to install them.

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What are the cons of Melni Connectors?

  • There are a few people who do not want to purchase new connectors if they like to utilize this system.
  • You may have to purchase some more tools to install the Melni connectors properly.

Considering the pros and cons of Melni connectors we may say that the pros outweigh the cons. So, in case you are looking for a quick and easy way to connect electrical wires it will be worth it if you consider Melni connectors.

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What can use Melni Connectors?

Melni connector Shark Tank is suitable for use in electrical and plumbing applications. You may use these connectors for both indoor and outdoor work as they are durable and weatherproof.

The outstanding design of the connectors enables them to be utilized with a variety of sizes and types of pipes. That is why it is supposed to be perfect for a variety of projects.

You may choose Melni Connectors for any work no matter whether you want to connect two pieces of equipment or simply require a quick and easy way to connect two pipes.

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Are there any alternatives to Melni connectors?

If you go to the market to buy a reliable electrical connector you might be thinking whether there are any alternatives available to Melni connectors.

Melni is no doubt one of the most famous companies available in the market but there are other alternatives available that may fulfill your requirements better. Some of the top alternatives to Melni connectors are as follows:

  • Leviton
  • Panduit
  • Amp/Tyco
  • Cinch Connectors
  • Molex

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Melni Shark Tank’s net worth

Melni Shark Tank's net worth

Mark, Byron, and Armand came up on Shark Tank season 6 episode 25 intending to get an investment of $50,000 in return for a 5% share in their business. After accepting the offer of Mark Cuban the company, Melni Connectors net worth reached $4.1 million.


Melni Connectors has had huge success in the electrical connector market along with a strong reputation for innovation. But the company has not a clear game plan for development. Moreover, it lacks guidance. The electrical connector industry is assessed at more than $50 billion all over the world. Melni will become a profitable company by the end of 2021. We hope that the company will reach the top of success in the upcoming days. We are eagerly waiting to see this.


Are Melni connectors resistant to water?

Yes, the Melni Connectors are resistant to water. It has sealing covers that compress a neoprene bushing around the cable and seal the connection completely.

Where are Melni Connectors located?

The Melni Connectors company is located in Boise, Idaho.

What is the Melni Connectors industry?

Melni connectors are popular for producing electrical equipment and components.

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