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Minus Cal Protein Bar Net Worth After Shark Tank


Is the Minus Cal protein bar a good supplement?

There are a lot of shiny products that help with weight loss, and the Minus Cal Bar is another addition. This is a fat-blocking protein bar that helps block fat with the help of choleve components. Choleve is a dietary supplement that helps replace fat from food ingredients.

The secret ingredient used in MinusCal is the Choleve supplement, which is a proprietary all-natural blend originating from fermented tea. For making minus cal bars, a variety of fruits are also used, along with Choleve extract. According to the company, these Minus cal protein bars are fully safe for health and they are very tasty too.

Choleve was generally created for those people who have low cholesterol but as per some Choleve study reports, it was found that it helps to lose weight.  That is why a lot of protein bar firms are using Choleve as a weight loss component.

This protein bar was introduced in 2017 by Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael. They only aimed to block the fat of the customer with the help of their protein bars so that they could lose weight.

As per the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of 2015-2016, about 93.3 million grown-ups in the United States were obese. They also found that nearly 49% of grown-ups over the age of 20 are struggling against obesity in America.

The founders of MinusCal, Jacquest, and Carmichael took part in Shark Tank season 11 Episode 1 and appealed to the sharks for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 20% share in their MinusCal company which was valued at nearly $2.5 million.

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What Is MinusCal?

MinusCal is a fat-blocking protein bar that is produced by using Choleve and different food ingredients. The top secret component of this protein bat is Choleve which helps to absorb fat from foods and helps people in losing their weight.

MinusCal company offers science-based snack bars and diet tablets that may help to block fat to lose weight. According to the company, if someone takes this protein bar for 8 weeks and maintains a diet, and does some exercises he will be able to reduce weight by 1-7 pounds.

Who Is The Founder Of MinusCal?

MinusCal company was set up by Barrett Jacques and from Charmichael. The co-founders introduced this official supplement bar firm in 2017.

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Barrett Jacques

Barrett Jacques serves the role of the vice President in the firm. He worked as a recording artist for two years at Sony Music Entertainment. He also served as the director of Business Development for a lot of years at Nashai Biotech and Metaphy Health.

Crom Carmichael

Charmichael began his career as a columnist for the Nashville Tennessean. After that, he served as a business and political commentator for WLAC-AM and WSMV-TV. When he retired from his media career, he served as an angel investor.

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How was MinusCal founded?

While Barrett was trying to expand his investment portfolio he felt that he may earn profit through a healthy protein bar business. At the time of creating his product, he found Choleve which is a component originating from green tea.

He and Crom started to take out Choleve green tea and boosted the attention by 20 times. If you do not do it you have to drink gallons of green tea to receive the health advantages from Choleve.

They started the business in 2017 and according to the founders, the supplement is capable enough to keep the small intestine away from taking in fat.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of MinusCal?

The founders of MinusCal, Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael appeared on Shark Tank and appealed to the sharks for an investment of $500k in exchange for a 20% share in the business. They represented their Minus Cal product very well in front of the Sharks so that they could easily impress the sharks and secure a deal for their company.

They represented two men and displayed one as Choleve and another one as Fat and gave a comic demo session on how Choleve may block fat. Carmichael depicted that Choleve is not a chemical. Rather, it is a natural mixture derived from fermented tea.

You may reduce your cholesterol by taking only two pills before meals. According to Robert Herjavec, the taste of the protein bar is not at all good. Carmichael depicted that the product is natural. According to Mark Cuban, it does not make the product secure.

Mark Cuban asked if they are saying that by having two pills a person will be able to reduce 100 calories. Jacques instantly replied that they were not at all saying this. But Mark again said that their T-shirt is telling minus– Cal. 

Daniel Lubetzky asked them about their strategy. In the meantime, Mark leaped and said minus call is their strategy. According to Mark Cuban, they did not invent the product, they only gave it a name.

Mark told Robert that he was going to invest in air. Carmichael replied to Mark that it was not air. But Mark stuck to his point. Charmichael said to Mark if he doesn’t want to invest in their business it is fine but what he is saying is completely wrong.

Daniel Lubetzky remarked that he liked to have real things and hence he left the show. According to Kevin O’Leary being a start-up business, the founders were asking very much and then he went out.

Lori Grainer remarked that age did not have any idea about Choleve. That is why she left the show. Robert Herjavec remarked that he was discouraged and did not have any idea about their business. That is why he also left the show.

 Mark Cuban recommended that people not purchase this product. Then he left the show. At last, the founders were not able to secure any deal from the sharks on Shark Tank.

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What Happened To MinusCal After Shark Tank?

What Happened To MinusCal After Shark Tank

Do you want to know what happened to minus cal after Shark Tank? Mark Cuban excessively criticized MinusCal on Shark Tank. What he did was very wrong as Mark Cuban began to criticize before the founders had finished their pitch.

In the end, Mark Cuban also recommended all the viewers who are watching the Minus Cal Shark Tank episode not to purchase this choleve weight loss product. As soon as the minus cal shark tank episode got aired a lot of people applauded Robert and Kevin and criticized the behavior of Mark Cuban.

As per the LinkedIn profile of Barrett Jacques, the company has ceased all its operations since 2019. Jacques joined MetaPhy Health as Director of Business Development after leaving the firm. He also resigned from this job in 2022.

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MinusCal Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Minus Cal was criticized by Mark Cuban before the founders finished their pitch. None of the sharks agreed to invest in the  Protein Bar Company.

Minus Cal after Shark Tank ceased all its operations by the end of 2019. Currently, the Minus cal website minuscal.com is not active.

What Is the Net Worth of MinusCal?

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Minus Cal’s worth was $2.5 million. However, the founders have not disclosed any revenue figures. In Shark Tank, the company was represented as a scam and a lot of people criticized the minus cal scam after Shark Tank.

A lot of scam companies have appeared on Shark Tank till now. Here is a short detail of the net worth of MilusCal:

  • As of 2019, Minus Cal’s net worth was $40,000.
  • As of 2020, Minus Cal Bars’ net worth is $15,000.
  • As of 2021, Minus Cal Bar’s net worth is $11,000.
  • Minus cal net worth 2022 is $9,000.

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 Minus Cal Reviews

Barrett and Crom created an unusual snack bar called MinusCal. It helps people to enhance their weight loss efforts. MinusCal, a fat-blocking protein bar, and supplement was produced by using Choleve. According to the founders, Choleve is a special mixture of fermented tea extract that helps to block the absorption of fat in the small intestine.

Choleve is a mix that prevails naturally in any kind of tea. The naturally prevailing quantity of the ingredient in the tea is so tiny that it does not have any impact on the body. But in the MinusCal protein bar, the ingredient is present in a good amount that he’s to enhances its necessary advantages.

Choleve was generally used as a component for blocking LDL cholesterol. But it has been found that the product is capable enough to reduce bad cholesterol levels and the scientific investigation revealed that the component can lose weight.

According to MinusCal, they can show how effective their product is by representing the research as proof. They made a comparison between the MinusCal and prescription fat-blocking products that are available in the market.

Prescription fat-blocking materials may indeed decrease fat absorption very effectively by 25% but they have a few side effects. According to Barrett and Crom, the MinusCal may decrease fat absorption by 12% but it has no side effects as they are sourced naturally.

If you eat minus cal you will surely feel full. We do not know whether it helps to reduce fat absorption or not but it is sure that it will help you to decrease your intake of food by controlling your hunger. Along with having this supplement, you have to do some exercises and maintain a healthy diet routine.

However, most customers have given negative reviews about MinusCal. Two consumers from Utah purchased the product and they complained that after having this supplement they are having stomach pain and nausea. A consumer from Florida companies that he had to get admitted to a hospital after having it.

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What are the advantages of a minus Cal protein bar?

The advantages of the Minus Cal protein bar are as follows:

  • It helps to lose weight by obstructing fat absorption.
  • The product contains an unusual Choleve compound.
  • There are no inorganic components in the product for improving weight loss.
  • The product helps you lose weight but it has no side effects.

What are the disadvantages of minus-cal protein bars?

The disadvantages of minus Cal protein bar are as follows:

  • It is a sketchy product.
  • It is not completely useful independently.
  • The marketing and presentation of the product do not match.
  • This is an overpriced product.

Who can use minus cal?

People who want to reduce some additional pounds may use minus cal. The snack bar is a fat-blocking element. Moreover, it is also a supplement of protein that is useful for the body.

People who love adventures and like to try anything to improve their weight loss endeavors may choose this product to check whether it is working for them or not.

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Are there any alternatives?

There are a lot of products available in the market that help to reduce weight. But there are no snack bars available in the market like Minus Cal that have fat-blocking capacities.

There are prescription weight loss pills that help to decrease fat absorption. Moreover, several products contain low carbs low sugar, and healthy proteins like the Epic Turkey Almond Cranberry Bars and the Quest Protein Bars.

Such products have low calories and low fat. But we do not call them weight loss products.

Is Minus Cal still a business?

No, Minus Cal is not in business at this time. The company has been out of business since 2019. The founder of the company has shifted to other projects.

The two founders and five employees handled the business. The company was based in the Greater Nashville region in Tennessee.

Who are the competitors of Minus Cal bars?

Minus Cal bars have a lot of competitors in the market. Some of them are Built Bar and Premier Protein.

Choleve: What is it?

The producers declare that Choleve is a personalized mixture of fermented tea extract. It helps to prevent fat absorption in the small intestine.

Final opinion

A lot of products appear on Shark Tank. A few products manage to be successful and a few fail. The founders failed to convince the Shark Tank investors as they did not find the product capable enough to become successful in the market.

But we have to keep in mind that failure helps us to learn. It is true that MinusCal has not been successful and is out of business now and we have come to know a lot of things from the shark tank experience of the company. The company failed because its bars were not reliable. But it has given us a good lesson.


How is Minus Cal doing from Shark Tank?

Minus Cal failed to secure a deal from the sharks on Shark Tank. The company can generate less than $2,000 in revenue per year.

Is minus Cal legit?

No, minus Cal is not legit. The consumers claim that the product is not effective for weight loss.

What is the valuation of Minus Cal?

The valuation of Minus Cal is $5,000. But now the business is out of business. The company has shut down its business since 2019.

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