Mo's Bows NetWorth

Mo’s Bows NetWorth After Shark Tank


Mo’s Bows was featured on Shark Tank America in April 2014. Moziah Bridges, who was only 12 years old and sold hand-stitched bow ties known as Mo’s Bows took part in Shark Tank.

Mo’s Bows is nothing but a bow tie company that was set up by Moziah Bridges and his family in Memphis, Tennessee. He served Daymond, a designer he preferred.

He learned from his grandmother how to sew ties as he liked to look beautiful wherever he went. Unlike Mo, everyone wished to have bow ties. Mo due to his passion for fashion started his own bow tie company. He has obtained great attention along with The Steve Harley Show, Oprah Magazine, and Forbes.

Mo managed to get his products in a lot of retail shops in Memphis and then he started to sell his products online. Mo was looking for a manufacturer who would assist him in growing his business. He was a great fan of Daymond John. That is why he took part in Shark Tank season 5.

As of 2023, Mo’s Bows’ net worth is about $2 million. As soon as they appeared on Shark Tank, Mo’s Bows grew incredibly and became very successful. The company got additional investment and alliances for which their net worth reached $2 million. 

Let’s find out how Mo’s Bows became so successful.

What are Mo’s Bows?

What are Mo's Bows

Those who are a tuxedo-clad James Bond or a nerdy academic like Sheldon Cooper do not need to wear bow ties. Bow ties made a comeback with Mo’s Bows.

Mo’s Bows brought the classic now tied to the fashion world. The company has proved that they are not only for goofy academics like Sheldon Cooper and Suave tuxedo-clad James Bond.

The company makes stunning bow ties and ties, handkerchiefs, and many more accessories for any wardrobe of a contemporary gentleman.

The outcome is that their product line has advantages for everyone from stylish hipsters to influential business managers.

Who is the founder of Mo’s Bows?

Moziah Bridges set up Mo’s Bows while he was pursuing his elementary education in 2011.

Mo becomes an active member of the business. His mother as well as mentors guided him. He aims to expand his product line and develop talents related to apparel in the future at the time of college.

He also wants to take part in an upcoming fashion designer competition in 2021 to show his skills. He learned from his grandmother how to grow vegetables, but he was able to make his business successful due to the outstanding styling sense of his father too. That is why he was able to set up his company when he was only nine years old.

He found a new bow tie with a beautiful pattern while online shopping. This made him take a few of his grandmother’s fabric and produce his own.

He started to sell them to the members of his neighborhood soon after that and his business prospered. He started to sell them for $40 to $50 on Etsy which is an e-commerce platform where handcrafted products are sold and he got a lot of orders quickly.

The young boys got more exposed as soon as they were featured on TV, in news articles, and in magazines. Mo’s bows owner also managed to grab the attention of the Shark Tank producers.

What occurred to Mo’s Bows before Shark Tank?

Mo’s Bows was set up by Moziah Bridges. Mo’s Bows is a bow tie company that the founder started to operate with the help of his family when he was a young businessman in Memphis.

Moziah Bridges came up with the idea of creating a bow-tie business as soon as he learned from his grandmother how to sew. He always wanted to look his best. That is why he learned the art of sewing.

Mo’s passion for fashion led him to transform his original bow tie business into a thriving business when he appeared on Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Steve Harlry.

Mo managed to sell his products in the retail stores of Memphis when he was only ten years old.

Mo wanted to take part in Shark Tank season 5 because he was a great fan of Daymond John and also he was looking for a manufacturer who would help him grow his business.

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How was the Mo’s Bows Shark Tank pitch?

Mo appeared on Shark Tank along with his mother intending to get an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 20% share in the company. After that, he started to depict how the company started to run.

Tramica said before providing samples that the sharks are now only funding the bow ties but also their prospects as Mo has made a lot of people impressed.

According to Barbara, Mo was fascinated and after that, she asked whether the products were for sale. Mo and his grandmother managed to make 2,000 bows. They are all handcrafted. They managed to sell them and earned $55000 in total sales. Mo also said that his products were sold in eleven different stores.

Daymond also became captivated after hearing the figures as he supported Mo. Mo says that it requires $5 to $10 to make a bow tie and the retail price of the bow ties is nearly $45 to $55.

Barbara then asked Mo from where he got the inspiration for making bow ties and he answered that he was very style-conscious while he dressed up and also his family motivated him to open the business.

As soon as Barbara clarified Daymond John standing next to his mother, she thought that he had seen them together. Daymond congratulated Mo on his success and also added that he began his business at a very young age.

Daymond wanted to know how the money would be spent. Tramica answered that it would go to a manufacturer. A lot of stores are waiting and they are expecting growth as they reach out to other retailers.

Mark protected Mo, saying that it is very important to raise pieces when there is a lot of supply demand. But Kevin companies about the high price tag first.

As soon as Mo and Tramica understood that Robert had purchased the manufacturing they promised him that her grandma would be pleased if he sacked her as long as the company prospered.

Daymond asked Mo about his plans for the company. Mo said that he is planning to begin a clothing line as soon as he turns 20. Daymond inquired why he needed investors. Mo said that his business is going to become the next great thing.

Though Mark was happy with Mo he was unable to help him out with his outfit and hence he left the show.

Robert said that he was not the perfect match. Kevin wanted to give a proposal as a royalty arrangement due to his heavy profits. Kevin decided to give Mo and Tramica $50,000 in return for selling ties for $3 each.

Barbara arrived at the meeting and remarked that the company did not require an investor and it was capable enough to grow without the help of an investor. That is why she went out.

Daymond was the last shark and everyone was looking to hear his thoughts. Daymond refused a $10,000 proposal for 40% of his business in 1989. The valuation of that 40% would be $40 million in ten years from now. That is why he chose not to take an investor but he voluntarily became the mentor of Mo.

Kevin said that he wanted to give a check. Daymond told him he would be grateful for him being a mentor of Mo if Mo acknowledged his proposal to Kevin.

Mo and Tramica rejected Kevin’s proposal. They agreed to make Daymond a mentor to assist the company improve. Finally, Mo went out of the Shark tank stage without getting any deal from the sharks.

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What occurred to Mo’s Bows after Shark Tank?

Mo became famous as soon as he appeared on Shark Tank and became a star in his hometown. Daymond kept his promise and became his mentor of Mo. Mo managed to make over $100,000 in sales.

Daymond introduced Ribert Stewart who is a famous tie producer in the United States with Mo. Neiman Marcas had tried Mo’s Bows in several places. In case they manage to do well, Mo may become more successful. You may also buy regular ties which are now easily available from Moe.

The NBA signed a seven-figure license agreement with Mo in July 2017 for one year. Mo receives another update section in the 1206th episode of Season 12. The new update featured Mikaila Ulmer of Bee Sweet Lemonade and Daymond, Mo.

Daymond wonders at how fast they have thrived and how prosperous they have been in business. He broadened his product line to add face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Mo’s Bows is still actively doing business. Mo’s Bows’ net worth in 2022 is over $2 million.

Who invested in Mo’s Bows on Shark Tank?

Kevin decided to give Mo and Tramica $50,000 in return for selling ties for $3 each. However, the founder of the company rejected the deal. They only made  Daymond the mentor of the company.

Mo’s Bows Shark Tank Update

The popularity of the founder,r Mo as well as his company Mo’s Bows grew incredibly as soon as they appeared on Shark Tank.

Mo was able to find a manufacturer with the help of Daymond. He appointed the manufacturer to handle his sales growth due to the effect of the Shark Tank.

Robert Stewart Inc. produced the ties with his hand in the United States for more than a century. Mo wanted his goods to be manufactured by hand. So, it was a perfect match for him. Moreover, Mo successfully put his bows through their paces at the upscale department store Neiman Marcus.

From then on, Mo has developed his product line to add pocket squares. After appearing on Shark Tank, Mo’s Bows revenue became more than $200,000 in sales.

After the Shark Tank update, the polarity of Mo’s Bows grew incredibly. The products of Mo’s Bows are now available in various states, the Bahamas, and Canada.

Mo’s Bows was featured by a lot of media outlets due to their dedication of Mo to helping people. The bow Mo gave to the new draft photos for the 2015 NBA draft was amazing. Time Magazine entitled Mo as one of the 30 most significant teenagers in current writing.

According to a motivational speaker, Mo will introduce his fashion line at 20 and is going to be the next great thing in the entire industry with his confidence and devotion.

Is Mo’s Bows still in business?

Yes, Mo’s Bows is still in business and doing very well now. Mo became a millionaire in his twenties. He is now thinking about attending college to study fashion.

You can buy the handcrafted products of Mo’s Bows from Amazon as well as their online official website. Mo’s mother is the CEO of the company. The company now has six full-time workers.

The NBA entitled Mo as a fashion consultant in 2015 and he does not have the full authority of using the logos of the league on his clothing collection.

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How are Mo’s bows doing?

After Shark Tank, Mo’s Bows is doing very well now. Mo’s bows today have reached the top of success. Everything has become possible only because of the enthusiasm and dedication of the founder of the company, Mo

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What is the net worth of Mo’s Bow?

Mo’s Bows’ value was $250,000 when it took part in Shark Tank. Now as of 2022, Mo’s Bow Ties’ net worth is more than $2 million.

What is Mo’s Bows owner’s net worth?

As of 2023, the founder of Mo’s Bows, Moziah Bridges net worth is about $5 million.

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When was Mo’s Bows founded?

Moziah Bridge, a nine-year-old boy, founded Mo’s Bows in 2011.

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What is Mo’s Bow’s annual revenue?

Mo’s Bows’ annual revenue is nearly $5 million.

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From the start of Mo’s Bows on Shark Tank to their present status as a prospering business, the company has confirmed that everything is possible if you apply a proper idea and execute it properly. We are eagerly waiting to see the future of Mo’s bows and its ceaseless success.


Who are the competitors of Mo’s Bows?

There are several competitors of Mo’s Bows. Some of them are as follows:
Trnava & Company
Maggie’s Farm
Eim Investments Co.
Desirables Lingerie and Accessories LLC.

What type of material is used to make a bow tie?

One may use any kind of fabric to make a bow tie. But most bow ties are made up of silk, cotton, polyester, or a mixture of fibers.

Did Daymond help Moziah with his bow?

Moziah appeared on Shark Tank season 6 along with his mother, Tramica where Daymond gave him an offer of being a mentor of Mo at the age of 20.
With the direction of Daymond, large shops like Neiman Marca and Bloomingdales took up Mo’s Bows soon after the Shark Tank show.

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