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Peekaboo Ice Cream NetWorth After Shark Tank


Peekaboo is an organic ice cream company that produces ice creams by using the best quality healthy vegetables.

The founder of Peekaboo Ice Cream, Jessica Weiss Levison, came up on Shark Tank season 12 episode 8 and appealed to the sharks for an investment of  $800,000 in exchange for an 8% equity.

We know that ice cream is such a thing that is liked by every person. You will rarely find a person who does not like to have ice cream. It is true that in normal ice creams up to 50% sugar. But there are a lot of ice cream companies that produce sugar-free ice creams.

We may have ice cream on any day no matter what the season is. Ice cream is our all-time favorite be it summer, winter, or monsoon.

After studying this industry thoroughly, we will find that the global market value of this industry was $71.52 billion as of 2021. The experts have calculated that the value of this industry may reach $104.96 billion by 2029.

Ice cream is made up of various flavors and elements because the taste of the people is not the same with each other. The vegetable ice cream is produced by using only vegetables and sugar is added to it to make it sweet.

Peekaboo ice cream is also produced by using a vegetable. As per Linkedin, Jessica relaunched this vegetable ice cream officially in 2019.

In this article, we are going to learn everything we should know about Peekaboo organic ice cream.

What is Peekaboo Ice Cream?

Jessica Levison created Peekaboo Ice Cream. She was one of the four finalists for the Real California Milk Snake Accelerator competition. Before setting up this company, she worked as a lawyer for Legal Aid Services. She received an invitation from the Shark Tank producers at the open casting call.

Peek-a-boo Ice Cream is a high-quality organic ice cream from the food and beverages manufacturing industry that is filled with hidden vegetables. The base of the Peekaboo organic ice cream is in Miami Beach and from there it began.

We all know that every child loves to eat ice cream because normal ice creams are not good for health. They cause a lot of illnesses and they are made by using artificial ingredients.

So, most of the parents do not want to buy their kids ice creams but the children always insist their parents buy them ice creams.

To settle this issue Peekaboo Ice Cream has launched Nutritious Veggies Ice Cream which is filled with conventional ingredients. Children do not like to eat broccoli but in case the same thing occurs with ice cream they will love it.

This vegetable ice cream is produced from Gmo. To make this ice cream gluten-free and organic California cow’s milk has been used.

There are some hidden vegetables of every flavor in this ice cream such as Vanilla with Hidden Zucchini, Mint Chip with Hidden Spinach, Strawberry with Hidden Carrot, Cotton Candy with Hidden Beet, Unicorn with Hidden Zucchini, Chocolate with Hidden Cauliflower, Cookie Dough with Hidden Zucchini, Mango sorbet with hidden squash and Strawberry sorbet with hidden tomato.

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How was the Peekaboo Ice Cream Company created?

The founder of Peekaboo Ice Cream Jessica Weiss Levison has three children. She came up with the idea for this business when she was concerned about whether her kids were consuming the proper amount of nutrients.

She was looking for ways to attain all that without creating any debate. Jessica was aware of the fact that every child loves to have ice cream and she then got an outstanding business idea and scope instantly that can make her successful. In this way, the Peekaboo Ice Cream company started its journey.

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Who Is The Inventor Of Peekaboo Ice Cream?

Peek-a-boo Ice Cream is a super-quality ice cream company that makes ice creams by using organic vegetables. Jessica Weiss Levison set up this company. She is also the CEO of this company.

Jessica loves to eat ice cream. She likes to have ice cream in her everyday life. But she was concerned that if we have ice creams daily it may cause various diseases.

Jessica completed her graduation in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and completed her JD from New York School in 2005.

She shared her career as a staff lawyer in the Aid Service of Broward County. After that, she was appointed as a contract lawyer at Beloff, Parker, and Jacobs for one year. She has been operating the Florida Base Serendipity Creamery Company for 14 years.

Jessica chose to start a full-time ice cream business as she loved ice creams. After starting her ice cream business she developed this business very well by using her idea and putting in a lot of effort.

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What Occurred to Peekaboo Ice Cream Before Shark Tank?

Parents are worried about their kids. They always want to give their children a healthy diet. Jessica had chosen to make an organic and delicious ice cream business so that children do not face any kind of health problems.

It is essential to add vegetable ingredients to the ice creams to make them good. She followed the Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State.

She pursued science and technology so that she may be a significant part of producing ice cream.

Jessica not only loved ice cream but also liked to experiment with the flavors of ice cream. With the help of this experiment, she managed to make various flavors of ice cream by using various kinds of vegetables.

Peek-a-boo Organics does not say that it is unable to replace the quality of vegetables with this ice cream. The peekaboo cup has a premium quality design and it looks beautiful. The consumer purchases this cream by getting attracted to the design of the cup only.

Peek-a-boo ice cream stores are located in various states of America along with Safeway, Whole Foods, Kroger, and so on. You may also buy Peekaboo online from Amazon.

The new variant vegan ice cream option was launched in 2020. As soon as the company started its journey, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and hence they faced a lot of problems at the beginning.

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What happened to  Peekaboo on Shark Tank?

The founder of Peekaboo Ice Cream, Jessica Weiss Levison gave an outstanding presentation on Shark Tank which is also liked by Sahar. Jessica appealed to the sharks for an investment of $800,000 in return for an 8% share in her business.

Peek a boo ice cream shark tank episode took place in Season 11 2018 and it was launched in Season 12 on 12th November 2020.

The Peekaboo Ice Cream became available in 900 stores all over the United States in 2020. Jessica thought that after 2020 she would be able to make this product available in nearly 3000 stores.

The company managed to generate $450,000 in sales within one year from the day it started.  The founder declared that she would be as to generate $2.6 million in sales by the end of 2018.

The ice cream is available in Safeway, Whole Foods, ShopRite, and Weis Markets. Most people generally are attracted to these places.

Mark asked Jessica how much she managed to rise. Jessica replied that she managed to raise $1.2 million in the initial round of 2018. It brought up this amount at a $5 million cap valuation.

The founder was able to generate a total of $5 million in sales from 2018 till date. After hearing Jessica’s presentation and comprehending her plan for the future, Barbara Cocoran decided that she would not invest in the business.

According to Kevin O’Leary when the founder reaches $50 million, the ice cream space will be small for the founder and the big players will grind down her. That is why he left the show.

Robert Herjavec was very impressed by the business but he could not believe that the company had generated $10 million worth in 10 years. That is why he decided not to invest in the company.

Mark Cuban also chose not to invest in the company.  Rather he taught Jessica as a business guide.

According to Lori, she indeed liked Jessica’s business but she does not prefer this ice cream has lower calorie options. That is why Lori proposed to give Jessica $800K as a loan at 6% interest for only one year in exchange for a 5% share in the company.

Jessica did not accept Lori’s proposal. In the meantime, Kevin decided to invest in the company. He proposed to give Jessica $800k as a loan at 9% interest along with an 8% share with non-covenants on what she accomplishes.

Jessica said that she was looking for an equity partner. She was not looking for a loan. That is why she refused Kevin’s proposal.

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What Occurred To Peekaboo Ice Cream After Shark Tank?

Peek-a-boo ice Cream is such a kind of Ice cream that is produced by using vegan wedges. The big magazine behind Shark Tank featured Peekaboo Ice Cream.

At the time of featuring Peekaboo, Forbes said that it is an outstanding process that settles real issues. After that, the firm also obtained a very good response in Good And Today Magazine.

According to Jessica, after Shark Tank, healthy ice cream, Peekaboo will be available in more than 3000 stores all across the United States along with Safeway, Kroger, Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, Shop-Rite, Lazy Acres, Amazon, and many more.

Peekaboo Ice Cream’s net worth in 2021 was $3 million. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic Peekaboo Ice Cream’s net worth could not reach $5 million in 2021.

The ice cream became out of stock in November 2022. Besides this, the ice cream was not also available on Amazon.

The founder has not updated the official Instagram account of Peekaboo which is “@eatpeekaboo” since 27th December 2021. But the website of this ice cream company is still active.

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Peekaboo Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

The founder was not able to secure any deal from the sharks in Shark Tank for her company Peekaboo Ice Cream. But after Shark Tank, peekaboo ice cream sales grew incredibly. The ice cream was obtainable in various big supermarkets, along with Bristol farms, Wholefoods, and so on.

The ice cream was sold out in November 2022 and there has been no peekaboo shark tank update on any social media platform since December 2021.

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Peekaboo Ice Cream’s net worth

The company managed to generate $3 million as of 2021. So, Peekaboo Ice Cream’s net worth is $¼ million in 2021. Though the company could nk secure any deal on Shark Tank, still it managed to increase its sales after the Peekaboo Ice Cream Shark Tank episode.

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Is Peekaboo Ice Cream Still In Business?

The ice cream industry is full of competition. There are a lot of big players who are striving their best to grow their businesses.

But the most astonishing thing is that Peekaboo ice cream’s value became $10 million. Within only 19 years.

Peek-a-boo Ice cream is available in retail and supermarket stores.  They are also delivered at various events, hotels, and restaurants.

The company needs to improve its digital presence so that customers can easily communicate with the company online.

Peekaboo Ice Cream 2022 is active in the business.

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Peekaboo has become one of the most demanding ice cream brands. Those parents who are conscious about the health of their kids may choose this company without any hesitation. Peek-a-boo Ice Cream is the best for them. Despite not getting any deals on Shark Tank, the company has grown a lot after Shark Tank.


Where is Peekaboo Ice Cream today?

Indeed, the peek-a-boo ice cream company has not received any deal from the sharks on Shark Tank but the founder has established her company with her effort. The company managed to win $200,000 in the Real California Milk Snackcelerator competition in November 2020.
When the company started its journey it introduced five outstanding flavors in its product line. From then on, the company introduced a won’t range of vegan ice cream flavors.
The product was sold in over 3000 locations along with Kroger, Whole Foods, Safeway, Bristol Farms, and many more. The customers also purchase the products from Amazon and their official website and get them delivered straight to their door.
Peekaboo Ice Cream’s net worth in 2022 is $3 million. The company encourages people, particularly children to eat healthy and stay healthy.

How Much Is Peekaboo Ice Cream?

It is expected that Peekaboo Ice Cream’s valuation will develop to more than $1.2 billion by 2021. The company has managed to expand itself within a short time after its launch in January 2019.
The ice cream is now available in four flavors along with a hidden vegetable in every flavor. The price of every 14-oz container is between $10 to $15. The company aims to publicize its products as little snacks.

Peekaboo ice cream: Where to buy?

Peek-a-boo Ice Cream is available in more than 3,000 beverage stores all over the United States. You may also buy the ice cream from the official website of the company and Amazon.
 But, the ice cream sold out on the official website of the company as well as on Amazon. The ice cream comes in various flavors. It comes with a two-pack of 8 ice creams on its website Classic Sampler, Twist Sampler. The price of it is $60.

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