A pearl is a hard and shining object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk or another animal. It is usually round in shape and very smooth in texture. The finest and perfect quality of natural pearls is considered to be the mark of beauty and is also termed as gemstones. In the past, the pearl was viewed as a mark of virtue.

It is because of this reason that pearl is used as a metaphor to define something fine, rare and beautiful. Due to its rare presence, most of the pearls found in the market are fake and people get cheated whenever they go out to shop for pearls.

There are two types of pearls: cultured and natural

  • A cultured pearl is the one created by an oyster farmer under strictly controlled conditions. It is further divided into two depending upon the source of water in which they are cultured.
  • The cultured ones are sub-classified into the freshwater oyster and saltwater oyster. But still, the most valuable ones occur in the wildest of places. Among the cultured pearls, freshwater mussels are sold in the majority.
  • Imitation pearls are also available in the market. They are used for making inexpensive jewelry, and people also prefer buying these because they are pocket-friendly. The make can be easily identified, from merely a touch. You can easily tell the difference because the quality is inferior despite its smoothness.

Traditionally pearls were used to prepare jewelry only, and now its uses have been diversified. You can buy premium quality pearl jewellery from pearlsonly.co.uk. The variety of jewellery in which it can be used extends from necklace to earrings as well as rings.

For other uses, the pearls are crushed using the proper machinery and are mixed in solutions and mixtures. They are put in cosmetics, medicine, and paints. It gives smoothness and refined texture to the solution. It is also used as add-ons on clothes to make the ensemble more gorgeous and charming.

Even though the use of pearl has expanded a lot within the last decade or so, but still its primary use stays in jewelry making.