It’s a fact: your baby boy is growing fast, and what used to fit him a month or so ago doesn’t seem as comfortable now. In fact, it seems as if your baby boy’s clothes need to be changed as fast as he could burp or gurgle! But whilst it’s certainly delightful to see him grow by leaps and bounds, there is still the practical matter of his clothing. You would want to buy clothes that would fit him well, but you don’t want to spend too much money on clothing that he wouldn’t wear much, if at all. However, you also want to make sure that he looks as adorable as ever with good outfits that will also be comfortable. So how can you select the best clothes for your growing baby boy, especially if he is fast approaching toddlerhood? Let’s find out.

Choosing clothes for toddlers and walkers

Your little boy is well past his infant phase, and whilst he can still make use of blankets and swaddles that you bought for him as an infant, he will certainly not fit into those infant rompers and sleepwear any longer. So what are the essentials for toddlers? You need the following:

  1. Onesies

Onesies are still a necessity for your growing baby boy, and you need around 8 to 10 pieces with a mix between long-sleeved and short-sleeved ones.

  1. Pyjamas

Pyjamas are an essential item as well, so it would be best to have around 8 pieces on-hand. These are particularly important because once your baby reaches this age, they can get quite messy.

  1. Shorts and trousers

Shorts and trousers would be ideal, too, and shorts are quite a comfortable item of clothing for the coming summer season. For this, think about having 6 pairs of trousers and 8 pairs of shorts.

  1. Socks

Of course, socks will always be good to have, and your baby boy may need them even during the warmer months. The thing about toddlers and beginning walkers is that they will be up on their feet more often, so they may wear out this item of clothing more quickly as well. Socks will also become dirty more easily, so you need a minimum of ten pairs for your baby’s use.

  1. Clothing for special occasions

At this point, it would also be wise to buy your baby boy clothing for special occasions, and it’s the perfect time to purchase high-quality dress-up clothes for them because they will already look more like a boy. Consider formal pieces such as button-down shirts, sweater vests, and trousers made by premium manufacturers – and for a look through a range of excellent choices for baby boy clothes, visit

  1. Outerwear

Your baby boy will also enjoy being in the outdoors more and more, so it’s the perfect time to purchase more outerwear for him. You can opt for a light jacket or coat, a windbreaker, and one or two fleece jackets so he can keep warm even when outside.

  1. Sturdy shoes

Since your little guy is already at the walking stage, it would be good to buy him sturdier shoes as well. He needs shoes that can give him a lot of support. He will also need to have sandals during the summer as well as winter boots when it’s colder.