Jewelry is the best accessory to complement any outfit, and if this jewelry contain symbols that attract the blessings of the universe it is much better to have them. That is why we bring these 12 jewels that represent the 12 signs of the zodiac so that positive energies are with you in 2020.

But, another one of those things that we love about identifying with a zodiac sign is the symbolism. For this reason, wearing around the neck, the wrist or even the keys, our horoscope is something like an identification card. As you choose the Nano Jewelry items, you can be sure of the quality.

Aries pendant

Silver chain with pendant of the Aries symbol, it is delicate and very symbolic to carry good luck everywhere.

Taurus Constellation Pendant

This pendant is gold plated with the representation of the constellation of the stars of Taurus in precious stones.

Gemini sign pendant

Made of corrosion resistant 925 sterling silver Gemini sign pendant is ideal as a gift at any special moment.

Virgo sign ring

Handmade ring with zodiac symbol plating made of stainless steel in a variety of sizes. You can gift it any occasion.

Scorpio pendant

14 karat gold pendant with polished finish accompanied with a small crystal, for an elegant touch.

Bracelet with Leo pendants

A bracelet made with extendable wire that adjusts to any wrist size with silver finish. It will be precious gift for your lady.

Bracelet with Cancer sign pendant

It is made of wire and has a pendant with the symbol of Cancer. This is a precious gift for any occasion.

Pisces stone bracelet

Semi-precious stones and metal components composed of lead-nickel alloy. It is beautiful and simple it also combines with any style.

Stone bracelet with Libra pendant

You can choose a bracelet made with semi-precious stones of wood or lava combined with metal.  You can take it as a perfect gift for any time of the year.

Silver pendant with the symbol of Aquarius

A silver chain pendant with the Aquarius symbol, it is an ideal gift for dreamers and entrepreneurs.

Pendant with the constellation of Capricorn

Gold-plated pendant of the star constellation of the Capricorn sign,it is very delicate and feminine to give to someone special.

Bracelet with Sagittarius pendant

For Sagittarius you can have an expandable wire bracelet with small very delicate pendants engraved with symbols and letters.

Get ready to have a year full of the best energies and prosperity. These garments will be your new inseparable amulets, with which you can be protected at all times. Let the energy of the zodiac guide your steps and give you the best moments and experiences.