Product features are a significant determinant of the durability and functionality of a product. If you are considering buying slippers through a virtual store, then it is essential to find the following features keenly:

Synthetic material

Synthetic material comprises artificial materials in their making. The crafting of such materials ensures the quality of that material is water-resistant, foldable, and stain-resistant. It is an ideal material in the crafting of high-quality slippers that can withstand rough floor conditions.

Also, the slippers that have an upper material made from synthetic material don’t fade quickly and will retain their original colour longer. The material is also great for your foot and will not cause any damages on the smooth surface of your back sole.

Cushioned footbed

The cushioned footbed ensures you are comfortable and prevents your foot from developing disorders. Slippers that incorporate that feature ensures that there is adequate absorbing of pressure from your foot while you are running or standing. The slippers also last longer as the footbed is not prone to wear and tear even on rough surfaces. Although it is essential to ensure that the footbed is smooth so as not to cause damages to your foot.

Rubber outsole

The rubber outsole is suitable for slippery surfaces due to their ability to provide better traction on such surfaces. The chances of slipping in wet surfaces such as the washroom are significantly reduced. The rubber outsole is also water-resistant and thus is not prone to damage by water. Another significant advantage of this type of outsole is that it is light and flexible.

Upper material made of fabric

The top material needs to be made of a material that is resistant to external damages. Since you need to wash your slippers frequently, it is necessary to have a waterproof material.

It also needs to be resistant from various stains, and the fabric is the ideal material. The material allows your flip flop to be lightweight and durable. Lastly, the material can resist abrasion and will ensure that the lifespan is prolonged.


In the selection of any footwear, it is essential to consider the style. Slippers are not exceptional, and the method of design differs in the market. The type of style you select dictates a lot about the comfortability of the footwear. Also, they are fancy and formal slippers online available in the market that you can adequately choose from. They are the perfect choice for your summer outfit options.


The buying process is also good to consider the colour of the slippers you are purchasing. Preference in the color design differs for most individuals, and you need something that rhymes with your taste. Bright and fancy colours are great for women and children, while dull colours are suitable for men.

Bottom Line

If you shop for slippers online, it is essential to lay down the product features you wish to be present in your footwear before any investment. The selection of the right combination of features ensures your footwear is comfortable, durable, and useful. Also, it guarantees that you get good value of the money you invested in purchasing the product.