Humans are social creatures and love to feel like they are loved and needed parts of their community whether this community is your family or just your group of friends. Sincere compliments can always make people feel better. A kind word can make someone’s day.  That’s why nothing feels as bad as when you feel like you are receiving someone’s well wishes just as a formality, or as just another name on the checklist. No one likes to be just another statistic in anything. We are all unique with our unique lives and dreams and fears, and being reduced to just a name and number makes us feel like we don’t matter. No one should be made to feel like that.

Importance of Kind Words 

A single kind word can make anyone’s bad day better, even if it just by a small amount. Words, both spoken and written and signed, have great power over us. Words are what we use to communicate. We express our feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, and more using our words. That is why it is no surprise that kind words and greetings can have such a profound effect on us.  On the other hand, no one likes disingenuousness. Where a heartfelt compliment can have people smiling afterward, a fake or artificial compliment can have the entirely opposite effect. In the worst-case scenario, fake greetings can make someone feel miserable and terrible, and even in the best case, they just evoke apathy in their recipient.

For Greetings 

When you are sending a greeting card, the same mantra applies. While buying packets of birthday greeting  cards and using the same message in each one of them is efficient, it is mostly worthless for what the intended purpose behind sending greeting cards in the first place.

Greeting cards are meant to show people that are loved, remembered, and appreciated. Receiving a card that is the same as everyone, having the same generic message inside, or worse having no message inside, only serves to make people either feel terrible or apathetic.  While there is a time and place for such methods (wedding cards we are looking at you), if you truly are sending a greeting card then it should be heartfelt. It should be selected for each individual, and if not that, then they should at least each have a heartfelt note inside them.  By adding this intimate touch to your greeting cards, not only will you feel better as you share your love with your close friends and family but can also be the highlight of your intended recipients’ holidays, especially if they are older.


It is not a surprise that greeting cards often are just sent as a social tradition, a tradition that has slowly lost its meaning. But if you take a pause and realize the true intention of sending these cards, and actually put some effort and heartfelt emotions into them you’ll be surprised at the results. Not only will you feel happier about sending them, but they’ll bring joy to whoever receives them.