From Shark Tank to Success: The Incredible Journey of Show No Towel

Show No Towel Net Worth After Shark Tank


In February 2012, Show No Towel was featured on Shark Tank. The present net worth of Show No Towel is unknown now as the business has not been in operation since 2020. Also, the product is no longer available on the market. According to online research, the products will be out of business in 2020.

Shelly Ehler is the mother of two boys and the founder of Show No Towel. When her kids were in the pool, she found it difficult to challenge them both at the same time. At that time, she conceived the idea of Show No Towels.

She secured her towel’s patent and provided the license to the water parks in California. Popular water parks like Six Flags Magic, Mountain, and Legoland got the license.

Who founded Show No Towel?

Shelly Ehler founded Show No Towel. One day, when she was in the pool, she found it challenging to help her kids change simultaneously. That time, Show No Towels was born out of that moment. It is a poncho-style, hole-attached bath towel.

How much is Show No Towels worth?

It costs $6.50 to manufacture every Show No Towel. But the water parks sell them at a wholesale price of $9.00 each. Every Show No Towel costs $19.99.

The corporation made the most significant order of 240 Towels, making this new business generated sales at $15,000.   It’s no secret that Shelley Ehler is an accomplished businesswoman who transformed an original idea into a thriving company.

They came up with a creative solution to an issue they saw globally and provided it available in the market because they were inspired by it.

Shelley may similarly be characterized in the same way. Families often have experienced difficulty finding a location where their toddlers may quickly change their swimming suits and other beach attire.

This talented entrepreneur was inspired by a relatively basic concept, transformed the ideas into a valuable product, and ran a company. One of her best-known accomplishments was swapping custom curtains for a patent application culminating in the Show No patent.

No one believes that it allows toddlers to switch their bathing suits in public while retaining a certain modesty level. It may also be used as a beach blanket or cover-up at the beach.

According to Shelley, there are over 1,000 water parks all over the country. And in case she could manage to enter at least 50 water parks and sell approximately 20 towels every day they will be able to sell almost a million dollars worth. She has already signed a contract with Disney to get access to their parks for Show No Towel sales.

If you are willing to learn the Show No Towel’s net worth you will be able to find that at the time of the pitch, the Show No Towel’s worth was $200,000. As soon as Lori invested in the company the Show No Towel’s net worth turned out to be $300,000. Shelly Ehler went to the Shark Tank stage and gave a proposal of $500,000 in exchange for a 25% share of her Show No Towel business. Finally, she accepted Lori’s proposal and received a cheque for $75,000.00.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Show No Towel?

On Shark Tank, Shelly Ehler requested an amount of $50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in Show No Towel. She had this unique concept one day while she and her sons were in the pool. Shelly’s oldest son desired to change into dry clothing and requested that his mother hold a towel to keep him covered while changing. That particular time Shelly had the idea amid her frustration.

Then she made a slit in a towel to create a new type of poncho towel that would keep children covered as they changed. Following this story, Shelly and her sons distributed their custom-made ShowNos on the Shark Tank platform. After the boys exited the Shark Tank, Shelly explained that she wasn’t searching for money. Every shark took modest concepts and developed them into multimillion-dollar enterprises.

How does Show No Towel Work?

The primary concept of Show No is that it lets the children change their swimming costumes in public by retaining fair extents. It can also be used as a beach blanket or cover-up. Shelley wanted to circulate Show No out to water parks. Hence she asked Sharks to give support.

Along with social networking platforms, the entrepreneur fabricates, circulates, and sells the products directly to the customers. 

As it is easy to approach the consumers directly, she did not collaborate with various distribution networks or retail marts like Amazon. Till now, Shelley manufactures and distributes her products from her residence.

Show no towel update in business before Shark Tank

At the time of commencing the company, Shelley Ehler had a fundamental knowledge with which she developed a flourishing business. They provided fundamental answers to the issues noticed by them in the environment and applied them.

Often families face issues finding a place where their kids may change their swimsuits without any hassle. Shelley’s Show No Towel solved all their problems within a snap as it is a skit-style towel and the center of it is designed in a way that will fit over the head of your child while they take a bath. This amazing product allows the children to get dry fast. It does not matter how much time your children spend playing on the beach, pool, or in the bath.

At the time of changing the clothes, the rest of the towel covers the kids’ bodies to save themselves from the outside.

Shelley wants to expand Show No, though she has built it with her efforts and has gained a good amount of popularity. 

She expects to deliver her products to water and amusement parks to improve the sales of her products and make people aware of her company. To meet her goals,  she utterly requires assistance. Shelley wanted to get support from the Sharks.

Show no towel shark tank update after the pitch

She requested the Sharks to guide and assist her because she wanted to display Show No at water park lures. Shelley at the pitch pleaded $50,000 in exchange for 25% of rights in her brand, the value of which was $200,000. After this, she distributed each shark an amazing Shark Tank Show No Towel. She and her sons used to wear the towel at the time of clicking pictures for the show.

A lot of Sharks preferred Shelley although she managed to make only $15,000 in sales. According to them, Shelley had a robust willpower and she was not scared to test new things.

Robert, despite not being on board with Show No, was an admirer of Shelley. Kevin did not prefer the thing and chose not to take part. 

Shelley got a proposal of $50,000 from Daymond in exchange for a 50% share of the brand. Soon after this Lori Greiner offered a $50,000 cheque in exchange for a 25% stock investment. 

Daymond was eager to give $50,000 for a 20% share in the brand.  After this Sheellet got a counteroffer from Mark who offered $75,000 for a 25% right in the business. After this, both Daymond and Lori increased their proposed amount to $75,000. Lori used “the feminine card” to get the contract. 

Shelley consulted with her husband and decided to accept the offer of Shark Lori. She then removed herself from the show and returned home with a cheque for $75,000.

Show no towel update after Shark Tank

When Lori decided to invest from her thriving pitch in Shark Tank, she took an instant step to display Show No Towel on the TV and managed to show it in the Souvenir shop in Disney World’s water park. It boosted sales. And within a short time, the sales hiked incredibly. When no new order was received from Disney, Shelley wanted to get an additional order through a licensing structure. 

Shelery for expanding her distribution sources keeps on hitting the roads at trade fairs continuously. Besides visiting different trade shows,  Shelley was working hard to ensure her distribution agreements to everyone.

A lot of water parks all over the country now follow the Show No. The members of local swim clubs also make purchases from Shelley.

Soon Shelley may not be so much involved with Shark Lori and her business but Shelley has shown the way to become successful. Shelley has not yet signed a contract for mass production. Hence still the business products are fabricated in Shelley’s residence and they all are handmade products.  At present Shelley is attached to a 3D poster company.

In her last program, Oprah said that you need to learn how important you are feel your value uncover yourself, and get prepared to achieve.  The statements of Oprah affected Shelley’s life greatly which enabled her to collaborate with Lori in Shark Tank. The thing you wish might not be easy to get but you need to take the risk. If you have faith and a strong will you will be able to unlock every door no matter how challenging it is.


How much is the net with of Show No Towel?

At the time of appearing on Shark Tank the net worth of Show No Towel was $200,000. But we do not know the best of Show No Towel as of 2023 because the company is not active in business now.

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How much are Tata towels worth?

The estimated net worth of Tata towels is $2 million as of 2023.

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