Gaming has been on the rise in recent times. Esports is an emerging force in today’s date. People have been in awe of the modern games and platforms that have brought rise to some of our time’s finest gaming genres. But the true kingpin still stays in today’s day of gaming that is PC gaming. The most important component required by any PC gamer is the requirement of a mechanical keyboard and mouse. People buy esports gaming keyboard and mouse for getting the optimal performance in any games.

Recently I bought a gaming mouse and a mechanical keyboard from at a low price. This article is a review of the products that I got and how it has been serving me.

Keyboard Review:

Recently, I got a wired mechanical gaming keyboard for my gaming needs. The product I got was in mint condition. It was equipped with a pure PBT material two-color keycap. This made the backlight of the keyboard shine. The light that was emitted was not at all irritating to the eyes. Even after several hours of playing, I did not feel stress in my eyes from looking at the light for too long.

The keyboard was equipped with an optimal chip. This was extremely useful as most of the time; I see my player respond late when I press a key. But now, with this keyboard, there was no latency in response time, and I got an optimal gaming experience.

The keyboard’s keys were well fitted into my fingers. It came with a 1.6m long cable with a USB port. Though it did not support Bluetooth connectivity, that did not bother me at all. The weight of the keyboard is light and was also equipped with a roller. The overall feel and the gaming experience that I got after using such a keyboard was overwhelming, and I noticed much-improved gameplay.

Mouse Review:

The light gaming mouse that I got was also of the finest quality. The product’s packaging on my initial analysis concluded me to say that it was in mint condition. The mouse also came with soothing lighting that was causing no problems to my eyes.

For a gamer out there, you know how important dpi is. This mouse came with a maximum dpi of 6200. The refresh rate I got was also around 500-1000 Hz.

Like the keyboard, it also did not support wireless connection but instead came with a 1.6m long wire with a USB port. It felt extremely smooth when I first held the mouse, and it fits perfectly in my hand. The mouse was also extremely lightweight that helped me move it around very easily during playing games. The mouse’s buttons were also smooth and were not too tight or too loose.

The side buttons are stapled to any gaming mouse. Those were definitely well placed, and the buttons were also smooth running with optimal reading in the Digital Transformation 2021 system.


Mouse and keyboard are an integral part of any PC gamer. I bought the finest gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard from I am extremely satisfied with the performance, feel, and look that these products have brought, and I can proudly say that they have definitely optimized my gaming experience.