It can be quite challenging to try to market your startup and stay relevant in a competitive industry. When there are already so many things to worry about and beginner’s pitfalls to avoid, trying to stay on top of marketing can make inexperienced business owners feel helpless. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to keep your startup relevant – with one of the most useful being search engine optimization.

For many, SEO can feel like an antiquated tactic that has outlived its usefulness. While it has not aged particularly gracefully over the years, it does not mean that it is no longer valid! Here are just a few ways you can use SEO for your startup company.

The creation of guest posts, and the use of evergreen content

One of the most efficient ways of utilizing search engine optimization is to write guest content on other websites with links that lead to your startup’s site. Depending on where you post your guest blogs, you could be receiving plenty of traffic every day.

That said, it is not enough to simply write guest blogs and be done with it. It would be a good idea to make use of evergreen topics, which will stand the test of time. An excellent example would be weight loss, as well as the treatment of specific ailments. It will undoubtedly remain a trend over the years as it is something that will always be relevant.

The tried and tested tactic of outreach emails

With regards to search engine optimization, the use of outreach emails is often considered to be one of the most outdated tactics. While it is indeed one of the oldest, it does not mean that outreach emails are no longer sufficient. Developing an effective outreach email is about creativity and passion. Do not just follow a random template online! Instead, try to craft a personal email, as though you are sending an email to a good friend. Give people a genuine reason to click your email, and you will be surprised at how many decide to do just that.

While some might consider it to be spam, enough time has passed since the saturation of outreach for many to no longer be averse to the idea.

Utilizing SEO services

Last but certainly not least, it can be challenging for a startup to stay relevant when there are so many other things to worry about. Why not make use of SEO services, such as those provided by Fort Lauderdale SEO? Such services can help you generate backlinks without requiring your effort or attention. The amount of backlinks you can generate is undoubtedly worth the price of admission.

While many say that search engine optimization is no longer efficient in today’s marketing world, that could not be farther from the truth. Even through the use of outreach emails, which is one of the oldest tactics in the SEO book – your startup can still benefit!