Gambling is growing in popularity as more people begin to adopt this as their favorite pastime. This is more so in times where a large number of people are stuck indoors due to the spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19). There has been a greater surge in the number of people using online a casino for gambling. 


Technology has played a big role in revolutionizing the gambling industry in the past few years and the trend is getting even stronger in the year 2020 with the spread of CoronaVirus and all the people having to remain in isolation indoors. This article goes on to explain the gambling trends in 2020 and how there has been a larger shift towards online gambling and how there is greater use of technology as well.


Bigger Shift to Online Gambling


This is the digital era where a majority of the population makes use of digital devices like computers and smartphones. There are a large number of casinos around the world in several European countries as well as in America that have set up their casinos online as well. And many prefer the online experience instead of setting out time to travel to the nearest casino to have a good time. 


A land-based casino offers a different experience as compared to the online ones; where the obvious benefit is that one can play from the comfort of their home and at any time of the day they like. The brick and mortar casinos are a good place for a social gathering and offer a good experience, but at the same time, it also means having to set aside a lot of time for it and spend time traveling to the casino and back. This is one of the major reasons why more people now prefer online casinos since they have a busy lifestyle. It is also perfect in times where CoronaVirus is keeping everyone indoors. 


Casino Guide for Greater use of Technology


Gambling is witnessing more use of technology than ever before. Online gambling has become more accessible with more since it is not easier to sign in and create an account. The fact that more people now trust spending online has also worked in the favor of online casinos which simply require you to make an initial investment first to enjoy full access to all the online games.


Online gambling sites take advantage of many different types of technologies like 3D and Virtual Reality. VR technology is one of the hottest trends when it comes to gambling online in 2020. VR has been around for a while, however, now more casinos are offering the option of playing VR games and it is also evolving to offer a more immersive experience. One of the popular online casino games that implement VR technology is poker. There is also the option to play several other casino games using VR technology. The way it works is several players connect to a single Virtual environment online to take advantage of this advanced technology.


Another technology that is a favorite of many online gambling websites is Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology. This has become an integral part of the gambling world online. The main purpose of using this technology is to improve the level of customer satisfaction and to encourage more customers to play at their casino online. The year 2020 is also witnessing an increase in the number of live dealers in casino games online. There is also a bigger shift in the use of social media and mobile technology.