Thailand is an ultimately unique region. This is the place where East meets West, and this seemingly controversial clash gives fruitful soil for numerous original and unique solutions. Not only Thailand is the land that manages to preserve its ancient culture while being eager to adopt all the most relevant trends from all over the world. Being the center of recreational and medical tourism, a place of magnetism both for spiritual explorers and adventure seekers, it is also a powerful industrial region that provides and manufactures goods and technology for various industries all over the world.

This combination of seemingly controversial factors has found its reflection in such a dynamically evolving industry as the website design. Just like Thailand manages to combine the best features of Western and Eastern cultures, its website design is ultimately unique and constantly balances on the tight rope between traditional Eastern flashy and dynamic designs and modern Western restraint that focuses on the functionality of the websites rather than its colorful representation.

Tables are turning

If you go through reviews of the leading website design studios, you will definitely notice that they are mostly concentrated on Social Media solutions and SEO. This is mostly caused by the overall tendency of modern business to move online due to a complicated and still uncertain quarantine situation all over the world. But if until now Thailand has remained at the backstage of the world business community, being mostly a manufacturing polygon for international corporations, today Thailand is ready to raise its head high and jump into the competition as a rightful participant. The fact that all the business and financial activities in 2020 are moving to the field-leveling environment of the virtual space, and they are most likely to stay there forever, gives Thailand a chance to obtain its own face and segment at the world market.

Webdesign shapes the future

It is simply impossible to overeat the meaning of online presence nowadays. Basically being online is the only way for most businesses and entrepreneurs to be noticed by potential customers. Social Media has stopped being a means of entertainment only a very long time ago. Nowadays it is a huge incorporated marketplace that gives equal possibilities for different types of businesses to reach out to a huge auditorium at the same time. Another important feature that shapes the trends of the Website Design of Thailand is the fact that looking for new products and services, people first Google them looking for all the possible sources of information, reviews about it, and the easiest ways to buy it (which are nowadays mostly online). This is why literate SEO factor observation and promotional features have become the most important factors for modern website design.

Most modern websites are built on various CMS platforms. There is a wide choice of them nowadays. While some of the require solid programming background, others are quite intuitive and based on the drag-and-drop principle. With the wide choice of possibilities and various demands and opportunities of developers, website designers cannot really point out that one CMS is better than another. But they have steadily and firmly become the mainstreaming trend in website design in Thailand as well as all over the world.

As for the design itself, here Thailand demonstrates its boarding position between two ground cultures and visions. Keeping in mind the functional the importance of caseload and search engine adaptation that are so important for the Western website design trends, website design in Thailand preserves the dynamic and flashy mood of ultimately Eastern tradition paying a lot of attention to drawing the user`s attention with bright and contrasting visual and sound effects.