The best way to prepare our young generation for the new technological changes is to show them how things work in real-life. Online coding courses for kids are the best way to educate them about the practical aspects of technology. 

The government introduced the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, in which the students will be taught Coding from Class 6th onwards. Thus,  parents need to teach their kids how to code to thrive in this competitive world. Various online coding classes in India teach students about new innovative technologies at the comfort of their homes under the guidance of an expert educator.

What are the advantages of opting For Online Coding Courses for Kids?

Listed below are some of the most noteworthy advantages of coding classes in India.

  1. It Prepares Students For the Future Job Opportunities

The main goal of every online coding courses for kids is to make them future-ready by teaching useful 21st-century skills along with grade-wise logic building concepts of AI(Artificial Intelligence),IoT(Internet of Things), Robotics, Hands-On Coding, etc. so that they will understand the practical implementation of the technology in a better way. Having Coding as a skill will also improve the students’ chance of getting lucrative job opportunities in the STEM field. 

  1. It Expands Their Creativity

The kids have a curious nature. With the help of enrolling in online coding courses for kids, they can satisfy their curiosity by performing interactive and fun-learning STEM activities. While indulging in these STEM experimentation they will learn various ways of solving a problem and also learn the art of problem-solving by breaking down a bigger problem into smaller more manageable problems. While performing practical Hands-on Coding the students will understand the logic behind things. They also enhance their creativity that will help them throughout their lives. There are many coding courses that provide fun & interactive learning, so the parents have a lot of options to choose from.   

  1. Enhance Their Creativity 

In contrast to most of the online coding classes in India that use a digital platform as the only learning medium, Tinkerly takes their student’s journey beyond the screens. Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding course makes this possible with the help of its unique course offering of interactive STEM learning kits. These STEM learning kits are a part of Tinkerly’s play-based course curriculum and provide students a chance to experience the thrill of experiential learning. Since students create practical real-life projects using these STEM learning kits, thus their overall screen time is reduced by 50 percent. 

  1. Make Them Innovators Of Tomorrow

The online coding courses provide a platform for kids where they can showcase their talent. By acquiring knowledge from these online coding classes in India, students can build their real-life nextgen projects under the guidance of expert educators. These tangible projects which are developed by kids are designed to serve a purpose. For example, A kid can make an AI-based project such as a Smart Dustbin whose main objective is to detect the object or waste and then open the cap of the dustbin automatically. This is just one example, many other interesting real-life projects can be made which can solve common problems of our daily lives.

  1. Gain Insight About 21st Century Skills

The coding courses for kids also help to develop 21st-century skills like computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, logic building, problem-solving, analytical thinking, etc. that will help them in their entire lives. The coding classes in India also teach outside the box thinking among students. It also sparks their interest in the STEM field so that they can most likely pursue a career in it. 

  1. Flexible Learning

Most of the coding courses for kids lack in providing flexible learning to students. But with Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding course, the students will get a chance to enjoy self-paced learning flexibility. Tinkerly’s Hands-On Coding course uses the flipped learning approach in their play-based course curriculum. The students who enroll in Tinkerly’s course will get access to the recorded lessons that are available on the Let’s Tinker App. The students can view these sessions at their convenience. Also, if they encounter any doubt while watching the recorded lessons,  they can drop their queries in the Support Section of the Let’s Tinker App.

The expert educators will go through the queries and provide solutions for them. They will also conduct a live 1:1 session for doubt solving and also for the revision of the topic. For more information about Tinkerly’s Hands-On Coding course, visit the official website at and also if you are interested in scheduling a free demo then visit :


We have discussed the benefits offered by online coding courses for kids and how it will help the students to prepare for a brighter future.