Tenikle NetWorth After Shark Tank

Tenikle NetWorth After Shark Tank


Tenikle is nothing but an octopus-design tripod that helps to handle cameras, phones and many more products related to tech. This tripod can be attached anywhere in a flat place just like the hand of an octopus. When you attach this tripod anywhere it will act like suction cups for a safe stay.

In comparison with other tripods, the Tenikle is fully different. The other tripods have to be held in the hands for a safe handle. But the Tenikle phone holder comes up with suction cups that can be attached easily to flat space and can carry up to 30 lbs.

Hans Dose, the founder of the product, was walking with his wife Lydia and he had to keep his phone on the branch of a tree to take a beautiful picture. Unfortunately, the phone fell and was broken. After that, he placed the phone on the suction cup-mounted phone holder of the car. At this time, the inventor came up with the idea of this product and he was very inspired by the octopus. That is why he introduced the Tenikle Suction Cups Tripod.

The founder came up on Shark Tank season 13 episode 9 to pitch his product.  After appearing on the Shark Tank show he appealed to the sharks for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% share in the business at a $2 million worth.

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What is Tenikle?

Tenikle is nothing but a suction cup tripod that can be mounted everywhere on a flat floor. The Tenikle phone holder helps us to hold phones, tablets, cameras, lights and so many products.

This product is capable enough to handle the weight of nearly 30 lb if it is attached to a flat surface. It can move 360°. This Tenikle 360 is very much adaptable.

There are three available colour options Tenikle black, red and teal. The price of this product is nearly $45. The company has introduced the product Tenikle 360 Universal Mount and Kodiak Kompanion Work Light recently. The price of it is nearly $80.

If you want to purchase these suction cup tripods you may visit Amazon or the official website of the company.

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How did Tenikle become a product?

The Tenikle owner, Hans Dose always thought of himself as a creative person and he always wanted to turn his thoughts into reality. The idea was indeed very good but it was not so easy to implement this idea.

After that, Hans was trekking with his wife Lydia and he forgot to bring his tripod to take a photo of them. Then he placed his iPhone on the branch of a tree with a little bit of hesitation. He wanted to click a picture of them.

But unfortunately, the phone slipped onto the rocks below and the screen of the phone got broken and after that, he mounted his mobile to guide home. He was not able to use his large, ugly automobile mount as a tripod.

After that, he came up with the idea of combining all tech requirements into one device. He was inspired by the lives of the octopuses in the sea and then he decided to produce a tentacle-shaped product to fix all these issues.

A few attempts by Hans did not work out. But finally, he was able to build the perfect all-in-one product.

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Who Is The Founder Of Tenikle?

The founder as well as the CEO of the company, Tenikle is Hans Dose. Hans started this business in 2017. By profession, Dose is a designer and he has served as a designer for Billabong & Hurley for many years.

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What Occurred to Tenikle Before Shark Tank?

Hans Dose came up with the idea of this business when he was trying to attach a broken phone to a suction cup-mounted mobile phone hole in his car. After that, he made up his mind to give a new look to the tripods.

At the time of painting the prototypes he failed a lot of times but ultimately he managed to prepare the best prototype. Habs Dose introduced a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his product on 22nd August 2017. He managed to raise $107,283 from 2,168 investors within only 39 days.

The backers said that the support of the company was not good. A lot of backers complained in 2020 that they had not received the product yet and the company has not given even a reply to their emails.

The founder of the company also arranged a crowdfunding on Indiegogo and from it, he managed to raise $126,922. The company was able to deliver the products to the backers who placed their orders after a long time.

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What happened to Tenikle on Shark Tank?

Hans Dose came up on Shark Tank wearing an Octopus costume and appealed to the sharks to invest $200k in his company in exchange for a 10% stake in the business. He described his product in front of the sharks enthusiastically.

The manufacturing cost of this product is nearly $6.08 and the selling price of the product is $45. So the profit margin of the product is relatively very high. To date, the founder has managed to sell a total of 40,000 units of this Shark Tank Tenikle tripod. So, as of 2021, he has managed to generate $1.3 million in sales.

He patented this product in 2015. The founder provided this sample product to his friends and family members and they fell in love with it. At present, this is a Generation 4 Tenikle product. People faced suction cup problems in version 3. That is why this product received a 3.7 rating on Amazon.

The founder is now plugged in debt and the amount of debt is $270,000. In 2020, he managed to generate $478,000 in sales and he earned $9,000 in sales in the previous month. At this time, the company has a huge amount of products in stock, the value of which is nearly $111,000. At this time he has a total of $39 in his bank account.

According to Kevin O’Leary, it was not the right time to invest in the company. That is why he left the show. Lori Grenier remarked that the product was no doubt good but it was not the appropriate investment for her. That is why she left the show.

Robert Herjavec gave a proposal to Hans. He was ready to pay $270,000 as a debt along with $100,000 in cash in exchange for a 60% share of the company.

Raymond John also offered to invest $200k in the company in return for a 33.3% stake in the business. Later, Daymond modified his offer and said that he wanted a 30% stake in the business. Mark Cuban remarked that Daymind gave a good offer. That is why he left the show.

Though Mark remarked that Daymond’s offer was better, Robert claimed that he also gave a good offer. Hans said to Robert that he was out. After that, Hans then gave a counteroffer to Daymond. He said that he was ready to give 25% equity to Daymond but Daymond did not agree to it. That is why, Hans accepted the proposal of Daymond’s finally.

So finally, Daymond John invested $200k in Tenikle in exchange for a 30% share in the business.

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What Occurred To Tenikle After The Shark Tank?

After representing the Tenikle phone holder on Shark Tank, the founder was able to secure a deal for his company. Daymond John was ready to invest in the company. The founder of the company, Hans Dose represented very well on the Shark Tank stage and he was able to impress all the sharks.

The total lifetime Tenikle sales surpassed $1.3 million by December 2021. As soon as the Tenikle shark tank episode was aired a lot of people purchased the product and they fell in love with the product after using it.

Daniel Lubetzky posted a tweet on his Twitter account related to this product. The performance report of the company was disclosed on 9th April 2022. The company has managed to earn $375,000 in sales so far after the Tenikle shark tank deal.

As soon as the shark tank Tenikle episode was aired all the products of the company went out of stock within 5 minutes only. The company joined into a strategic partnership with Litezall, a Cody Grandadam. This report has been received 6 months after the shark tank Tenikle episode.

Hans was living in a car for the last couple of years. So, he is now searching for his new house. The deal with Daymond was completed one year in September 2022. That is why, Hans has uploaded a video on the 1st anniversary of the deal on social media.

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Tenikle Shark Tank Update

As soon as the shark tank octopus cell phone holder episode aired, all the products of the company were sold out within only five minutes. After the Tenikle shark tank episode, the company started to take pre-orders for these tripods.

Tenikle from Shark Tank secured a deal from Daymond. It has been one year since the deal was made. Raymond has not closed the contract as of December 2022. The annual Tenikle value as of December 2022 is $2 million.

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Tenikle shark tank net worth

After appearing on Shark Tank, the founder disclosed that Tenikle net worth was $2 million. Tenikle signed a deal worth $666K in Shark Tank. Hans created an outstanding product and the shark tank show played a significant role in enhancing the sales of the company. Tenikle net worth in 2022 is $2 million.

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Is Tenikle Still In Business?

The company has introduced a new product named Tenikle 360° Universal Mount Light. The selling price of the product is $80. The products of the company are available online as well as offline. The company sells its products wholesale to various retail stores with customized logos.

Hans is now working full-time in the business and has made a strategic partnership with Litezall for which the sales of both companies are increasing.

On Amazon, people have given 3.6 ratings out of 5 for this portable suction cup tripod. A lot of people have commented that the price of the product is relatively higher than the others.

The business has been featured by a lot of media publications like QVC, BuzzFeed, Men’s Journal, HSN and so on.

So, as of December 2022, Tenikle is still active in business.

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What is the reason behind the popularity of Tenikle?

Tenikle is an easy-to-use, portable, and convenient product. You may use this versatile and helpful product very easily. This is a lightweight product and helps people to click the perfect photo or video no matter where they are.

It contains all the required tech essentials so that you may make memories with your loved ones easily and with complete pleasure.

According to Hans, the products became so successful due to their unique features.

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Tenikle reviews

To the content creators, this product has come up as a blessing.

Shark Tank fans online have given different opinions about the product. Those who are associated with content creation have found the product very useful. Some fans have said that the tripod is ugly and they think that a better one will be introduced very soon as this is in the tech industry.

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Is Tenikle Profitable?

Yes, Tenikle is profitable. The company has continuously expanded and developed its business in the following years. If you purchase in bulk from the company, you will get alluring discounts. The company also sells various accessories such as dot adapters and Bluetooth speakers. The selling price is kept between $899 to $89 for each product.

The revenue of the company was $200,000 as of 2019. The revenue of the company hiked in 2020 and it became $500,000. The revenue of the company is $750,000 as of 2021.

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How will you use Tenikle?

You may use Tenikle as a phone holder, camera holder, or tablet holder on any flat surface such as glass, green, soil, rock, and even skin.

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How much does Tenkile cost?

The latest version of the Tenikle tripod is Tenikle 360. The starting price of the product is 35.00 USD. There is a Bluetooth shutter remote for the Tenikle the price of which is 14.00 USD.

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From where will you buy Tenikle?

You may buy Tenikle holders by directly paying a visit to the Tenikle.com website. And you may also purchase it on leading online platforms like Amazon.

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Final opinion

Before the debut of Tenikle on Shark Tank, the company gained more success. The company not only got positive reviews from their reliable consumers but also it has developed and expanded its business very beautifully. Raymond John was eager to work with his newly made partners and they hope that this will be successful.


Did Tenikle get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Tenikle secured a deal on Shark Tank from Daymond John for $200,000 in return for a 30% stake in the firm.

Does Tenkile have a patent?

Yes, Tenikle has a patent. The patient number of the company is US9182077 B2.

What is the net worth of Hans Dose?

When Hans appeared in front of the Sharks, he had only 39$. But he managed to secure a deal of $200,000.

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