Top Dark Web Search Engines

Top Dark Web Search Engines For The Year 2023


You might be familiar with the “deep web” or “dark web,” but you might not understand what it’s used for. You may not have delved into this part of the web just yet, but that’s okay; maybe there just isn’t much material available on this topic! Reading this blog should change your mind if that’s the case.

What is the difference between the deep web and the dark web, and what are the best dark web search engines to use? Let’s jump right in and not waste any time.

What is the Deep Web/Dark Web, and how to access it?

First and foremost, you must acknowledge the vast distinction between the deep web and the Dark web. Although the two names are frequently used interchangeably, this is not correct. Both the deep web and the dark web refer to resources that are inaccessible to public search engines like Google. To access the dark web, a subset of the deep web, you need a particular browser.

It’s also important to note that a trustworthy VPN should always be used, regardless of the path taken. To maintain your privacy and security while exploring the more profound or darker parts of the internet, a virtual private network (VPN) is essential. You also won’t have to fret over being watched by prying eyes like your Internet service provider or the authorities.

What NOT TO DO on Dark Web?

The dangers of the dark web are accurate. It’s crucial to be prepared for the many potential dangers lurking on the dark web. Some no-when no’s surfings the deep webs are as follows:

  • If you don’t know where a link takes you, don’t click on it. The dark web is rife with connections that take users to sites that promote or sell drugs, sexually explicit material, malware, or files that can harm their computers.
  • Do not fill out any form on the dark web that asks for personal information: name, postal and electronic addresses, and contact numbers.
  • Avoid downloading from unknown sources on the dark web. The dark web is rife with malicious software and viruses waiting to be downloaded.
  • Downloading unlawful and abusive content, such as that which is harmful to children, torture, blackmail, or other criminal activities, is strictly forbidden.

What is a Tor Browser?

Open source and free, the Tor Browser is a fork of Mozilla’s Firefox. The Tor Browser can help you maintain your anonymity and privacy when surfing the internet. The Tor Browser conceals your online footprint by relaying your traffic via an anonymous network of computers. The Tor network is a group of servers operated by volunteers that reroute web traffic through various private channels. Because of this, it will be impossible for anyone to monitor your online actions or determine where you are.

How to Download Tor Browser?

The current version of the Tor Browser is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Android. The Tor Browser can be obtained from Select “Download Tor Browser” once you reach the site. Then, choose the version that works with your OS, and install it the standard way. Launch the Tor Browser after installation and hit the “Connect” button. Finally, that’s all there is to it! You can continue your anonymous search now. Tor encrypts your data so you may notice a decrease in your connection speed. However, know that the sacrifice in convenience is worth it to ensure your safety and privacy.

Best Dark Web Search Engines for Tor Browser

Best Dark Web Search Engines for Tor Browser

There are some considerations when selecting the most effective dark web search engine. A private, secure, and anonymous search engine is the first requirement. Another must-have is a lightning-quick search engine dark web that returns relevant results without wasting time. If they are your top concerns, consider these dark web search engines compatible with the tor browser search engine.


The so-called “dark web” or “dark net” is a secret portion of the internet that can only be accessed with specialized software, such as the tor search engine, and is a search engine built to facilitate access to this hidden portion of the internet.

The dark web is only accessible through a select few search engines, and Ahmia has been lauded for facilitating user access to this previously inaccessible resource. Unlike many other dark web search engines, Ahmia does not index websites that include child sexual abuse materials. Ahmia can be accessed via the traditional web and the anonymous i2p network. The address for Ahmia’s.Onion site is:

2. Haystak

Haystak is a search engine built specifically for the Tor network, where the dark web resides. With a claimed index size of 1.5 billion pages and over 260,000 domains, Haystak deserves its place among the most powerful search engines. The premium edition of Haystak includes access to their API and the ability to search using regular expressions and browse through archived versions of onion sites.

3. The Hidden Wiki

As a directory of the deep web, the Hidden Wiki is only accessible through the Tor anonymity service. There are links to many more websites provided on this page. If you’re interested in delving into the dark web, the Hidden Wiki is a great place to start because it gives a streamlined and secure entry point to various locations. There is also surface-level web iteration.

4. Torch

A torch is a long-standing option for people looking for information on the dark web (since 1996). Like other deep web search engines, Torch crawls these URLs and indexes their content so that it can be accessed via search.

Given my experience using it, it returns unsatisfactory results during searches. However, it works quickly and may be helpful in any situation.

5. Recon

Hugbunt3r, a significant member of the widespread Dread service on the dark web, developed this search engine. It aspires to be a database that facilitates searches for goods offered by various sellers in various dark web markets.

Vendor and marketplace profiles can be viewed in isolation, revealing information such as ratings, mirror links, listing counts, and availability percentages. If you want to check out Recon, go to.

6. DuckDuckGo

If you’re unfamiliar with the search engine for the dark web, you may not know that DuckDuckGo has its own. However, even with the Tor browser, it will only show results from the open web. On the contrary, DuckDuckGo has a proven track record regarding anonymity, which is why the privacy advocate team behind DDG is renowned as a long-time foe of Google.

7. Onion Search

Onion Search is a search engine for the hidden onion network that helps users locate and visit hidden. Users can surf the web anonymously by accessing the site with the tor search engine. Another helpful feature is reporting child abuse content to an administrator who has pledged to delete it from the search results. Both the open web and the dark web can access Onion Search.

8. Deep Search

The dark web may be searched with Deep Search. Specifically, it is meant to index and search onion space, the Tor network’s hidden services. As open source software, DeepSearch can be used by anybody. It has been my experience that Deep Search returns more relevant results and less spam than its competitors. Not only does Deep Search help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, but it also flags websites that have been linked to user fraud.


The term “Dark web” conjures images of unknown danger, yet in reality, many. Onion sites are relatively harmless. Since the information available on the surface web is sufficient for most people, there is no compelling need for regular internet users to visit them. If you’re still curious, any of the options above could provide the information you’re seeking. Although there is always the chance of meeting something hazardous or unwelcome on the dark web, these networks are generally safe and innocuous.

Even when using a VPN, you should exercise caution when shopping on the dark web. Remember that the dark web is home to shady dealings, so exercise caution before following unfamiliar links. Explore these and other dark web links with caution but enjoyment!


Are forays into the dark web illegal?

Using the dark web is perfectly legal. Despite common opinion, not all dark websites are teeming with people looking to buy or sell illegal substances or weapons. Many websites can be found on the dark web, including secure email providers, news websites, and digital libraries. Even while the dark web has its share of questionable sites, anyone who exercises a modicum of common sense can avoid getting into any (legal) trouble.

Is there a way to search the dark web?

More in-depth web content is available on Duck Duck Go than on Google, making it one of the most refined deep web search engines. Searching for information compiles the outcomes from more than 500 different sources.

Can you recommend some good underground web portals?

Internet users will have a much more challenging time navigating the dark web. The strange and seemingly random links on dark web pages are mostly to blame. Thankfully, there are index sites like the Hidden Wiki and Daniel that may help you find what you’re looking for on the dark web. You seem to be searching for links.

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