One of the biggest attractions in China is the Forbidden City. This is one place that you must visit whenever you plan a trip to Beijing. There are some very interesting things about this amazing place. Every tourist has some common queries about one of the best attractions in China. Here are some things that you need to know about this tourist attraction.

Forbidden City Tour in Beijing

Why the name Forbidden City?

One of the most common questions that tourists have during their Forbidden City Tour in Beijing is why this place is called the Forbidden City. This attraction is spread across a vast area and is like a small city. This palace museum was the place where the imperial people of the Ming and Qing dynasty stayed. Commoners were not allowed to enter the city without the permission of the Royal family and hence it was called the Forbidden City.

Here is how you can reach the Forbidden City:

Those who are planning to take the Forbidden City Tour in Beijing must note that this place is located in the heart of the Chinese capital. It is located on the North of Tiananmen Square. The entrance of the city is the South Gate which is also known as the Meridian Gate.

Forbidden City Tour in Beijing

The importance of the Forbidden City:            

This is a well preserved and large imperial palace complex. This was the residence of the 24 emperors of China. This has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This large city covers a total area of 72 hectares that is 178 acres.

The best time to visit the Forbidden City:

You can either visit the place between March to early June or you may also check out the place between late August and November. It is best to avoid this place between July and August which happens to be the summer vacations. You must also try and avoid coming here on a Chinese public holiday. This is because the place is very crowded these days.

Forbidden City Tour in Beijing

How much time you will need to explore this place?

Remember one thing that the area is vast and there are many things that are worth seeing in this place. You will have to spend at least 3 hours if you want to check out the main things. If you want to see each and every detail of this city then you will have to spend the entire day in the Forbidden City. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes as you will have to walk a lot. Also, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

When is the Forbidden city closed for public?

The attraction is closed on Mondays except for when it is a public holiday. It is open on weekends as well as the Chinese New Year and on public holidays.

Pack your bags and head for this major tourist attraction of China. In order to make your trip a pleasant one, you can always opt for the services of a good travel and tourism company.